Monday, February 26, 2018

Help Needed for Crumbs!, Puppy Update, Big Catch and Newest Pattern from Saf-T-Pockets

I am so excited to have half-square triangles of my crumb 10" squares!  I believe the Layer Cake was called "In The Navy" from MSQC.

NOW, I don't know the best way to arrange them.  They are basically only TWO colors, but you can do so many arrangements with them.

Tell me what you think, and what arrangement you like.  Love to see any other patterns you know about.

Here is Arrangement #1: (I didn't have many pieces yet.)

Following is Arrangement #2: (I think this is my favorite because of the stars it makes.)

Following is Arrangement #3: (I like this one but it doesn't have any stars.)

Some of you asked me to keep you posted on the puppies who were thrown out onto our land by some mean person.  We feel they must have been VERY mean because these puppies are terrified of people.  We are trying very hard to get them to come to us.

I put food out for them, and when we LEAVE, they rush to the food and gobble down every bit of it.  We put food into this bowl twice tonight.
I think they have been mothered by a deer because they act like deer.  Very timid and watchful and jumpy.  They won't be still long enough for me to snap a good picture.
My husband found where they have been living.  They crawl under that long piece of metal on top of the leaves.  This area is behind Jerry's barn, so we never saw them until they came up to the house looking for food.
And below is one of our three cats.  His name is boots -- for obvious reasons -- and he is our oldest and fattest cat.

He was hilarious watching us try to get the puppies to come to us.  He could see everything from his high perch there.  He and Barney (our second oldest cat) have not been happy ever since we brought Button home when he was a kitten.  He was a tossed out baby also, but he ran into our building in town to hide.  He was so tiny and so skinny.

Boots and Barney ignore Button and treat him like some kind of space alien; and now they see these puppies, and I think they are at their wit's end.  LOL! 

And THEN there is my husband!

A few nights ago when I first saw the puppies, I told him how cute they were and told him we had to take care of them.  He said, "NO WAY!!!!"  "LISTEN TO ME, JOY!"  "WE HAVE YOUR MOM -- OUR 3 CATS -- AND 3 STRAY CATS!"  "WE JUST CANNOT TAKE THESE DOGS IN!!!!"

Now that I'm old and I have lived with Jerry for 43 years, I know that he ALWAYS says "NO!" first.  Later, he always says "Yes".  So, I just waited. 

This morning when I went into the kitchen to make my breakfast, Jerry was trying to come up with a name for the dogs who still had not come near us.  Of course, I knew his heart was softening, but I didn't let on.  He said, "I think I'll name the black dog "Bart".  (A "B" name like the 3 cats.)

I told him the dogs were girls and he could not name one "Bart".  He agreed.

I suggested "Betty".  He said he didn't like that at all. 

I told him I wanted to name the light colored one "Sandy", but he said that didn't start with a "B".

So then I left and went to work.  I wasn't at work very long when Terry called and we decided to take advantage of the one sunshiny day this week and go do our grocery shopping.  While I was at Sam's buying groceries, I got a phone call from Jerry.

GUESS what he wanted????????????????????

He asked me to buy dog food and treats for the puppies.  He really is a big softy when it comes to puppies and kittens.

I don't know what will actually happen, but I will keep you posted.

We have named them Sandy and Sasha.  IF they ever come to us, we will take them to a Vet and later get them spayed.  We don't need any more unwanted puppies.  I told Jerry that our names didn't start with "B", so surely we could name these dogs something else.  He agreed.

And, HEY!

You gotta see what Jerry caught yesterday when he went fishing with a new friend who happens to be a Guide.  I was so happy for Jerry to get to go in someone else's boat and just enjoy fishing.  He put the fish back in the lake.
And one last thing!

My latest new pattern.  I hope to make it up real soon.  I will let you know all about it -- of course.
Here is my latest VLOG if you haven't seen it, and if you care to:
Be back soon -- I hope.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Animal Whimsy Quilt, Thanks for Mom's Mail and Happy Valentine's Day

This is the third quilt I've made for Luke and he is not three months old yet.

The boy is going to have to have a yard sale when he is a teenager to get rid of all the quilts his great granny made him!

It is a darling pattern called Animal Whimsy.  Here is a pic of it.
Amy Bradley Designs ABD258 Animal Whimsy Quilt Pattern

I quilted it simply with some animal sounds and some animal names.  Wish I had thought of it sooner so I could have planned it out better.  I got all confused when I couldn't figure out what sound a rabbit makes, and I wasn't sure what horses say either.  I thought it was "neigh" but that looked funny, and "nay" looked like "hay".

I should have made the rooster because I could have put "cock-a-doodle-doo", but what does the hen say?  Maybe "cluck-cluck" -- or isn't that the duck.  No, the duck says "quack". 

Or the pig.  I could have put "oink".

Or the donkey.  I could have put "hee haw".

Or the sheep.  I could have put "baa baa".

Does anyone know what a goat says?

Anyway, Luke isn't going to care, and I bet in a few years he will know what sound ALL those animals make, and he can teach it to his Great Granny Joy.  

But for now, here is the quilt I made for his portable crib.  It matches absolutely NOTHING in the room it is in, but I don't care.  I hope he drags it all over the place and wears it out.

Thank you all for your nice comments when you saw this quilt on my VLOG here:

I know other Bloggers and Vloggers feel the same way, because they say they do, about how much your kind comments brighten our days.  

And thank you again so very much for those of you who send my Mom mail.  She is always so excited that someone sent her something -- anything -- because it makes her feel remembered and cared about.  She is to the point she can't understand what is written or why the card came, but she is always happy that something came to her in the mail, and we always make sure she reads the cards, or we read them to her.

My new baby Luke will arrive here on Friday.  He already thinks his Great Grandma's face is a pink rectangle with a hole at the top.  His Daddy just got used to it, and he and his siblings always posed and smiled and said, "I love my Grandma!" on command.  (Instead of "cheese".)  They were the light of my life when they were growing up.

Jerry and I did Valentine's today.

We had to go to Best Buy to buy a new monitor for one of our employees.  While there, I wandered around a little and something caught my eye.  Fortunately, I could use Valentine's Day for an excuse, and Jerry was his usual generous, sweet self, and told me I could have it. 

I took a pic for you:

It is a lap desk that has a mouse pad and a place for my phone.  I had to get a wireless mouse to go with it, of course.  I am really enjoying it right now as Jerry lays beside me watching the Thunder play.

After that, we went to Red Lobster where I had a $32 lobster dinner.  I told Jerry it was too expensive, and he said, "Get what you want!"  So I did.  Jerry had a $30 dinner with crab legs.  So very good!  Then we bought groceries until we were both worn out.  It is always so good to be back home.

Be back soon my friends.  God bless you and your valentine.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Night and Almost Finished Quilt

Hi everyone!

We are back in our Kingston home after a week at our Edmond home.  It is SO GOOD to be back home.  This is our REAL home.  The other home is just because we have a business in Edmond and we got sick of staying in a hotel when we were there.

Only thing is, I really miss my sweet great grandson, Luke.

I have something to show you!

I spent most of yesterday and today on this, and it still needs a binding, BUT I want to show it to you anyway.

It is loosely hanging from the bar, so it isn't flat.  You can see how nice it turned out though. 

This quilt design is called Lucy's E2E (Edge to Edge) from My Creative Stitches.  I paid $5 for it!  WELL worth it.  I really like it.

It is a Queen size quilt.  It was a kit I purchased from Craftsy called Spring 2017 Quilt-Along Flower Basket Kit.  I believe they are all sold out of it now.

As is true with most quilts, it is WAY PRETTIER in person. 

I've got to square it up and put the binding on it.  Give me a few days.

Jerry is watching the Super Bowl (yuk).  I'd rather be quilting if I wasn't exhausted from finishing the baskets.  Gotta work at our store tomorrow, but I'll try to get back soon for a new video.

Have you seen this one:

I have made SIX of those now.  They are really wonderful.  Gave one to Phylly.  Made a tutorial for you, but it is such a mess, I couldn't get it edited to make sense.  Too much time in between clips.  Blame it on Luke.  (-: 

Besides, you can go to Youtube and watch Rhonda make it HERE

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy