Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Again Today!

This week just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!

I started out at 7 AM this morning working on our company's bank statements.  Each store has its own bank.  SOMEHOW, the credit card company mixed up WHICH BANK WENT TO WHICH STORE and all the Credit Card deposits for almost two whole months went to the wrong bank!  I was so mixed up last month, I almost had to be medicated!  By 10:30, I had one bank balanced and the other was only $25.00 off.

I decided I deserved a REWARD for all that hard brain work, so I did what any quilter would do.  I called Terry and said, "Let's go back to that Quilt Shop!"

Terry said, "When shall I be ready?"

As every other day, my day revolves around Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  I really believe it is one of the things I do that helps me keep my weight where it should be.  I ALWAYS eat three times a day with healthy snacks in between.

So, I told Terry I would pick her up at 11:30 so we would arrive in Durant in time for lunch.  I told her that she could pick where we were to eat.  I suggested the few choices available:  Wendy's, Arby's, Salita's and Chili's.

She said she didn't care, BUT she wanted to show me a restaurant that she keeps telling me about, and I keep telling her it is out of business.  She swore to me it wasn't, so I asked if they were open for lunch.  She said they were.

Now, Jerry and I have lived here for almost TWENTY YEARS, and we had NEVER heard about this restaurant until Terry moved here.  The one time we tried to eat there after Terry told us about it, the door was locked and it was dark inside.  It is called The Roadhouse.

We found the ONLY parking place behind the restaurant to park in, and we went inside.  VERY NICE inside with the prettiest Christmas tree.  We hadn't been there 30 seconds when I handed Terry my camera and asked her to take a picture of the TREE, and I jumped over in front of it.  Unfortunately, she got more of me than the tree, but you can sort of see how pretty it was.  It went clear to the ceiling and was very pretty.

That deer is INSIDE the tree limbs.

Notice the jingle bells on my wrist???  That was a Christmas gift from Fire Mountain Gems where I order most of my beads.  I am a Platinum customer because I spend $3,000 or more a year with them.  I just LOVE this bracelet even though it is very cheap.  I showed it to Jerry and asked him how he liked it.  He said, "They SHOULD have sent you DIAMONDS!!!

We sat down right next to the tree and ordered our lunch.  I ordered a Shish-K-Bob and Terry ordered a turkey wrap.  And, YES, I took pics for you:

I was SUPER-delighted with my K-bob.  The steak was cooked PERFECT, and when I ordered it, all I said was, "I want it PINK inside."  It was.  Tender and lucious.  The salad was fresh and crisp.  The tea was really good.  I could not have been more pleased with this lunch!

Terry ordered a turkey wrapped in some kind of green tortilla.  She said it was really good.  Half of it is in my refrigerator right now, and I had to keep Jerry from eating it when he got home from work.  Terry forgot to get it out of my car.

After lunch, we returned to the Quilt Shop sale.  Terry was very good and only spent $30.  She went there yesterday afternoon, so it was her second trip too.  I spent $400!  BUT, you have to think of how much money I SAVED!  Honestly!  Terry will buy some of the fabric on bolts if she uses them for her quilt backings.  I've started pricing everything with my cost unless she already paid for half of it.  We are getting quite a collection of co-owned property.

Jerry is upstairs watching the Thunder play basketball.  I would rather look up quilting or jewelry Youtube videos, but I don't want him to feel neglected.  I'll go sit with him awhile, and THEN I'll look up videos.

By for now, my friends.

Hugs, Joy


  1. LOL Maybe the cat died. I understand completely. And I love cats too. Have a wonderful Christmas Joy. I look forward to 2016 and many many more quilts.

  2. I wish we could buy out the store! But then we'd have to add on to BOTH our houses!

  3. I wish we could buy out the store! But then we'd have to add on to BOTH our houses!


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