Sunday, July 31, 2016

Good Sunday Evening

Church was so much fun this morning.  Matthew Hagee was celebrating 20 years being a pastor at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio Texas.  He talked about his very first sermon and how his Dad edited it before he preached it.  His Dad reduced it from 40 pages, to 2 pages.  It was quite hilarious and heartwarming.

He said his Dad took a red pencil and BLED over every page.

The Hagees are a lovely family -- as families should be.  Everyone supporting the other, loving, caring, sharing -- praying together -- singing together.  This would be a different America if all families were like that.

I have been talking today with my new girlfriends about family issues.  It is absolutely shocking the things people have gone through, and I am amazed at how children of the same family can turn out so differently.  Jerry and I were discussing how adversity makes some strong, and others completely fall apart and cannot thrive, yet are from the same parents.

I never thought mine would be the mess it is today.  An outsider comes in, talks hate and dissension; and instead of fighting against it, the weak accept it as truth.  It causes unfathomable heartache, and the ones allowing it and falling under its spell are so blind, they can't see the broken hearts and broken relationships caused by their own failure to FIGHT for their family.  

Honor, respect, devotion -- all gone!


Not everyone is tricked and blinded.

Thank God forevermore that some see through it.  Some see the importance of family, and they see love where others see hate.  They see acceptance where others see rejection.  They see the TRUTH, when others choose to believe a lie.  I have found that these are the times when we find out just how much we truly do TRUST the God we serve.

I tell you, my friends, God has been so good to Jerry and me.  Both of us come from hurtful family situations, but we both are so blessed in every other way.  God has given me a new family now, and I have never in my whole life felt as loved as I do today.  So many "I love you's" every day, I lose count.  I will go find Jerry, and I turn my phone on, and I'll say, "LISTEN TO THIS, and THIS, and THIS!"  He is as touched by it as I am.

I made a new VLOG today, but it won't be ready until morning.  Come back tomorrow night, and I may have my VLOG up and a lot of fun pictures from this weekend.  My grandson, John, and his wife, Lauren, came for a visit, and we had the most wonderful time together.  You will SEE as soon as I get my next post up.  I am already looking forward to the next time they come.  Very, very proud of these two young people!

OH!  I have to show you my very first birthday present.  I received it yesterday from my friend, Deb.  I just LOVE how women think and are so intuitive.  I don't know if any of you will recall the last gift she sent me.  It was a coffee mug with a scripture inside, and it came in a heavy duty, darling box.  I actually liked the box as much as the mug, and Deb got a kick out of it.  So look what she sent for my birthday:

BOXES!  The little book is a quilt journal.  I haven't gotten to look at it yet.  Going to get it as soon as I finish this post.

I'll have so much fun figuring out what to put in them.

Princess Di has made me some special things using her new Sashiko (sas-she-ko) machine.  She is chomping at the bit to tell me what they are, but she has shown excellent self control so far.  I think she is going to cave though.  (-;

Have a marvelous, fabulous, blessed week!

I'll be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sunshine Bulbs, Really Nice Electricians and Swap Update

Some of you will recall the last time I had to call a repairman.  It was for a broken garbage disposal at my Edmond home.  The shabbiest, unkempt man showed up for the job.  I almost turned him away because of his appearance.  I even posted a picture of the back of him so people would know I was NOT exaggerating.

Well, today, I stayed home from work to wait for electricians to show up to repair three broken lights that Jerry had tried over and over to fix but couldn't.  I was MAJORLY, PLEASANTLY surprised when two very nice, clean, polite repairmen showed up.  The younger one spent most of his time in my sewing room because I decided I wanted ALL the lighting in this room changed.  WOW!!!!  What a difference.

Anyway, his name was Jonathon.  He has a beautiful wife and three adorable daughters named Peyton, Chloe and Rylynn (?).  I think that is right.  He showed me pics of them on his cell phone.  All dark-haired beauties.  Found out he and his wife are youth pastors at a small church in the town they live in.  They just got back from church camp where they both preached.  It was SO, SO, SO refreshing to listen to this Christian daddy talk about his family.  He even told me the sermon he preached at camp.

Jonathon, of course, noticed all my sewing machines, and he said his wife Davilynn (?) had purchased a sewing machine, but she never used it.  I'm not sure she knows how to sew.  He noticed the video I made this morning on my computer monitor and asked me about it.  He asked for the name of my blog so his wife might learn about sewing.

I told him that my blog wasn't a very good place to learn about sewing as I jump around from one thing to another -- to another -- to another, and I don't really teach.  I gave him the website for her, and I really hope she will check it out for beginning sewing classes.  They have so many wonderful classes and she can watch them right at home.  She is a SAHM which I admire greatly.

Anyway, here is the video I made this morning where I groan about the "shame on you" comment I received from a few people.  Then I show you how far I've gotten on our friendship swap.

AND, since Margaret has already opened her July 28 birthday present from me, I can show you what I made her now.  She really liked it.  Margaret was MADE to wear beautiful clothes and jewelry, and it thrills me that she wears what I make for her.

Add caption

Happy Birthday again my dear friend, Margaret!

And for those of you -- which may be ALL of you -- who couldn't see my parking lot haircut by Princess Di, here is a photo:

Gotta run.

Jerry is downstairs trying to heat up leftover roast and potatoes.  I need to go assist.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Parking Lot Stylist

Good Sunday morning friends!

There was a visiting pastor at Cornerstone this morning.  At first, I thought, "Oh know.  They are never any good."  Then I decided to just listen for a minute to see if he was any good.  I am SO GLAD I DID!  His sermon was wonderful about being a BABY christian or an GROWN-UP christian, having BABY faith or GROWN-UP faith.  His illustrations were great.  You can watch it if you are interested.  It will be in the "archives" tomorrow.

I haven't been blogging much, but I am always making videos.  You have probably seen them.  Here is the latest taken by Diana's husband yesterday in a parking lot.

Highlight the link.
RIGHT CLICK the link.
Then choose "Go to facebook ....."  (It works for me.)

I created a huge mess on one of my owls.  If you don't know about that, here is the video where I show it to you:

Here it is after I requilted the background.

Can you still see the EXPO marker?  It is still there.  If it is wet, it shows up a lot.  I'm thinking I can do a "Where's Elmo" thing with this one and see if people who look at it can find the defect.  If they can, then I will break down and cry.

So today, I have a WHOLE BUNCH of half square triangles to do.  The other girls are all ahead of me now.
I have to work all week, so today is the day!

Terry is coming over after while.  I MISS HER!  Haven't seen her for ages -- or so it seems.  Since I go to church in my pajamas, I have to run downstairs and get presentable.  Also, need to put a roast in the pan.

Have a FABULOUS week, my friends.

Deb, Diana got you one of those darling mini laundry baskets.  I'll get it shipped to you sometime this week.  I know you don't have time to quilt right now, but the little basket will still be useful.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, July 17, 2016

VLOG, Terry Quilt and Red Knit Kim Swing Top

I had a few moments to make a quick video.  Had to show you our new "friendship" project.

Here it is if you are interested:

I have made 144 Half-Square triangles yesterday and today.  YAY!  Only 576 left.  I want to find a unique quilt to make with them, OR maybe design one myself with my EQ7 software.  I have had it for years and never used it.  Also want to use my Edyta Sitar applique shapes I bought at the going out of business sale at the quilt shop in Durant several months ago.

I also finished REdesigning my red blouse -- Kim Swing Top by Stylearc -- BUT I have made two more changes.

I changed the way I did the FBA using directions of Kathleen Cheatham on Craftsy.  I will 'splain later.  Also shortened the top two inches because Terry is here, and she said it looks better that way.

YES!  Terry is BACK!  She is here quilting her "Camper Quilt".  She and Doug have a Camper Trailer in Perryton, and it has a quiltless bed in it.  So, Terry made another quilt and is finishing it today.  Here's some pics:

Here is another BQ3.  Such PRETTY colors from Connecting Threads.  Isn't the thread YUMMY!  Terry and I are crazy about the variegated threads.  We always say, "THIS is the prettiest!"

 Here is the King Tut thread up close.  It really is more blue, like the quilt.  The pantograph is called "Coil".

And here I am in the red top.

Like the new lower neckline SO MUCH BETTER.  Made a facing for it.  Worked out great.
NOTICE in the picture of the front of the top above how the FBA waterfalls from each of my apexes.  I do NOT like that.  Fortunately, I have found a way to fix it thanks to Kathleen Cheatham's Craftsy class called "Adjust the Bust".

I have made the changes, and I will make top #2, and THEN I will be back to show you if it works or not.

I need to clean up all the many messes in this room, so I've gotta run.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, July 14, 2016

VLOG and a New Gadget

I am on my lunch break right now at work, so thought I would do a real quick blog post for you.

All is well.  Jerry has been NO help at all.  He is hardly ever here at the store.  He has to go all over the place to evaluate patients in their homes for electric wheelchairs.   Fortunately, I can always reach him by phone.

Candi is having her surgery today -- maybe right now.  I haven't heard from her since early this morning.  Please pray with me for a supernatural touch from God for fast, complete healing.  All of us here love her and miss her.

Here is a little video from yesterday if you are interested.  I show a new gadget in it:

I've got tons of papers on my desk, and I need to get back to it.

Might get to go home early again tomorrow if Jerry actually shows up for work.  We shall see.

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hair Do's, Flying Food and New Blouse

So, have you already seen my new Beauty Shop and Food Toss video?

If not, here it is:

Princess Di cut my hair a bit too short, but it will grow back -- EVENTUALLY!  Di is trying to cut off all the home dye jobs I did before I met her. 

I love the color.  I think I am still wearing "Coffee Bean", but I'm not sure.   Di does her mad scientist act, and she makes up these formulas and writes them on index cards.  I was showing them to Jerry.  Terry's is way more complicated than mine.  Of course, Terry has a thousand times more hair than I do!

We had such a lovely time.  Wish all my sewing/quilting friends could gather together someday.  Jolene and Deb live too far away though.  I do have an internet friend named Rhonda, and she has an airplane and flies it.  MAYBE she could fly down here sometime.  She is OFF THE CHARTS talented though, and I would feel like I was in Sewing Kindergarten if she was here.  I have other friends in Australia and the UK and Canada and even Africa.  Isn't that the most amazing thing about the internet?

I made a new garment today.  It is the Style Arc Kim Swing Top.  Sorry Deb, I told you the wrong name in my email.

If I didn't look so bad today, I would have taken a pic for you.  Maybe tomorrow.

Here is the pattern:

Jersey swing top with an asymmetrical hemline and short sleeve
It would be easy IF you didn't have to do all the changes I had to do.  You have to do an FBA on BOTH SIDES of the top, and that is tricky.  To do the round back and sway back, I had to add a center back seam.  Also had to tuck the neckline.  The fit is perfect though according to my hubby.

Mine is a solid red knit.  

I listened to most of my new book called "Redeeming Love".  Thank you for the recommendation!  I keep praying for the happy ending to happen!  

Also listening to "The Shoemaker's Wife", and I am about to meet her, I think.  So fun to listen to books while I sew.

I appreciate all of your recommendations.  So far, ALL of them have been audible.

Better get.  Time for TV with Jerry.  Have a blessed Sunday!

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back at Work and a Notion Review

Hello everybody!

Some of you have asked what happened to me and asked if I will be back.

Well, I am back tonight.

This was a really good day.  I am having to RElearn so many things, and I am hoping that all the sewing/fitting/quilting things I've learned don't fall out of my head as I fill it with new information.  I used to do all the jobs when we started this business, but that was a looooooooooooooooong time ago.  Things change, and in our business, they can change every time you turn around!

You may remember that Phylly works for our business at our Oklahoma City location.  I have talked to her several times, and she is going to help me with some of the duties I am taking on while Candi is gone due to back surgery.

Everyone seems to be getting used to me showing up each day.  The first day, I felt VERY unwelcome in my own store.  Terry was there today, and that was really nice.  Everybody seemed happier today for some reason.  I wish I could bottle the secret potion!

I made you a video and it has a tutorial in it.  Here it is if anyone is interested in some gardening advice:

And if that didn't put you to sleep, you did better than I did watching it, lol.

I need some dessert.

Actually, I probably need some exercise!  I worked all day though and my body is saying, "NO WAY, JOSE'!"

Diana is coming tomorrow, and Terry and I are so excited.  I have to go to work in the morning, but I can come home early.  Candi will be there next Monday and Tuesday, but that is all.  She has surgery on Wednesday.  Diana can do Terry's hair first, and then she can do mine, and then we can play.  I need to take something out for dinner tomorrow night.

Two things to do.  Better get!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy Days are Here Again!

What a difference a day makes as one of you said in the comments.  I came home to a VERY happy hubby who greeted me with a humongous hug.  He told me he understood my concerns about returning to work, and he promised to work with me in every way I needed him to.

I wasn't home five minutes and Terry called and asked us to come to the campground for a cookout. We live in the campgrounds, so it was a short drive.  I had not seen her in over a week.  We almost ran into each other's arms!  Sounds crazy, I know, but that is how much we enjoy each other's company.  I told her husband I was going to buy handcuffs and attach her to me so he would quit taking her away to distant towns.  He laughed.

Terry tried to MAKE ME get on the back of her Sea Doo for a ride on the lake.  I didn't want to get cold and wet, and I needed to get back home and unpack my full car.  Jerry had to go to the store, so we came back home after we ate.  Lots of family is coming to join Terry and Doug, so I'm sure we will never be missed.

I DID promise to get on the Sea Doo tomorrow though.  PRAY FOR ME!

Last night, when Terry called me, she told me to get up as EARLY as possible this morning and drive home to avoid the traffic jams.  She was right.  No traffic jams at all.

Suddenly, all seems right in my world again, and I just praised God and apologized for being such a grumpy granny.

Jerry said I missed an awesome service from Cornerstone this morning.  Fortunately, I will be able to watch it tomorrow when they get it in the archives.

Won't keep you.  Go watch the lights in the sky, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sad Day and Good Friends

Goodness.  Yesterday at this time, I didn't think I would ever post on my BLOG again.  The day was full of things that made me very unhappy and sad.  The saddest part was that there is absolutely NOTHING I can do to change it.  Being a problem solver and fixer of all things broken, it is so hard for me to face the fact that something is just broken and isn't going to get fixed.

It all happened when I returned to work at our store.  First, was an issue with a dearly-loved employee.  Then I got into a fuss with my husband over something very small, but he couldn't understand what I was trying to explain, and it hurt my feelings.  He is SO BUSY juggling SO MANY "to do's", he doesn't have time for a wife at work, so his answer to all problems with me is to simply ignore them.  At that point, tears would not stop falling, and I had to leave.  Can't be that way at work!

Then, as if what happened wasn't bad enough, I got stuck in two very long traffic jams.

When I finally got to where I was going, I went to a Car Wash, and water started dripping down through the roof where it meets the windshield.  I called Safelite Auto Glass who just put the new windshield in my car a few weeks ago.  You know -- the ones who will dash to the Zoo at a moment's notice to put your windshield in?  Yep.  Them.  I got an answering service lady who told me she could not even have someone call me back.  I have to wait until Tuesday and call them back!  I could NOT believe

Maybe I should have said I was AT THE ZOO!

I tried to cheer myself up yesterday by preparing a new blouse pattern. 

It ended up in the garbage. 

Today, I made a knit top from an older SFD pattern, and it was so huge in the armholes, you could have stuck your arm in with mine!  It is in the garbage!  I was so upset with myself thinking I couldn't even remember how to sew right.

My husband did call after work last night, and he actually HEARD me when I talked to him.  He was very understanding and very apologetic, and that healed half my broken heart.  The other half was still throbbing because of the other issue that happened that morning.

I went to bed last night so sad, I could not sleep.  My brain thinks it HAS to solve every single problem until it will allow me to relax.  I prayed and prayed.  FINALLY, a simple sentence came into my mind -- in my opinion, from the Lord -- and that simple sentence calmed me to the point I could fall asleep.  Honestly, how do people who don't know God get through a difficult day!?  Drugs or alcohol, I suppose.  Or tranquilizers.  Not for me.  It is hard enough to think clearly without that too!

This morning, my precious Princess Di somehow figured out that I had a bad night and needed a friend.  All she knew was I had a fuss with my husband and some kind of issue at work from an "I can't talk" text from me yesterday.  She just texted me as she always does, but she texted just the right words to me.  She cheered me up and gave me hope, and I  was able to bounce almost all the way back to "joyful Joy".  Just knowing someone else has been there and understands is so helpful.  She has owned a business of her own, and she is very aware of the issues that go on.  

Terry finally got a few minutes free from her SUPER-busy life full of company-all-the-time and week-long trips back and forth between homes and business, and she called me a little while ago.  I answered the phone which showed me her name, and I said, "WHO is this???"  She laughed.   

Terry cheered me up and we laughed.  She told me to get up SUPER EARLY tomorrow morning and go home to avoid the awful traffic jams on I-35 due to construction.  One of them backed up about 10 miles when I came up yesterday.  I told her I don't even get to sleep until 2, and I doubted I would wake up very early.  Besides, tomorrow is Sunday and church.  

I probably lost most of my readers long ago at this pity party. 

Sorry.  I tell it like it is in this life of mine.  Well, most of it.  Thank God, most days are joyful and my bubbly overflows.   Hopefully, THAT Joy will return soon IF she can remember how to sew!

Hugs, Joy