Thursday, May 25, 2017

I Have GOOD News!

Hey Everybody!!!

Jerry came over to me as I was finishing the dinner dishes and said, "Honey, would you mind if I go down to the pond to fish for awhile?"

He knows I can't leave Mom and go with him, so it was really sweet of him to ask me if he could go.

So Jerry is fishing, and Mom is in her bedroom brushing her teeth and changing into her pajamas.  She does that every night right after eating her bowl of ice cream.  It takes her a long time to do it, but I let her do it alone because it causes her brain to work.  After while, she will come down the hall with a bag of trash from the several little trash cans in her bed and bath.  She empties them every night!  Again, something to work her brain.

I received a very surprising phone call as I was fixing dinner tonight.  It was from the realtor trying to sell my Mom's double-wide mobile home and the land it is on.

I noticed it was her calling and thought, "Oh, no!  WHAT broke now?"

Actually, something WAS broken.  Water was leaking around the bottom of the toilet in the Master Bathroom.  Fortunately, the realtor knows EVERYBODY in that part of the country, and she called a plumber to come right out to fix it.  Haven't heard yet if he showed up and how much it will cost.  Hope it is minor.

But, that wasn't all.  She told me that a young couple had just made an offer on the place.  It was less than we were asking, but we expected that.  I was THRILLED!  That is a huge headache off my plate, and I am very thankful.

AND, the buyers are paying C A S H !   They have a very nice Grandpa.

My Mother is doing really good.  The Hospice company we are using has a doctor that comes to the house.  We had never seen her until yesterday.  It was quite entertaining.  Mom was in a fun mood.  She asked the doctor if she had gone to school.  The doctor assured her she had.  Jerry walked into the kitchen, and Mom said, "That is my son-in-law.  He deals drugs."  The doctor looked surprised at that bit of news.  Thank God I was right there to explain that Jerry is a Pharmacist!

I asked Mom later if she liked the lady doctor who came.  She said she would PREFER a man!

I sew every chance I get.  I've made six new tops recently.  You have seen the patterns before.  Haven't started a new quilt yet because I need a background fabric.  I love the Edyta Sitar batiks, but they are as RARE as Hen's teeth!
I'm, obviously, not the only one that loves her style.  I was finally able to find a few yards of her winter white on Ebay.

My stomach is starting to look a lot like that chicken's!  I'm headed upstairs to get on the Elliptical and trampoline.

Have a great holiday weekend my friends!

Hugs, Joy


  1. I'd like to see and hear more about your 6 new tops! I love to sew. Happy to hear your Mom is doing well + the mobile home may have new owners! :)

  2. Oh that is terrific news! Hope it all works out for the new buyers and the leak by the toilet isn't a major issue.

  3. Love your tops.
    Glad there are buyers for your mums house. That will be one less thing to worry about

  4. Dear Joy.

    So happy to hear that your mother's house will be one thing less to worry over. That is wonderful news!

    Your new "TOPS" are great. Love those knits... ITY's have become a major part of my wardrobe over the past year. Also love the combination of bamboo and spandex. Love almost all knits.

    Have been making a Peggy Sagers leggings pattern which I have adapted quite a bit also her yoga pant which I now cut into a much more narrow leg and added a few inches in length to the waist.
    Suggestion: Try a wild knit top and pants to match. I made several sets. A wild animal print and another of south seas palms and "gaudy" flowers are two of my favs..... I use her sweater set pattern and a few others to do my tops...and like you have added length and flair in the appropriate places. Just love wearing them and feel like I am "put together" Clothing can be such fun.

    You may want to check out the stretch velvets for next (winter....brrrrrrr) Made a emerald green set for a New Years lunch (2017) and it was perfect with a jade pendant. Lots of complements and the fun is that they can not be bought in any shops.
    Outfits are a one of!
    A few of my friends that said they would NEVER wear leggings are now converts. We are all past 70 (wont say how many years it has been since I reached that age though) is only a number. And now I am rambling.

    Am just so happy to see your interest continue in sewing. Such a great outlet to let our inner selves soar. Part of that alone time while we design, sew and produce our "one of creations" is quite uplifting. You have also added a few more elements to your creative muses by doing the blog and videos. You are a lovely role model to others and inspiration to reach for more; a breath of fresh air.

    As always, Joy.....I wish you peace of mind, spirit and continued strength.


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