Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Have You Been Clapping?

A new video for you with a fabulous sewing notion.  Most of you probably know about it, but I bet the beginners don't.  This should be as common as scissors and pins in your sewing notion drawer!

Several of you asked me about the blouse I was wearing in the last video.

Here are a couple pics of it.  One is before I added the buttons.  I had a hard time deciding if I SHOULD or SHOULDN'T put the buttons on.

I COPIED this Marfy #3339 pattern with my Sure-fit Designs Dress Kit.  I don't wear dresses, so I made a blouse.  I think it is a darling pattern!

If you belong to Pattern Review, you can see a real pretty black and white version of this dress that a lady made.  The lady added bust darts UNDER her bust in her version.  I guess I need to read her review and find out why.

So I have lots of pictures for you of A LITTLE SOMETHING jacket #4.  I am really loving it EXCEPT for the funky way the points at the bottom always want to turn out.  Decided to just ignore it.  I also took some stills of my new blouse that matches the jacket in case Glenda wants them for Sure-fit Designs.

REMEMBER, I copied this Vogue pattern with my Sure-fit Designs to come up with this new blouse, BUT I changed the neckline.  No zipper in mine as I made it button up the front.

since I purchased five yards of this Nicole Miller fabric from JoAnn's, I decided to make Jacket #4 out of it.

AND, I am now making a maxi skirt with the floral fabric.  Deb made a 3-piece outfit, so I decided I could not be out-done, lol.  Hers is WAY fancier than mine.  Maybe she will send me a picture of it on her that I can show you.

Gotta get.  Time to fix supper for my WONDERFUL, FABULOUS, ADORABLE husband.  He was so cute this morning.  He said he was leaving, so I ran to kiss him goodbye.  He kissed me quick and turned to leave.  I made a sad face and stood there.

He turned around and said, "What's wrong?"

I said, "That wasn't a very good kiss."

He turned around and pulled me close, and then he kissed me over and over and over!

Then he looked at me and said, "Is THAT good enough?"

I was smiling from ear to ear, so he decided he could probably leave then.

Be back soon.  I'll show you my new skirt tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love makes everything better!!!!! Mary

  2. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for sharing. Your blog postings are a source of information as well as entertainment. Can you write about your sewing machines? The reason, as new sewer and being a foreigner I know little about sewing machines. I have made a few mistakes in few sewing machine purchases. It would been great to know about the tools most sewers used

    what else can I say about love.. Spring is here.

    All the best

    Josie H RN

  3. Love that pattern, the fabric, and the tips ......will definitely try a clapper - looks like a very useful tool! Thanks!

  4. I love my Angela Wolf clapper; it makes such an improvement to the finish, particularly in difficult fabrics. Regards, Susan

  5. Joy, what a great tip. I forget that some people, like new sewers as you mentioned, might know about this wonderful tool. I have been using one for over 30 years. I learned about it while taking a tailoring class back in the 80's. Couldn't sew without it. keep the tips coming.

  6. Miss Joy,
    I love, love, love the black and white Nichole Miller Fabric on you. The Jacket turned out fabulous and the blouse is awesome. It is not just fabulous but beautiful. What a perfect fit. I suppose the Nicole Miller is a knit. I am going to have to try doing the jacket in a knit. I am working on a top now for my matching skirt and jacket. Once I have it completed then I will shoot a picture so you can put it on the blog. I am actually starting with a Kwik Sew pattern I have had for a while and not using the SDF. We will see how good it fits after my basic adjustments. Thank you so much for all of your help the past few months. I can't believe how well I am getting things to fit me now. God bless and kiss Jerry one more time for me. LOL

    1. Hey Deb!
      Thanks for all those compliments!
      The Nicole Miller fabric IS NOT A KNIT! It has NO stretch. She actually makes a scuba knit in the same print. This, however, is a twill. It was $20 a yard, which is a fortune for Joann's fabric, but it is well worth it. I think I got 20% or 30% off.
      I'm finishing the skirt today. Looking for a lining fabric to make a slip out of and attach to the skirt.
      I'm meeting Jerry for lunch. I'll kiss him for you and me too!
      Hugs, Joy

  7. Hi Joy, I just read in the ASG magazine Notions that Hancock Fabrics filed for Chapter11 bankruptcy. They want to close 70 money losing stores out of their 250 plus stores in 37 states. I know that you just rediscovered the Hancock Fabris store near you. Wonder how they will fare in the this happening.

  8. Hi Joy, I think your blouse and jacket is very cute and look so nice on you, I so look forward to watching your videos I am trying very hard to work with the SFD dress kit as this is my first time using this program. I'm making the dress kit blouse with the button down v neck opening but having a very difficult time with how to cut and apply the facing if you could demonstrate this it would help me a great deal. TIA

  9. Hello Joy, thank you for the great tips! please keep them coming. I am having a fantastic day today and would like to share this with you. I have received my Sure Fit Design kit and I am so excited aaahhhh eeekkkkk, I am thrilled. I am going to read everything first before I start to delve into making my master pattern. You are a great inspiration for Sure Fit Designs and I only hope I can become a master of it like yourself. Many thanks for all the great videos and explaining everything so well with sewing. Best wishes Bunny from Singapore

  10. Hi Joy. I enjoy reading your blog. Sewing should be fun and you sure do seem like you have a lot of fun doing it! My question is do you have a favorite pants pattern that you go to regularly? If so, would you care to comment. Thanks.

    1. I use Sure-fit Designs Pant Kit for making pants. It is a WINNER every time. In some of my much older posts, I made a lot of pants.
      Hugs, Joy


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