Sunday, December 20, 2015

Whose Kid Is This???

I had lunch at Terry's after church today.  I asked her how the sermon was at Victory Life,and she said it was wonderful.

She asked me how the sermon was at Cornerstone.  I told her it was SOOOOO GOOD that I cried.  I told her it gave me hope for a "child of mine" that needs a supernatural touch from the "kid" in Matthew Hagee's sermon today.

I am going to try to repeat the sermon to you now, and I'm sure I will cry again, but it is okay.  I have a real burden for this young man in my life, and I know God can move on his heart and mind JUST LIKE He does mine.

The "kid" in the sermon grows up.  He is now a man, but I will refer to him as the "kid".

He realizes he is to change places with a man condemned to die on Death Row.  He makes arrangements with the people in charge to change places with the man.

He goes into the jail and he walks down Death Row, and he comes to the cell of the condemned man.

He says to the criminal, "You are free to leave today because I am going to take your place."

The criminal, of course, is very confused and doesn't understand.  He asks how that is possible, and the "kid" says that he has taken care of all the necessary arrangements, and the man is FREE to leave the prison.

The man says, "But where will I go?"

The "kid" says, "You will go to MY HOUSE, and knock on the door."

The man argues that nobody will know him there; and even if they did, they surely would NOT let him in.

The "kid" explains that when the door is answered, the person answering it will not see or recognize YOU -- he will only see ME.

The "kid" repeats for him to just go there and knock on the door.  He tells him that his father will receive him and invite him in.

He tells him, "You will sleep in MY ROOM, and you will sleep in MY BED on MY PILLOW."

The criminal asks, What will happen to you?"

He answers, "I WILL SUFFER YOUR PUNISHMENT, and you will go FREE!"


THIS KID is the son of God!  He was sent to take the punishment that all of us deserve because THIS KID was willing to do the will of his Father.

THIS KID is the Christ of Christmas, and He is the reason we celebrate whether or not December 25th is the actual date of his birth.  What is important, is that He came -- not what day it was.

Telling the story in human experience makes the story so real.  At least, it does to me.  It is SO AMAZING that no matter HOW AWFUL WE SCREW UP OUR LIVES, God is still there to rescue us and love us and lead us and guide us, and there is still a place in Heaven for us.


Merry Christmas to all of you, and may you come to have a personal relationship with THIS KID who is the Son of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, I just found your blog (short for web-log BTW! (you asked about that a bit ago)) and what a delight you are! I swear that you are who I will be in 15 years. I live just southeast of San Antonio in a little town called LaVernia and it's so cool that your pastor is where I am. Cornerstone is an amazing church (it's ginormous!) and I love the message from the Hagee's. Personally, I begin each day with Alistair Begg from and also I'm so blessed that my son was just hired as a youth pastor in Colorado Springs. Now, because of you, I bought Sure Fit Designs and just today, my French/European dress form that I bought at the Houston Quilt Fest arrived in the mail. My SFD shipped today and I can't wait for it to get here. I hope we can be good sewing friends. I adore your videos! My blog is and it's only been up a couple of months. You're my inspiration and one day I hope to be as famous as you. :) Bye!

  2. Merry Christmas, my friend. I love your heart and I love you.


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