Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fabric HEAVEN and Mom and Terry and Stuff


Have I been gone for three weeks?  Time goes by so fast these days.  My Mom takes a lot of my attention.  I have time to myself, but not long times.  It takes a lot of time to do a BLOG.

I did get a video done the other day after my wonderful overnight trip with Terry.  We have the best time together.  She is the BEST co-pilot.  Jerry always has a fit if I try to direct him when he is driving.  I think it is a great luxury to have someone guiding you!

Here is the latest video if you missed it:

I just told you in that video that I would show you what I bought, so here goes.

At the little old downtown shop called Happiness is Quilting, I found several panels to make little quilts for the children at Casa House, but I only had time to choose two of them.

This for a boy:
This for a girl:
And this one for me, of course.  It is so fun!
Look at the darling three fabrics I got to go with it.

And I bought some fabrics to make blouses.  My Mother LOVES violets, so I bought some violet fabric for her.  I made the blouse today, but it turned out too snug for her.  It is so hard to peel all the layers off her to try anything on that I just went by measurements.  She is always so cold.

Here are four wovens purchased at several different places.
Two for Mom, and two for me:

And, from JoAnn's, some more knits.
Two for Mom and two for me.
AND, the BEST part of our trip,
our TEXAS-shaped waffles from the Hampton Inn.
I really love waffles, but I don't dare make them here at home because I would BE as big as Texas!  I always have one when staying at a hotel since I only stay in one maybe once a year.

Need to check on Mom.  I think she found the controller and messed up the TV.

Be back as soon as I can to show you Mom's new tops and another video.



  1. Dear Joy.

    So pleased with your road trip. Even a short break is wonderful "soul food" and renewal. Add the hunt for fabric with a friend and it is a double wammy of fun; you are blessed having Terry partner a similar interest. Good get away for both of you. Can just imagine the conversation and laughs you enjoyed!

    As your mom's health deteriotates you and Jerry will need more breaks away from home, even a dinner date at a local restaurant. It is so important to have together time to talk and enjoy each other without the expectation of being interrupted. You both deserve "guilt free" time away from care-taking. :)

    ....And as usual: My wish for you is peace of mind, spirit and continued strength.

  2. I love this video. you are so funny. and that part about fitting your mom with bust darts. Ha Ha. I went thru the same thing with my mom. she doesn't wear a bra anymore and finding the bust darts are at her belly button was quite a shock. I mean what do you do? they don't wear bras and the girls are just hanging wayyyy down there. ha ha. would love to see some photos or a blog about making your mom's shirts.

  3. Hi Joy

    Just a suggestion regarding 'your style' blouse for your braless mom. Have you thought to transfer the dart completely out of the pattern. I think Glenda has a video on how to do this or else Claudia Echols certainly does. I too have a tendency to go braless around the house and this technique works for me. Really enjoy your blog and vlogs.


  4. good fabric haul.
    Another suggestion for removing the dart is to just gather in the F side seam. I do this in my PJ tanks tops - this was after I put a dart in a PJ top - ok course that was not the best look for when I got ready for bed and cleaning my teeth I could see the girls way south of the dart. LOL
    Looking forward to see what you create from your flat pack fabric :)


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