Friday, May 5, 2017

Fun Play Day with Terry but Disappointing Too

We had a lovely day.

Terry and I are just EASY together.

You know what I mean?

I don't have to SORT OUT everything that goes through my mind that I want to say to her and make sure she isn't going to be offended by it.  She feels the same way about me.  THAT is what a true friendship should be like in my book.

AND, if I do get upset with her, or she gets upset with me, we just GET OVER IT!  We don't throw away a beautiful friendship because one of us messed up.  We get mad -- we cry -- but then we run into each others arms and say, "I'm so sorry!"  

Terry and I were talking about all of this today, and we agree.  Some "friends" are just impossible to please, and they seem to be waiting to take offense at something you say or do.  We both decided we don't need complicated friendships that make us uneasy and make us feel bad about ourselves.

My friends must realize that if they are looking for perfection in me, they are looking in the WRONG place!

Only Jesus is perfect!

And you are thinking, "WHAT ON EARTH is she talking about!!!?"

Someone I love very much is furious with me because I said something he/she did was stupid, and I STILL believe that what the person did was stupid.  The definition of "stupid" being:  Insensitive -- Silly -- Foolish.  I will not be changing my mind on that!

Is anybody out there MARRIED?!

Do you and your mate ALWAYS AGREE on every little thing?

I promise you my husband and I sure do not.  He hurts my feelings terribly sometimes.  I hurt his.  I can tell him something he did was stupid, but he doesn't fall apart and act like I'm a horrible person. He tells me all the time that something I did is ridiculous.  I just tell him he is wrong, or crazy, or stupid or whatever.  We argue.  We laugh.  We hug and kiss and forget all about it. We have been married 42 years, and I love him more than ever!

MY POINT IS, marriages and friendships should have firm enough foundations that arguments and disagreements don't dissolve them.  We MUST let off steam, or we will burst!  At least, I will.

Let's get back on HAPPY STREET again here!  Did you see my latest VLOG about my Mom and the Beauty Shop and Mother's Day?  If not, here it is:

Now, about our PLAY DAY:

We went to what we THOUGHT was going to be a "Grand Opening" at the new quilt shop in McKinney, TX called "Happiness is Quilting".  We were thinking giveaways, discounts, finger foods, etc. as it just opened for business yesterday.


Fabric was $12 to $15 a yard.  Terry and I headed straight for the sale rack way in the back.  She got some nice fabrics for a baby quilt she has been asked to make.  I bought fabrics to make more blouses for my Mom and myself.  I saw a book I wanted, but it was $30.  I can get it from Amazon for $19.

Sure hope that quilt shop doesn't go out of business next.  We decided to go from there to JoAnn's where the prices were much better and we could find pretty knit fabrics.

We went to several other places including Belk's where we both bought several pair of pretty-colored pants.  I think we got the same ones actually.

Gotta go.  TV time, and I need to find something to watch that Jerry can stay awake to.  He is asleep next to me, but if you woke him, he would tell you he is watching TV.  He must have transparent eyelids!



  1. I hope you do not stop the videos as they always bring a ray of sunshine into my day and they often leave me with a smile. I feel as we are friends and I truly enjoy the visit. Do not let the devil steal your joy.... I know that making them brings you joy and happiness.

  2. Hi joy! Love the vids and appreciate the blog updates.
    Still praying for you and your family. Life is tough sometimes but God never said we'd be without problems. He said He'd be right there in the mess with us!

  3. Hi Joy,
    I watche'd your you tube video about agreeing with one another about our petitions. Your video made me smile and brought hope to my life. You see, one year ago I went into renal failure. I inherited this disease from one of my parents. I am 40 years old and recently graduated from nursing school. Truthfully, I was feeling unloved and abandoned by God; despite my relationship and walk with Christ. Your video reminded me that I am not alone. I have many brothers and sisters in Christ. Please come in agreement with me for a kidney transplant or a miraculous healing. Blessings to all and thank you for your prayers.

    1. My husband and I just held hands and prayed IN AGREEMENT that you will receive a kidney transplant very soon and you will live a long, prosperous, healthy life. In Jesus' name!
      Hugs, Joy

    2. Dear Joy, Sunny here.
      Thank you to both you and your husband for praying for me.
      You are totally correct about God always getting it right. Sometimes we can't comprehend the whys of life. We have to just trust and have faith.
      By the way happy mother's day.

  4. Hello Joy well done for all your stamina and good work with your Mum, its lovely to hear all is well and there are things that she is enjoying in life, she is happy and most of all safe. Relationships, please allow me to share this with you. I moved to another country from my native land and did not know anyone, I had to “get out there” and find friends, fortunately for me I am not scared to explore and I have made some wonderful friends. Unfortunately I live in a country that is very transitional and friends come and go, I find myself in this situation now where its my turn to leave. Heartbreaking on two counts, knowing what others go through when someone leaves and a new emotion I have to leave too. I can only describe it as like an egg yoke, pulling up the yoke and the white gets thinner and thinner as its pulled. People have another things to do and life brings challenges, new people come into your life and its all richer for it, but heartbreaking at the time when people leave. I am giving away a lot of my belongings to those in need and unfortunately its attracting a LOT of crazy people so I need to move away from this as soon as I can, I am sure the Lord is with me on this but I think even his patience might be tried at times!! lol. Anyway keep up the good work and keep on with the v/blogs you help others. Bunny from Singapore (departing)

  5. Dear Joy,
    I've just recently discovered your vlog & blogs. They always make me smile! (and sometimes a tear or two when you're talking about your mom... I'm close to that point with my mom...). I am so envious of your sewing room! I think the first of your videos I watched was the tour. You seem to have it all! I especially love your pink & white quilt (hanging on your wall); I would love to make one like that. Did you use a pattern? If so, would you mind sharing where your got it? thank you so much for all you do and share! Pam Bulmann/Oregon

    1. Hi Pam,
      That quilt is called Strawberry Sundae. The original is on the cover of a book I have. The one in the book is called Butterscotch Sundae. I'll look for the book later today -- IF I remember -- and tell you the name of it. I'm downstairs having my first cuppa right now.
      Hugs, Joy

  6. Hi,
    I recently found your blog (I can't remember what I googled), and then I was doing some research to find my Mother's Day present from my husband. (He told me I could buy myself some patterns. *yippee*) Anyway, thru the internet rabbit trail I found out about Sure Fit Designs. And then I found your blog (and vlogs) again!
    So. My question for you: I bought a Suzy Furrer bodice class at Craftsy (not watched it yet)......Will I learn the same things in that as is in the Sure Fit Dress Kit (or shirt kit)? Should I sweet talk my husband into the Sure Fit kit? Perhaps I should do the Craftsy class and see what it's like. But the Sure Fit Design thing seems SO NIFTY.
    Thanks! And I've really enjoyed your vlogs. I love your down-to-earth Christian approach to life!

    1. NO! Get Sure-fit Designs Dress Kit and Pants Kit. Not the same at all. I have Suzy's Craftsy classes also. You will learn a lot about fitting and pattern drafting from both, BUT the SFD system has done most of it for you already. I LOVE my SFD's!
      Hugs, Joy

    2. Thank you for taking the time to reply!! I'll start sweet-talking :)


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