Thursday, November 9, 2017

Quilt Festival and Sleepless Nights

I seem to be making MORE videos and LESS blog posts these days.

Hope you all know about my VLOGs on Facebook.  It is where I hang out when I'm not here at Blogger.

Here is my latest VLOG, just done yesterday, 11-8-17:

And while I was looking at all the comments regarding my major lack of sleep, I noticed a new video from the Houston Quilt Festival. 

It is loooooooooong, but very fun to watch if you are a quilter.

Here it is:

And for those of you who may have watched my previous VLOG about "the lady" from Missouri Quilt Company, THERE SHE IS standing next to Angela Walters.  Her name is Jenny Doan.  These two ladies are naturals in front of a camera, and I enjoy them both very much.

And here is the "previous" VLOG I referred to:

My new baby, Luke, still has not made an appearance.  I'm beginning to think he will show up on Thanksgiving Day because his Daddy was born on July 4th.  Whatever day God decides will be the perfect time!

Pastor Leon is due any moment to visit my Mother.  I think I hear him now.  I need to run downstairs to say "hi".

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy been seeing your videos, saying you cant sleep, you need magnesium!! its good for your heart palpitations as well, load up on it, if it has you running to the bathroom back up the amount taken until you find the right dose, its great for peaceful sleep.... hope this helps�� the one I use is called Calm, its a powder form, drink this at night but i might warn you it taste a little like chalk but so worth it ��

    With Christ love,
    Mary Flynn

  2. Hi Joy, I love your trees and enthusiasm. I was born May 25th 1950, I think you said you were 67, if so, let me tell you that it happens when you get to a certain age you start having sleep problems. I can tell you a lot if I could, but no, i better tell you about my frustration with sewing. I purchased the Sure Fit Desing and I can't understand it. I have I don't know how many Craftsy classes about pattern making and still can't figure out a pattern. Very frustrated. So I love to see how you can sew your beautiful bouses. Ok, enough now. Waiting for Luke now.

  3. Bio identical hormone replacement will help with the sleeplessness. You will have to find a doc who does the compounded Rx based on results of your blood tests. Probably your regular gyn doesn't do it. I am 70 + and have been doing this for about three years. Great results.
    Also have you had allergy tests? I did that several years ago. Got the correct serum for my allergies. I give myself shots once a week. Changed my life!!!!!


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