Sunday, September 11, 2016

Jesus Inhabits Your Praises!

Awesome sermon again -- as always -- from Matt Hagee this morning.

One thing, that I know, but he said it today, is that Jesus inhabits the praises of HIS people!

My friends, why don't you try it?  Do it with me today.

I PROMISE YOU, you will feel HIS presence.  The heaviness will lift from your heart and you will feel peace and joy squeezing in between all the hurts and pains and frustrations of this life.

WHO do I think I am?

HOW can I say such a thing?

Because I am HIS, and I know His promises because I know his Word.  I have done this so many times.  If it wasn't for my ability to do this, I would be lost in endless sorrow, hurt, sadness and depression.  It would flood my heart and mind and make me a worthless vessel that God cannot use.

What I do is get in an "all by myself" space in the house.  I turn on my praise music.  If you don't have any, I HIGHLY recommend Matthew Hagee's CD's, but there are many others.

I close my eyes, I lift my arms, and I move my feet.  I love to swirl and turn.  I lift my head to Heaven and I tell God how much I adore Him and His Son.  I thank Jesus for the grueling sacrifice He made of His own free will JUST so I can have a personal relationship with Him today -- 2,000 years later -- and I can go to Heaven to be with Him when I die.

Sometimes, I just lay on the floor in total submission to Him, and I ask Him to fill me with wisdom and knowledge which can only come from Him.  The Bible says that, so I believe it.

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Think about this.

As a parent, what does it mean to you to have appreciation and adoration from your children?  What would you NOT do for them if they just asked as they lived according to the way you brought them up and appreciated all your input and sacrifice and knowledge into their lives.

A different story, of course, when children choose a completely different belief system and jump right into the arms of what the Bible calls "the world".  Like America.  America wants to forget God.  God will allow it.  But His hands are totally tied because He has given us freedom of choice.  And WHY, OH WHY do so many people make the WRONG CHOICES.  For instance:  Murdering an innocent baby in the womb is "a choice"?

So, let's all remember almighty God on this beautiful Sunday, and let's beg for His forgiveness and grace and mercy on America, and the wisdom for Americans to make the right choice in the coming election.

Gotta get!

My new cleaning lady, Charlotte, is coming for the first time tomorrow.  I have to clean my house before she gets here!
Have a lovely week.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Your so funny. You always make me smile. How did your trip go to Texas?

  2. hahaha my mother used to do the same thing. Always had to clean house before the cleaning lady got there.

  3. Your post touched my heart this morning...


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