Sunday, July 24, 2016

Parking Lot Stylist

Good Sunday morning friends!

There was a visiting pastor at Cornerstone this morning.  At first, I thought, "Oh know.  They are never any good."  Then I decided to just listen for a minute to see if he was any good.  I am SO GLAD I DID!  His sermon was wonderful about being a BABY christian or an GROWN-UP christian, having BABY faith or GROWN-UP faith.  His illustrations were great.  You can watch it if you are interested.  It will be in the "archives" tomorrow.

I haven't been blogging much, but I am always making videos.  You have probably seen them.  Here is the latest taken by Diana's husband yesterday in a parking lot.

Highlight the link.
RIGHT CLICK the link.
Then choose "Go to facebook ....."  (It works for me.)

I created a huge mess on one of my owls.  If you don't know about that, here is the video where I show it to you:

Here it is after I requilted the background.

Can you still see the EXPO marker?  It is still there.  If it is wet, it shows up a lot.  I'm thinking I can do a "Where's Elmo" thing with this one and see if people who look at it can find the defect.  If they can, then I will break down and cry.

So today, I have a WHOLE BUNCH of half square triangles to do.  The other girls are all ahead of me now.
I have to work all week, so today is the day!

Terry is coming over after while.  I MISS HER!  Haven't seen her for ages -- or so it seems.  Since I go to church in my pajamas, I have to run downstairs and get presentable.  Also, need to put a roast in the pan.

Have a FABULOUS week, my friends.

Deb, Diana got you one of those darling mini laundry baskets.  I'll get it shipped to you sometime this week.  I know you don't have time to quilt right now, but the little basket will still be useful.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Good morning Joy! Great recovery on the owl! Whew! I am happy you were able to get that worked out. The link for the video does not work on my end. I highlighted the link, right clicked, there was no option to "go to Facebook". I tried pasting it into Google and also Facebook. None of that worked. Happy Sunday friend!
    Barb in Arlington, TX.

    1. Well shoot! I tried it again. Just highlighted. Pushed right mouse button, and option came up to go to FB. Don't know what to do. Guess I need to post a pic.

  2. I just discovered your videos and blog the other day. I was immediately interested because you are from Oklahoma. I live in Arlington, Texas now, but am from southeast Oklahoma. I am enjoying your videos so much. You often make me laugh out loud!

  3. Great save :) :)
    Have fun piecing your triangles.

  4. Tried that facebook link (which I'm not on), and it didn't work for me either. Maybe you could get him to give you the direct link which you could post here, or upload it to your youtube channel so it's also there.

    LOVE seeing the fun you crazy gals are having... y'all make me giggle.


  5. Joy, on the Facebook link.....make sure the video is marked as "PUBLIC". Depending on the privacy settings the page owner has, unless the rest of us are that persons "friend", we won't be able to see the video unless it is set to be shared with everyone. For instance, on my Facebook page, my settings are that no one can see my page or anything on it unless they are my friend. However, you can change that setting on each individual post.

  6. The owl block looks great! Good job!


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