Sunday, July 17, 2016

VLOG, Terry Quilt and Red Knit Kim Swing Top

I had a few moments to make a quick video.  Had to show you our new "friendship" project.

Here it is if you are interested:

I have made 144 Half-Square triangles yesterday and today.  YAY!  Only 576 left.  I want to find a unique quilt to make with them, OR maybe design one myself with my EQ7 software.  I have had it for years and never used it.  Also want to use my Edyta Sitar applique shapes I bought at the going out of business sale at the quilt shop in Durant several months ago.

I also finished REdesigning my red blouse -- Kim Swing Top by Stylearc -- BUT I have made two more changes.

I changed the way I did the FBA using directions of Kathleen Cheatham on Craftsy.  I will 'splain later.  Also shortened the top two inches because Terry is here, and she said it looks better that way.

YES!  Terry is BACK!  She is here quilting her "Camper Quilt".  She and Doug have a Camper Trailer in Perryton, and it has a quiltless bed in it.  So, Terry made another quilt and is finishing it today.  Here's some pics:

Here is another BQ3.  Such PRETTY colors from Connecting Threads.  Isn't the thread YUMMY!  Terry and I are crazy about the variegated threads.  We always say, "THIS is the prettiest!"

 Here is the King Tut thread up close.  It really is more blue, like the quilt.  The pantograph is called "Coil".

And here I am in the red top.

Like the new lower neckline SO MUCH BETTER.  Made a facing for it.  Worked out great.
NOTICE in the picture of the front of the top above how the FBA waterfalls from each of my apexes.  I do NOT like that.  Fortunately, I have found a way to fix it thanks to Kathleen Cheatham's Craftsy class called "Adjust the Bust".

I have made the changes, and I will make top #2, and THEN I will be back to show you if it works or not.

I need to clean up all the many messes in this room, so I've gotta run.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. The scooped neckline on your top looks great.
    Like the colour of the top too.
    Fun quilt swap I will look forward to seeing what all the quilts like.
    You make me feel warm with you wearing short sleeve tops - mid winter here and a balmy 9 degrees with a brisk chilly wind blown from the south can feel the chill from antactica

  2. Hey joy
    Been trying to leave a comment for a year. Yay! Hope this works. What is an apex and why don't you like it. I luv the red blouse. Anything red on u looks grand. Luv ter bears camper quilt too. Lll. SHe is so lickity split with her quilts. LIKE TERRY SAYS. I GO BIG OR GO HOME. WHAT A TROOPER! I HAVE THAT QUEEN NEFERTITI VARIEGATED THREAD. I BOUGHT THAT FOR THE BACKGROUND NEGATIVE SPACE FOR MY KRIS KYLE TEXAS LONE STAR QUILT. HAVEN'T USED IT YET! NOW I REALLY CAN'T WAIT. SEE U NEXT WEEK. KISSES AND HUGS MY QUEEN! LUV DI

  3. The red top looks great on you, good save! The thread is booootiful! I am so envious of you girls getting together. I would love to jump in the car and come north to meet up with you. DFW area. I am a harmless 65 year old single lady with 3 cute Yorkies. lol I only do day trips as they have to travel with me, and day trip means they can stay at home.

  4. Can't wait to see what Kathleen Cheatham's cure for the "apex drape" will be---please don't forget to show us what you do to alter it! I think the red top looks good as is--maybe you just prefer structured fabrics fitted more closely in the midsection? I'm glad you are happy to be super busy but will look forward to when you have more time for sewing videos.

  5. The red top looks really good on you! The longer length makes you look taller and slimmer, such a good look!!

  6. Hi Joy. I think the red top looks just great on you. Love the neckline and the length Regards Susan

  7. Good call on the alterations Joy. You're too petite for the longer hem and the new neckline looks great! I'm in that Craftsy class but I don't think I've watched it all the way through so I'll go back and review to see how she does that. Now that the blouse is finished, I think that pattern would look really good on me and I've already started to wear RTW like that. Terrie's hair is GORGEOUS! Love all the highlights and shaping - the style fits her perfectly. Di is truly a gifted stylist so kudos to her too! She needs to start a business called HCH (House Call Hair) and charge 4 times the going rate. I pay my stylist to come to my house and I pay her $40 for a simple cut and no blowdry just so I don't have to go to the salon. Worth every penny!

  8. Hi Joy,
    I absolutely adore you and look forward to all your blog posts/videos. Joyful expressions is the perfect name for your blog, you are always so happy, and even when you aren't you still try to find good in your situations! You are, to me, a combination of my aunt Jan and my husbands (mine too) aunt Patsy, both of whom I love, which makes sense why I enjoy you so very much. By the way I am a 36 year old garment maker just south of Atlanta, GA. My Mom (whose name is Joyce but she goes by Joy), aunt Jan, and aunt Patsy are all quilters! I enjoy piecing quilt tops but not the quilting of them too much.
    I also wanted to say that on your red Kim blouse I didn't even notice the waterfall effect until you pointed it out. But that would probably bother me too. Of course I would never have that issue considering I have a very small bust, even after breastfeeding two children. Haha Please keep doing what you are doing! Take care!

    1. How LOVELY to meet you, Michelle. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I have the kind of personality people either love or hate. Hence, I am thrilled to find people that enjoy my blog and videos.
      Hugs, Joy

  9. Hello Joy! Please don't put any more chemicals on your owl quilt to remove the dry-erase lines. I fear it will degrade your fabric. Step back and think about it some more... Actually, the alcohol idea was good, but only if it's red wine to drink! We've all done stupid things, but there's always a fix.

    Seriously, consider another route: would a tree trunk with side leaves look ok? Could you do a somewhat thicker decorative stitch over the lines? Could you quilt that block (and various other selected blocks) in darker thread to cover the lines? Relax and figure it out. The quilt is NOT ruined. It's gorgeous.

  10. Oh Joy - sorry about your quilt. I agree dont put anything else on your quilt.
    I would experiment with scraps of fabric first and use towels to blot as you go.
    You will never get fabric to behave like a hard laminate surface.
    The alcohol was proably a good idea, carpet stain remover might be worth a try.
    I cant suggest what I would try as the brands available here are diffeerent to those in the US.
    Have you Googled getting white board marker out of fabric ? Google is my friend in situations like this.
    Remember to breath and dont beat yourself up too much.

  11. Sooooooo sorry for your owl quilt. If you can't find anything that will remove the marks you might try using something like steam a seam and cover the marks with some more of the same fabric and just quilt over it or make a whole new owl block. It's such a fun and happy quilt to look at so don't give up on it even if you have to stop working on it for a while. You could also mark on a scrap piece of the same fabric and try out different cleaners so you wouldn't have to put them on your quilt until you find something that works.
    I still want to see your Seasonal Silhouette quilt :)

    Hang in there,
    Mary Beth

  12. Hi Joy, on your owl quilt, try a product call,"Orvus". It can be purchased at Co-Op or Atwoods store.

  13. Joy how do you label your quilts and clothing, thanks for any help!!!Heather from Massachusetts


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