Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday and Back Home in Edmond

It has been a lovely day. 

We started the morning watching Matthew Hagee preach a wonderful sermon EXCEPT for the twirling tornado behind him on the big screen.  TO ME, it was VERY distracting.  It is a fairly new thing they do at Cornerstone Church.  It is a great tool for helping you remember the sermon.  The first one I saw was the four horses.  It was fine because the horses weren't flying around in circles the entire sermon.

Matthew talked about REBUILDING after destruction.  Hence, the tornado.  We Christians MUST do what we can to help rebuild America to the ONE NATION UNDER GOD that it was founded to be by our CHRISTIAN forefathers.  God didn't tell the schools to teach our children the Ten Commandments.  God told fathers and mothers to TRAIN UP THEIR CHILDREN.

We see every single day the results of Godless homes.  Beautiful young people who can't read -- can't write -- can't think -- can't solve a simple problem -- and have NO IDEA who they were created by or WHY they were created at all.

Sad, sad, sad.  I want to climb up on my rooftop and SCREAM to the world that I KNOW the answer to all the problems in our nation.


Of course, nobody would hear me, and it would certainly not be politically correct.  I couldn't care less about being politically correct, but people will ignore the truth for that insane reason.  The Bible says, "Only a fool says there is no God", whether it be politically correct or not.  What needs correction in America is our Government!

On the drive up here, we listened to Joel Osteen.  He is Mr. Super-Positive and Upbeat as you probably know.  He was talking about the supernatural protection we have under the wings of God.

He always has the best illustrations.  He talked about a bird that had been burned to death in a fire.  It was very strange, because the large bird's charred wings were completely outstretched flat on the ground.  As whoever it was watched the bird, its wings started to move.  Out from under the wings walked three baby birds -- alive and well.  Joel said that no matter HOW HOT THE FIRE GETS, we are ALWAYS under the protection of our mighty God.

I know!  Doesn't seem that way for all those Christians beheaded across the world.  Doesn't seem that way for children abused and abandoned and worse.  Some things, we just cannot understand right now.  The Bible says we see through a glass darkly.  Right now, it is very dark.

I'll be back soon.  This is the FAST internet house.  (For those of you who don't know, we have two homes because we have a business in two towns.)  Not sure what project I will do next, but I sure will let you know.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I so agree with you Joy. I think about this constantly as I see my children, who were brought up Catholic, totally neglect to teach their own children about God and His importance in our lives. God Bless you for speaking out !

  2. Hello Joy, thank you for posting all your videos and blog. I have been sewing for many years only having a year at school learning a few things, I have taught myself from then using hints and tips along the way and from this used that knowledge to make suits for work, I found New Look patterns fitted me the best and I still prefer them now. I am from the UK but living in Singapore, I did not bring my sewing machine with me and missed it so much I bought a new one in Singapore. You inspired me so much with the SFD and giving them so much praise that I decided to make a purchase and waiting for Glenda to sent it to me, I hope it will arrive soon. I have New Look pattern 6057 if you can google it to see the pattern any tips re the neck line please? Many thanks and keep up the great work. Kind regards Bunny from Singapore

    1. How nice to "meet you", Bunny.
      Love your New Look pattern. I'm not an expert, but this is what I would do. That collar is also the shoulder seams, so you will want to be sure to check the shoulder angle. Then check the front and back for gaping that you can fold out in the paper pattern. Basically, make sure the circular top lies against your body nicely.
      Hope that makes sense. It's a very cute pattern.

  3. Hi Joy - forgot to say in my last comment - Tip for you for your eyebrows - don’t keep pulling out the grey hairs, if they get long, brush them up away from you eye and then cut the ends carefully and then brush them into place. You can dye eyebrows, the dye comes in black, brown and grey (in the UK anyway). Use the brown and only leave it on for a minute, wipe it off and see how the colour is. If it needs more time then reapply. The eyeshadow is great and works well and gives a more natural look rather than a pencil, BUT Stacey Schieffelin (former Ford Model) has the makeup brand ybf (your best friend) and her eyebrow pencils with a brush at the end are excellent, I am sure you will be able to buy them as Stacey is from the US, her brand is sold in the UK on QVC. Any other questions re brows just ask - Kind regards Bunny from Singapore

    1. Thank you so much! I am still having a hard time with eyebrows. I just pulled out a bunch of gray ones.

    2. Hi Joy, lovely to meet you too!! thank you for the sewing advice I am cutting out the pattern now, I am going to use the high bust measurement that you suggested in one of your videos and see how that goes, I did make a sloper the other day and inserted a bust dart following Glenda’s video so I think that with this and your advice it should work well. I will keep you posted. Eyebrows - give the dye a go and trim them, each time you pull out the hairs you are making the brow thinner. Kind regards Bunny


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