Sunday, July 31, 2016

Good Sunday Evening

Church was so much fun this morning.  Matthew Hagee was celebrating 20 years being a pastor at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio Texas.  He talked about his very first sermon and how his Dad edited it before he preached it.  His Dad reduced it from 40 pages, to 2 pages.  It was quite hilarious and heartwarming.

He said his Dad took a red pencil and BLED over every page.

The Hagees are a lovely family -- as families should be.  Everyone supporting the other, loving, caring, sharing -- praying together -- singing together.  This would be a different America if all families were like that.

I have been talking today with my new girlfriends about family issues.  It is absolutely shocking the things people have gone through, and I am amazed at how children of the same family can turn out so differently.  Jerry and I were discussing how adversity makes some strong, and others completely fall apart and cannot thrive, yet are from the same parents.

I never thought mine would be the mess it is today.  An outsider comes in, talks hate and dissension; and instead of fighting against it, the weak accept it as truth.  It causes unfathomable heartache, and the ones allowing it and falling under its spell are so blind, they can't see the broken hearts and broken relationships caused by their own failure to FIGHT for their family.  

Honor, respect, devotion -- all gone!


Not everyone is tricked and blinded.

Thank God forevermore that some see through it.  Some see the importance of family, and they see love where others see hate.  They see acceptance where others see rejection.  They see the TRUTH, when others choose to believe a lie.  I have found that these are the times when we find out just how much we truly do TRUST the God we serve.

I tell you, my friends, God has been so good to Jerry and me.  Both of us come from hurtful family situations, but we both are so blessed in every other way.  God has given me a new family now, and I have never in my whole life felt as loved as I do today.  So many "I love you's" every day, I lose count.  I will go find Jerry, and I turn my phone on, and I'll say, "LISTEN TO THIS, and THIS, and THIS!"  He is as touched by it as I am.

I made a new VLOG today, but it won't be ready until morning.  Come back tomorrow night, and I may have my VLOG up and a lot of fun pictures from this weekend.  My grandson, John, and his wife, Lauren, came for a visit, and we had the most wonderful time together.  You will SEE as soon as I get my next post up.  I am already looking forward to the next time they come.  Very, very proud of these two young people!

OH!  I have to show you my very first birthday present.  I received it yesterday from my friend, Deb.  I just LOVE how women think and are so intuitive.  I don't know if any of you will recall the last gift she sent me.  It was a coffee mug with a scripture inside, and it came in a heavy duty, darling box.  I actually liked the box as much as the mug, and Deb got a kick out of it.  So look what she sent for my birthday:

BOXES!  The little book is a quilt journal.  I haven't gotten to look at it yet.  Going to get it as soon as I finish this post.

I'll have so much fun figuring out what to put in them.

Princess Di has made me some special things using her new Sashiko (sas-she-ko) machine.  She is chomping at the bit to tell me what they are, but she has shown excellent self control so far.  I think she is going to cave though.  (-;

Have a marvelous, fabulous, blessed week!

I'll be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

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