Sunday, August 28, 2016

Warning! Sermon Follows. Owl Quilt Video at End.

Church was just over.  Pastor Hagee is still talking about end times and went through the entire book of The Revelation in fast motion.

I wish -- and I pray -- and it is my heart's most earnest desire -- that EVERYONE could know the truth of God's word.

Hagee preached it fast and hard this morning because time may be very short before The Revelation fully unfurls its ugliness into our lives.  Hagee believes that Christians will be raptured before the worst of it, but other preachers teach differently.  Only God knows as my dear blog friends always point out.

Hagee talked about something today that has been my "sermon" since I was a child.  It is one of the main reasons that family members -- Christian family members -- and friends -- Christian friends -- are turned off by me and run for the hills if I bring this up.

I have lost more than one good friend because of my refusal to watch filth coming from their TV, and I walked out of their home.

So, I warn you, here it comes again!  THE sermon.  And remember.  It was also Hagee's sermon today.  Go to if you would like to hear it for yourselves.  It will be in the archives after today.  The date is 8-28-16.

There are only TWO FORCES in this world:  GOOD and EVIL.  You should have learned that from Star Wars if you don't know the Bible.

The God of "GOOD" is Jesus.

The God of "EVIL" is Satan.

The lovers of Satan and his world have become so deceived that they don't even realize they have GIVEN HIM PERMISSION to ruin their lives, their children's lives, their health, their well-being, and on and on it goes.


By bringing his literature -- his movies -- his books -- his statues -- his speech -- his attitudes -- right into their homes.  Examples:  Harry Potter.  Exorcist.  Almost every movie.  Pornography.  Television!!!!!!!

I have gotten onto very close loved ones about this very thing, and they just gafaw and act like I'm a mean, horrible, judgmental witch for even thinking such a thing -- NEVER MIND, telling them they need to REMOVE all of the books, movies, garments, posters and all other objects from the world of EVIL from their homes and never allow them in again.  I assure you, they prefer to REMOVE ME and keep me removed!

This includes Satan's high holiday:  Halloween.  I met someone new the other day, and she told me her favorite holiday is Halloween.  It is just ignorance, I know, but I wanted to scream, "NOOOOOO!"

Sooooooooooooo, for the one or two of you that are still here, let me ask you to please just go to God yourselves, and ask Him for a revelation in your heart and mind of how He feels about these things.  Remember, God shares his glory with NOBODY!  He is a very jealous God.  He wants your total love, worship and loyalty.  Not much to ask from your creator!

Gotta run.  I have finished the owl quilt.  If you haven't seen the video, here it is:

Have a very blessed week.  Count your many blessings and be a blessing whenever God gives you the opportunity.

I intend to.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Your owl quilt is great. All those owls have their own personalities - lovely. Thanks for the close ups of the quilting. My friends laugh at me because I always fester about how I will quilt a top once it is finished.

  2. I think you speak the Truth, Joyleen.

  3. O please quickly finish your beautiful quilt, before autumn arrives! What I wouldn't give to have that hanging in my house...!

  4. I love the owl quilt and now I want to make one. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for being bold enough to speak the truth. I understand all too well..I hold the same beliefs as you and have experienced the same from my own family and people who were friends but now treat me like I am the evil one. This world is dark and even so called Christians are being deceived, by the droves. Dear Jesus, help us.

  6. Joy,
    I just found your blog today and was encouraged by your post. I know that to be the truth also. And I just love it when people tell the truth. We do not watch TV, (but we do watch some fun YouTube stuff) and we are very careful about what movies we watch. We mainly listen to alternative news sights for Christians, such as TRUNEWS, and Biblical podcasts. If people could only understand you have to guard your spirit. I am certain this is the reason my grandkids have nightmares and all kinds of strange dreams that frighten them. Garbage in - garbage out!
    Keep on preaching it! We are guaranteed persecution in this life ---- but then we are BLESSED, so it's OK! You are not alone in the things you have gone through. We are a little peculiar to this world! But it's all good!
    Love, Michelle
    I love your bubbly personality! Ignore all those bad comments. The devil talks through people more than we catch. But we forgive them, we are all human. Some people have never experienced happiness! And true JOY! It's a whole lot better than getting on and whining and crying, huh?

    1. Welcome aboard, Michelle!
      Thank you so much for your comment. Jerry and I had a very hurtful weekend involving our children, but we know there is nothing we can do. We are trusting God to work it out or, at least, help us survive it. So painful when families are separated because of lies and one-side stories. Someone said, "Don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see!" Good advice, lol.
      Hugs, Joy

    2. Thanks Joy! Oh my heart goes out to you, Joy! One of our adult kids has caused us more heartache than I could have thought possible. That one literally went to the "dark side". And when grandkids are involved it just triples it. We raised them, and the mother won them back in a huge court battle. It's been 4 years now but I cried myself to sleep for months.
      After going through all this out and out evil, just when I thought there was no hope, God fooled me. Now we all speak and I see the kids a lot.
      And ya know, I learned one thing. If I had known it was going to work out, I would not have bothered to have a nervous breakdown. I would have told myself it will work out, this too shall pass, that God has His hand on this and it WILL work out for my good, even tho at the time it looked impossible. God provided a wonderful intercessor and things turned around fast after she began to pray. So prayer is key, too. Forgiveness is key. Satan will not have the victory, you will.
      So, yes, I will be praying for your family and you, and that God protects your precious heart. Because this is not going to last forever. It will work out. And, btw, God is going to make your enemies your footstool.

    3. Thank you SO MUCH, Michelle.
      Your post helps me so much to know that I am doing the RIGHT THING! I am totally trusting God. My loved one WILL WAKE UP sometime very soon and will see that all the stuff she believes is LIES and DECEIT. It was a trap, and she fell right smack dab into it! Demands have now been made that grown-up children have nothing to do with us or they are disowned and not even invited to Christmas! The devil is SO STUPID! Does he think my husband and I and my friends will just stand for this? No way! Our God is GREATER!!!!!!!!!!! Love WILL prevail.
      I am so happy to know all is well in your family now. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.
      Hugs, Joy


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