Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Family Brunch

Dropping by for just a FAST minute.

Was busy all weekend with a baby shower for Terry's daughter and then sewing at Terry's and then brunch on Sunday at my house.

Terry and some other ladies planned the shower, and it was the nicest one I've been to.  Food and cake and games and gifts to the ceiling!

Here's the only pic I snapped because this is the crib quilt that was part of the entire bedding set Terry made her daughter, Katie.

Terry DID wear shoes to the event, however, she was wearing brand new kitten heels, and they had rubbed a blister on her ankle, so she is bare footed in this pic.

It was a LOVELY weekend.  Not a single thing went wrong except Terry had to be drug out of church by our sisters to get her here before the eggs blew up in the oven!

Here is a VERY SHORT video showing you the yummy muffins.  I intended to make a longer video, but my muffin was calling to me and Doug needed Hot Sauce.

I am starting a new Saf-T-Pockets jacket today.  Different pattern.  I will show you how it turns out.

And to the lady that asked me "how to make facings", I will do a short video on that for you soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love that quilt! Do you happen to know the name of the pattern? Thanks ~ P

  2. Eggs with a little blood spot in them are fertilized eggs that didn't make it to the baby chick stage. Totally harmless to eat but you can just spoon out that spot and go from there instead of throwing the egg away. Standard store eggs go under bright lights so that spot can be seen through the shell and removed before packaging. Still, every once in awhile I'll come across one. That recipe sounds yummy! I'll try it.

  3. What a lovely brunch. The quilt is so cute, too. I have made that egg muffin before and it was really scrumptious but I don't remember where I got the recipe but someone had given it to me. I have said it before and I will say it again, that top is extremely flattering on you. You did such a good job on that. I would make it but I really don't have a much of a bust and I think it only looks good if you have a bust.

    1. Actually, that Fast-N-Fun top would look great with a smaller bust. You would NEVER have to do a full bust adjustment. The collar draws the eye up. Patterns are made for a "B" cup.
      Hugs, Joy


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