Thursday, August 18, 2016

Good Evening On a Cool Thursday

Yes.  The weather has cooled down a lot here in Southern Oklahoma.  It is very nice.  Even had some rain today.  I have the screen door open in my kitchen because I tried to cremate a pot of beans tonight.  I FORGOT I had put them on the stove to warm up, and I came upstairs to check on things.

You KNOW how it is when you enter your sewing/quilting haven.

My mind was attracted to all the different projects going on and I completely forgot about the beans.

About an hour later the yukkiest smell wafted up the stairs and into my room.  YUK!  I ran down and pulled the pot off the stove.

I feel so bad when I do stuff like that.  I immediately wonder WHAT ELSE I may have forgotten!

So, for those of you following my owl saga, I have only TWO MORE OWLS to do!!!!  I believe I can finish the quilt top tomorrow morning before I go into work.

I'll show it to you again when it is all quilted.  Then I will have to bind it.  I want to finish my friendship quilt top before I do that though.

I've gotten a couple more ugly remarks under my videos.  Some people are SO HATEFUL!  I guess I need to explain that the videos are made for my blog, because people seem to think I'm some sort of certified sewing/quilt teacher, and they get upset if I stray from those subjects.  Jolene says people like that are called "trolls" and to just ignore them.  Good advice!

I don't know if I should confess this -- even to myself -- BUT, I just received four more pieces of pretty fabric in the mail today.  I couldn't resist it.  It is from Silhouette Patterns.  Slinky, lightweight, soft solid color knits in royal blue, bright pink and black.  A silky piece in red with borders.  I'll be back in sewing mood as soon as I can get things straightened out at the store.  Our newest employee gave two weeks notice today.  She got a better offer that we can't match.  So, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go again!  Looking for a new employee.

Di is coming Saturday to work on my hair, and then we are going to play in the sewing room.  I want to make these cute little "bean bag chair" things that hold your cell phone in an upright position on your desk. Deb has been making them.  I'll show you mine when I get it done.  Terry might even come out to play!

For the lady who asked me if I ever showed my sewing room.  YES.  Search sewing room videos or look through my videos.  It was over a year ago, maybe 2.  I did a detailed tour and a quick tour.  Hold on a sec, and I'll see if I can get a link for you.....

Here you go:

Gotta run.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I dont know why people think it is ok to be nasty with comments on peoples blogs, but Jolene is right...IGNORE! It's really sad that they have nothing better to do with their time. Sorry about your beans. I have a severe paranoia of fire in the kitchen so I never leave anything. Ever. I started a fire by walking away from heating bacon grease that had hardened when I was 10. Really scary.

  2. wow you are one lucky lady!

  3. Joy, I just love your blo and especially your videos. Jolene is right, ignore the trolls. I don't know their motivation but if their own life is so bad or lonely that they need to search out someone to be mean to, then we should probably have compassion for such sad people. Let it roll off. Thanks for sharing your day with us.


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