Saturday, April 9, 2016

Good Saturday Evening and Video to TJ

I sewed all day long.  First, I added pockets to my turquoise jacket which you will see soon in a video, but without the pockets.  I THOUGHT it would be so simple to just add pockets.  Turned out to be quite an undertaking.  I did get them done, and I do like them a lot.  I'll take a pic tomorrow.  It is in the wash tonight.

Most of you have probably already seen the following video, but I'll put it up in case you haven't.  It has a message to my daughter.  My family isn't really "into" my Blog or my videos.  They make fun of me and say it isn't really me.  Even Jerry says that.  So, I guess it is a make believe world I have created that I enjoy being in because the people in it seem to like me.  Can't say that for most of my family -- sadly.      

Speaking of my daughter, she just sent me the most hilarious email about something she did today.  It totally sounds like something HER MOTHER would do!

She and her husband were at some garage sale.  They go to them a lot.  I guess her husband wandered over to look at some rugs that were hanging on a wall.  They are covering their patio and buying things for it.  She decided at some point to walk over to where her husband was -- by the rugs.  His back was to her, so she walked up and wrapped her arms around him, hugged him tight and rubbed her chest up against his back.

All of a sudden A COMPLETE STRANGER turned around and was nose to nose with her!



Tammy said, "Oh my God, You are NOT my husband!  I am so sorry!"

She walked as fast as she could without running to find the RIGHT husband.  She couldn't find him anywhere.  She finally got the courage to go back inside the garage, and that SAME GUY comes toward her and points to a lady and says, "I'm with her!"

She said she and her REAL husband have been laughing about it all day.

I better go.  Clothes to fold, and my jacket should be ready for the dryer.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Totally made me laugh out loud so DH wanted know what was so funny!
    He laughed too

  2. Hi Joy
    I thought that was hilarious! A bit like me when I was first married, I used to ring my husband at work to find out what time he was coming home and one day someone answered the phone and I thought it was Mark but it wasn't and I said hello darling and he played along and then he said wait I'll get him and I was so embarrassed and my face went all red and no one could see me, so I can understand how your daughter might be feeling.
    I look forward to reading your blog or watching your videos. I want to thank you for your advice about Kathy Ruddy's class on Craftsy. I bought the lesson and I've started watching her but haven't made anything as yet. It's going to take me a while. I don't have your confidence. I also looked up one thousand bolts but the cost of sending to Australia is very expensive. Not all fabric shop charge too much but they do. I do buy from Missouri Star Quilt and they do give some discounts. I love buying fabrics and they are so much cheaper in America than in Australia. Look forward to reading you tomorrow or the next day.
    Cheers/ a bientot
    Hélène xx

  3. I love your video message to your daughter, Joy. I could feel the love and "bewilderment" in your voice. My daughters also ask me that - can I come over on such and such a date? My God, why even ask? Our children (yours and mine both) are always, always, always welcome to THEIR home! Have a fun time rebonding with your daughter.


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