Friday, February 17, 2017


Oh, my!

You all told me to be sure and get in front of her on the stairs, which I do, but you did NOT tell me that while she was SUPPOSED to be in her chair in the living room watching endless MASH episodes, that she would go into the kitchen -- pull a bar stool up to the window -- climb up on it and onto the sink -- and try to pull down the kitchen shade above the sink!

I always come down from upstairs to check on her every so often.  By the time I found her in the kitchen, the bar stool was almost back where she got it from, and she had taken a spaghetti spoon out of the utensil drawer and was grabbing up in the air to try to catch the bottom of the blind and pull it down.  I couldn't believe my eyes!
She turned and looked at me and told me she was SO GLAD I came because she had fallen when she got up onto the sink.


I felt horrible, of course, like I had left my baby in a hot car.

She really has a thing about closing the blinds at night.  She had shades in all the windows of her house, and she pulled them all down every night before dark.  She can't remember that she isn't supposed to do that here.  I have told her a hundred times not to touch the blinds, but she can't remember -- of course.  The only thing that will look in the windows here may be a raccoon or a deer.  We do close the blinds in the bedrooms, however.

Then there is the constant remote control battle.  It is kind of funny.

After turning on the TV, I always HIDE the two remotes under a pillow or a quilt or in another room because Mom just messes everything up when she gets them.  Awhile ago, I put them under a quilt on the couch.  When I came back downstairs to unhide the controls, they were GONE!  I looked around. Mom had put them on the coffee table underneath a napkin.  I had to laugh.

Went to my Mother's house for about the sixth time yesterday.  One of my sisters and her husband joined us.  They were very helpful, and it was a delight to have them there.  Praise God for that!!!
Still so much to do there.  We shall continue to continue until all is done.

Mom is doing really good except for her mind.  She is sleeping at night instead of in the daytime, and she feels good.  Nothing hurts.  We took her off the nasty pills that made her much worse.  Jerry has surgery on his knee on Monday.  Never a dull moment.

Time to fix supper.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Thank you Joy for sharing your stories about your mom. I know I am not the only one going through similar things with my dad. Your sense of humor is giving me patience.

  2. Joy, you are an amazing lady. You give everyone courage and hope that each day is and will be better in lots of ways. I watch your sewing videos and you never cease to make me giggle. Keep doing what your doing Joy, your mother is lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you. Best wishes Angie


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