Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Total Cuteness from Grandma's House

Hi everyone!

I thought I would make LOTS of videos and have plenty of time for blogging on my one week away from home vacation, but I have managed to stay busier than ever.  It is my great grandson's fault, actually, as I have been watching him every afternoon.

Of course, you want to see pictures, so let me upload a few....  (Please pardon strange lighting and shadows.)

His name is Luke, and he smiles a lot.

 Here is Luke helping Papa work just like his daddy used to do.

 Here he is being totally adorable while I try to snap selfies of us.

 And his Papa had him as much as I did.  You just can't not snuggle with this precious bundle!

Papa has him again.  Luke likes to sit up and watch the TV or the computer.  Papa, of course, had the Thunder on.  Luke seemed to like it.

And this is how I spend most of the time Luke is with us.

That is when I don't have to give him to his Papa. 

Luke seems to be thinking, "LADY!, Could you PLEEEEEZE quit hugging me all the time!  

So now you know why I have been missing.

I intended to show you how to make the notion holder, but then Luke came over.  Maybe I'll get a chance to do it tomorrow.

Don't hold your breath though.  Luke's Daddy may bring him back tomorrow and the next day, and this doll trumps notion holder every time.  (-:

This is a WONDERFUL vacation for Jerry and me, and we are in our home.

I better go in the other room and act interested in the Thunder basketball game now.

Hugs, Joy

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