Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Girl Retreat

It is Sunday, and we did listen to church this morning, and Matthew Hagee was AWESOME, as always, but I'm not going to recite the sermon to you today.  I think I will listen to it again tomorrow though, so watch out!

Our "Girl Retreat" was a TOTAL BLAST!

Only two girls showed up, but we thoroughly enjoyed our entire day.

Here's the video, if you care to see it:

Here is a picture of Terry's quilt as it is today.  She ran out of the dark brown she is using as her frame around the pics, so has to go to Joann's to get more fabric before she can finish hers.  She and Doug have a total of SEVEN children, so she has a bunch more pictures in her quilt.  I put dogs and cats in mine, lol.

The quilt pattern is called BQ3.  Terry bought it from Nancy's Notions.  You can arrange it in a pinwheel format also.

Terry's new sewing room is wonderful even though it has NO bricks on the outside yet.  It is so hard to get any kind of construction done in Kingston.  It has taken way more time to finish the inside of the room than it should have.  They have no idea when the brick crew will show up.

I went to myself two weeks ago to find a contractor to do some remodeling at our house.  I got two names.  One guy was a preacher on Sunday in Denison, TX.  The other guy was from K&M Remodeling in Ardmore, only M was gone, and K was looking for help.  Both the preacher and K came to our house and measured everything.  I was supposed to get a quote from both.

K supposedly emailed a quote to me, but I didn't get it.  I called and told him.  He supposedly sent an email again.  I never got it.  I called him the THIRD time and told him.  He told me what the total amount was, and promised he would send the email.

TWO DAYS LATER, I got a text telling me K wasn't interested in our job.  He had suggested a granite company in Marietta, OK.  Jerry and I had already been to the granite company -- found some we really liked -- and ordered it.  The granite guy came to our house and spent several hours measuring.  We had to call the granite guy and tell him to please cancel the order as we have nobody to put it in.  The preacher did send a quote, but it was $2,000 higher than the one K never sent, and I was suspect of a contractor that was a preacher on Sunday.  Didn't seem to go together.

I decided remodeling is WAY TOO MUCH TROUBLE and I went back to my sewing room.

Time to make my supper shake.

I'll show you the quilts again when we complete them.

Hugs, Joy


  1. It was a blast. Can't wait til we can do it again!!

  2. It was a blast. Can't wait til we can do it again!!

  3. Sounds like you had lots of fun and you both were very productive too.
    Like both the quilts.
    I will be interested to see how you quilt your quilt

  4. Hello Joy. I watch your videos a lot. You have given me back my interest in creating stuff. You are so sweet, alive and inspiring. I can hear your voice, when I am sewing. Even though I am Danish, i hear; "Check your work, check your work, check your work!" I really enjoy your work. THANK YOU, from your fan Anita in Denmark. I am not on Facebook, so I cannot comment on the YouTube-page.

    1. Thank you so much, Anita. There is a precious teacher I loved, and I used to listen to her while I was sewing. Her name is Marta and she is with Palmer and Pletsch. If you can, order some of her videos. She is wonderful!
      Hugs, Joy


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