Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Update on My Mother


God KNOWS I hate roller coasters, so WHY AM I ON ONE!?

Run, run, run!  I bet I've lost a few pounds.  I'm eating the most UNhealthy diet these days.  Grabbing whatever I can.

My Mother's condition is better one minute and worse the next.  She will be lethargic and nearly lifeless one day.  We go in the next day expecting the worst, and she is bright and cheery and knows who we are and is making demands to bring this, bring that, and bring something else!

WHERE are my rings!?

WHERE are my glasses!?

Let's go home NOW!

We are TRYING to get home health or hospice so we can take her home.  We chose a company in Kingston, and they are supposed to contact me.  So far, not a word.  We wait some more.  Mom's doctors change today, and I'm not happy about that.  I will have to train them all over again!  LOL

My brother has been a ROCK through this ordeal.  I cannot go into detail about what a miracle that is, but it has been a huge delight for me.  He is the only sibling who has been there for me.

Can't hang around this morning.  Need to come alive and get to the hospital.  I'll be back as soon as I can.

I may EVEN do a VLOG for you later tonight.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Dear, Dear Joy.
    Wondered why I didn't see any recent u tubes and went searching Sorry that your mom is having so many health issues. Sorry that this had to happen to bring her back into your life.
    I truly feel that a greater "Power" stepped in: It is miraculous that she was able to make that phone call and ask for your help. It is miraculous that in that lucid moment in time she was able to reach out to the one person who would be there for her. It is miraculous that you are able to have this time with her at this stage.

    My father always said that "God" worked in mysterious ways and that we may never know the why's and how's but that "He" will always be with us especially in our darkest days.
    Just think about it, Joy. In some deep recess of her heart / mind, your mother knew that you were the one and only who would hear her plea ......the one and only who would help her in her darkest days.

    My wish for you is that you derive some peace of mind and spirit during a very trying time. Although you may have many challenging days ahead I pray for that wonderful strength that comes across on your many u tubes. You are a very special lady.

    You are dearly blessed to have some very special people in your life who love and care for you so very much. Your husband, daughter and friends all know how unique you are and love that person called Joy.

    God bless all of you. My prayers and best wishes that your days become easier and if not, that the wonderful strength you have will just kick in and you will deal with it ! :) My best. JoAn

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for your very kind, thoughtful comments. They really are a blessing to me.
    Hugs, Joy


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