Saturday, April 30, 2016

Serge-A-Thon and Q-Tip Head

Hey Everybody!!!!

I have a fun new video for you -- FINALLY -- since my computer got fixed AGAIN by some guy with a name so strange I couldn't even interpret what the spelling might be.  It was down until last night, so the fast internet hasn't done me any good at all insofar as my Blog and Youtube channel.

Meet my friends, Deb and Diana:

And below are a few bad quality pics from the Serge-A-Thon.  With lights up above one's head, one can expect lots of dark shadows on one's face!

This is my new friend, Robin from Lubbock, TX.  I heard that her husband rented her a whole house for her longarm and other machines.  She knows me from my Youtube videos.

I was REALLY impressed with the set-up of this classroom.  46 women and each one had plenty of room for their machine and accessories and notebook and bags of sample fabrics.

Very well done!

Every woman had the exact same machine:  Ovation

It is the latest, greatest invention of a Cover Stitch/Serger combo.  I prefer, of course, a separate cover stitch machine, and I have two of them, so I knew I wouldn't be interested in this.  I just wanted to take the class with Deb and Diana.

Deb sat next to Robin.

It was so very nice to get to know her.  Wish I had had more time to spend with her.  She came up to me at the end of class today, and she gave me the warmest hug.  I was so touched.
And this lady is Linda.  She works for B-Sew Inn.  I liked her a lot even though she was working really hard to get me to buy a new machine.  I almost WOULD have bought one just for her, BUT I really didn't need it or want it.  I told her I might buy a new embroidery machine someday.

I wish I had snapped a picture of the outfits Linda wore the next two days.  She has the PRETTIEST clothes!
Diana and I sat next to each other, and we are holding up the very first sample stitches we made on Day #1.

And I called myself "Teacher's Pet".

We probably don't want to KNOW what the teacher ACTUALLY called me, lol.  She did threaten to put me in Time Out!

This is Sue Green Baker.  You can see she isn't the youngest woman in the world, but you sure couldn't tell it by her presentation and personality.  She was an EXCELLENT teacher with an amazing ability to maintain CONTROL of 46 women in one room.

I was constantly impressed with this lovely lady.  She rides a Harley, cooks and has some kind of little race car that she drives 40 MPH and spins around in a circle and parks in some space. She said she only does that at some special track.

Do you see those scissors hanging from her neck?

You can see the little "holster" they are in.  The REASON for the little holster is to keep her from jamming the entire scissor up to the handle INTO HER BELLY - AGAIN!  She was bending over to pick something up (I think is what she said), and the scissor stabbed her.  OUCH!!!

Diana left from the class to go back to Texas.  She just let me know awhile ago that she is safe and sound at home.  Deb is still here.  She is going back home tomorrow.  Don't know when I'm leaving yet.  This class was fun, but we were all very tired by the end of it today.

Bedtime here.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy,
    My name is Cindy and I just love, love, love watching you on YouTube. I was just relaxing and watching you this evening and your friends just tickeled my funny bone. When they started talking about you being a red-head magnet I about fell over cause I am a red-head! Anyway you make my days. I enjoy your videos so much. Thank you.

    1. LOLOL! Isn't that funny? My friend/neighbor, Terry, is a red head too. I am worn out today from three full days of classes, but it was still a lot of fun. Church soon. Have a great day Cindy.
      Hugs, Joy

  2. You girls are a BLAST. Thanks for sharing such a fun time and making us laugh with you. Please keep up the great blog and videos for they are far better then any I have ever seen. Thank you again, Vicky

  3. When I'm not a Loreal' 9 1/2 NB blonde, I'm a red head too! Freckles and all! No wonder I love your style!

  4. Today is my Ifirst day of reading you blog. I've watched you for a long time on YouTube and just love it. I've felt your pain at times, and also felt your joy. I hope to keep up with you on you blog, as well as your YouTube site. Keep on keeping on. Rosalie


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