Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A VLOG Today

Hello everyone!

Hey, Diana!  I received the package today.  You wouldn't believe the huge hole that was in it.  Fortunately, everything was still okay that was inside.  I have NEVER seen a tissue box like that before, and I've seen a LOT of tissue boxes!  My Dad used to tell my Mother that we should invest in Kimberly-Clark.  Mom had allergies too.  I am not sure what to do with the apple ruler yet.  Can you send me a picture of what it makes?  Looks like fun!  And a cookie for a day when I haven't had too much non-diet food!  Thank you so much for the very sweet surprise.

I made a little video this morning.  I just blab about this, that and other stuff if you care to listen.  Some of you ask for more videos, and I enjoy making them when I can quiet the sneezes long enough.  Today was a REAL sneezy day for some reason.


I do go on and on about "teenagers these days" in this video.  If you happen to be parents of respectful teenagers, please disregard my rant.  I am talking about the vast majority of those I see, hear or have to deal with these days.

And REMEMBER, I am NOT THE AUTHOR of the book I am referring to -- BUT, I wish I was.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Terry is coming over in the morning to quilt her placemats.  We had the DARNDEST time trying to fix the thread she wants to use.  It broke CONSTANTLY!  We did everything we could possibly think of to fix it, but nothing worked.  Finally, I put ZERO tension on top and bottom, and it seems to be working now.  We shall see what the morning brings.

I think I will get in my jammies and hike up the laptop onto my lap and do some research on breaking thread.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Aloha Joy,

    I would love to have your serger. $100? Unfortunately, I am on the Big Island. The price of shipping would be too much. I am sure someone close by will be happy to have it

    Aloha from Josie


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