Thursday, April 21, 2016

Video and a Salad Storm

I am at my other house now, and I have SUPER FAST internet!


I made a new video in which I talk about various, non-important bits of trivia.  Here it is if you are interested:

I told you in the video that I would PROVE to you I really did get attacked by a giant salad.

Here is my front porch after the storm:

Now, don't you feel bad for thinking I was exaggerating!!!

I did not have time to clean all that up before I left there.  I'm hoping my husband decides it is just WRONG for our house to be covered with "salad", and he goes out this weekend and cleans that all up.

Be back soon!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, you just crack me up. I think we all knew you meant the oven and not the MW for the muffins. I like Style Arc, too but I get them on Etsy. They are downloadable patterns which I love because I print them on regular printer paper making a sturdy pattern. And there is no S&H which is expensive from Australia. Only thing is you don't get the free patterns, but I figure with the S&H so high that I am paying for those free patterns.
    I love the fabric... I am not familiar with Thousand Bolts, I assume it is on line. Who are your favorite fabric manufacturers for quality quilting fabric to us in garments?

  2. Hello Joy, I am glad you got a new Doctor and hope all goes well this time. I see you mentioned your eyebrows on the video from 26 April, don’t forget you have to follow up with trimming them and putting on the eyeshadow etc as I suggested, you always look so smart and tidy when on screen. You may remember I advised you I had purchased a Sure Fit Designs Kit and all is going well although its taking me a while to progress. I have made the master pattern and found some calico material in China Town, I have cut out the pattern and sewed it up this afternoon, unfortunately I did not lengthen the front bodice enough to accommodate the dart take up it needs 2” added. I decided I had enough of it and put it all away for another day. Its very hot here in Singapore at the moment and everyone I know seems to be suffering so perhaps the heat got to me this morning after my exercise. Keep up the videos very interesting and informative and have a great time with your friends over the next couple of days. Best wishes Bunny from Singapore


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