Monday, August 1, 2016

Precious Memories and a VLOG

Shocking that it is already August.  Before we blink, it will be the holidays again.  I always dread the holidays and kind of wish we could just go from October to January.  Thank God for my friends at that time of the year!

So I told you yesterday I would have a VLOG for you today.  Here it is:

I also said I would share some pics of our super-fun weekend.

Friday night, none of us wanted to watch a movie, so we played a fun game.  Lauren and I won three games in a row, and for SOME REASON, the guys didn't want to play anymore!

This pic is fuzzy.  Sorry.  We are SO EXCITED that Jerry gets his braces off soon.  MAYBE next visit!  His teeth are beautiful if you could SEE them behind all the wires and rubber bands.

This pic is better.  John decided to grow a beard while on his long vacation from the Army.  Don't know if he will be allowed to keep it or not.
Saturday morning, John and his Papa Jerry went fishing.  Lauren and I stayed home and got to know each other.  I was DELIGHTED at how easily she "fit" into my sewing/quilting life even though she doesn't do either.  She told me her Mom used to make beautiful custom wedding dresses, and I cannot WAIT to meet her Mom!

I was showing her my various quilting projects, and we got to my Edyta Sitar Seasons quilt blocks that are lying on my desktop.  I told her I needed to figure out what colors to use where for sashing, borders and binding.  Lauren just started picking things up and arranging them as though she has always done that.  She told me she used to help her Mom decide on designs and color.

Here is a picture of Lauren with one of the arrangements she made for me:

We both decided that we like this way best:
The blue will be sashings.  The green will be the wide border.  And the red will be the binding, unless I change my mind for the 100th time!

Lauren was so sweet, she even took this huge machine from me and blew the patio off for grilled burgers.  It was like she has always known us.  So comfortable.

After lunch, we got ready for our next adventure.

We went to a really fun bowling alley with lots of flashing lights and pretty colored lanes.  It is so easy now because you don't have to keep score.  Will definitely go again when the kids come back. 

That is Lauren's hand.  I was TRYING to take her picture.  Next time, I'll have to take my own lighting, lol.
Here we are later enjoying dish after dish of AWESOME crab legs:
And after that, we all went to waste the $10 on our player cards.  Lauren and I won a few bucks several times, but we both ended up with zero. 

I ended up with cigarette pollution!
And THIS is my MOST FAVORITE OF ALL the pics this weekend.  Lauren took it with an app on her phone. 

She even said, "I think we look a little alike."  DON'T I WISH!!!!!

Gotta go.  Want to go finish row #2 of the owls.  I will snap a pic when I'm done for my next post.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend.
    We are lucky here as all public spaces are smoke free which makes going out much more pleasant.
    I had a fun weekend too - had a cousin visit me for the first time and we managed to visit 10 fabric shops across the city in one day. We were pooped but happy.

  2. The answer to your question about who sang "Your nobody called today" is Sylvia

  3. Reba McIntire sang the "Nobody" song. Love your videos because you are so real and share your good days as well as bad. Yes, I too have family problems so you are not alone.

  4. Sylvia Jane Hutton , simply known as Sylvia in the 1980's she she the song Nobody , in 1982 . I love your Owls and glad you had a wonder weekend . I so enjoy your videos
    Thank you Joy . Keep them coming .

  5. Sylvia Jane Hutton , known as just Sylvia in the 1980's she sang the song Nobody in 1982 ... I love your Owl quilt and all the other ones to .
    Thank you Joy . Have a blessed week

  6. I could not figure out how to send you a comment I am doing not tech savvy I wanted to tell you hairspray will take the ink out of your own quilt just spray and blot then spray with water and blot out the hairspray it even removed permanent marker hope my tip isn't to late

  7. Happy Birthday Joy , have a Fabulous Day. Meant to post that earlier I'm sorry for that. But have a fabulous day . Happy Happy 66

  8. Happy Birthday Joy!

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a year full of precious memories & may God Bless you with health, happiness & love in the upcoming year!

  10. Happy Birthday Joy! I hope you have a wonderful, blessed day.

    Barb in Arlington,, TX

  11. Joy,
    I'd like to add my Happy Birthday wishes to all the others---hope it was a fabulous day!
    Barb in Virginia


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