Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hello on Saturday Evening

I've been busy making that blouse with the strange notched neckline today.  You know, the one I made ACCIDENTALLY and then it ended up in the trash.  This one is on purpose, and I still like it.  It is sleeveless also.  It isn't done, so can't show it to you yet.

So what have YOU been doing?

Deb called me the other day, and she told me about these really great Youtube videos by Gail Yellen.  The videos are called "Serger Tip Clips" and there are a bunch of them.  She has that top-of-the-line Baby Lock Ovation serger/cover stitch machine.  She actually covers everything we learned in the $250 class we went to several weeks ago.  I had them playing most of today while I was sewing.

Here is one on gathering fabric.  She is SO cute.

Terry is with her daughter and newborn grandbaby boy.  She is going to be gone all of June to work with her husband at their other home.  She is gone so much these days, I feel like she moved away!

Diana has company from OOT.  She is going to come next week though and work on my hair some more.  I want it a bit darker.  I told her she should probably stay home with her company, so not sure if she will get away or not.  It is her husband's parents visiting for two weeks.

I'll be back to show you my new blouse when I get it done.  I need some yellow jeans to wear with it.  I have searched the web for YELLOW STRETCH DENIM.  It seems to be a very rare commodity.

OH!  For you knitters out there, I found the prettiest lady that has an awesome HOW TO video for learning how to knit.  I think I am actually going to grab some needles and yarn and attempt to follow her.  My daughter tried to teach me, but I was horrible at learning.  She is so good at it.  If it wasn't for me being allergic to anything made from wool, I would join her Loops Club.

Check it out if you don't know about it.  HOPEFULLY, this is a link.  It opened for me when I highlighted it.  It gave me a choice to go there.  If you get there, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a big video box to click on.  Again:  For Knitters and Yarn Lovers

The website is called  Knitters will love it.  Her store is in Tulsa and it looks so nice.  Wonder if my daughter has been to it.

Gotta go.  Gonna practice knitting.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy, it's been awhile but I do keep up with your blog. Hope all is well in Oklahoma. I to am a big fan of Gail Yellen and thank you so much for the information. I bought one of her classes from Craftsy but didn't know she was on Youtube. Love all the tops you have been making and the mug rugs are really cute. I'm officially retired from nursing now so will be devoting more time to watching you and all your new endeavors.

    1. Well, welcome back. Congratulations on your retirement. I'm looking forward to my husband doing that SOMEday! He will be 70 this year. Mug rugs are a lot of fun to make because they are so fast to do compared to other quilting projects.
      Hugs, Joy

  2. Thank you for sharing those Tip Clips! I have one of Gail's Craftsy classes and I like her style. This old dog learned a new trick from the clip on how shortening a RTW top...leave the paper on the adhesive to create a memory fold line for the hem. Genius! I HATE measuring up a hem, especially one that requires exactness for the cover machine.

  3. I don't know why my name came up unknown but this is Ramona from Saint Augustine Florida. Will check to see if it came up right this time.


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