Thursday, March 1, 2018

My Final Choice for the Crumbs and Sad Doggie Update

Hi everyone!

I have actually sewn two whole rows together of my final choice of patterns for my crumb quilt. 

Here is a picture of the quilt squares just stuck up on my flannel wall.

I really like it!  I was surprised that I lost about five inches across when I sewed the pieces together.

I'll show it to you again when I get it all sewn together with the borders. 

That will give me THREE quilts that need binding.  I hope I get a binding urge pretty soon.

Thanks for all your comments on the turquoise/brown bindings.  I think I may do a turquoise flange and brown binding.  That should be real pretty on the bed.

And about the doggies:  Sandy and Sasha

Remember the tossed-out puppies that came into our garage?

I brought home the 20 pound bag of puppy food and a large bag of treats.  We fed the puppies twice as you can see in the picture above, and we left the treats for them.  They never would come near us.

Well, the next two days it rained over two inches.  I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but both puppies have not been seen since I snapped the picture.  We have looked and looked and called and called.

Jerry goes out several times a day to look in their hiding place.

We pray that someone else has taken them in, but....  We live in the dangerous woods and the coyotes have been active.  There are bob cats and owls and snakes and heaven-only-knows what else.  I sure hope they are okay somewhere.  We have plenty of food if they show up again.

Gotta get.  Time to check on Mom, and Jerry will be home from fishing soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I love the quilt and how you have it arranged. I admire you for taking care of your MOM. My mom was bed ridden for one and a half years before she passed away at home. Thank God I had my two sisters so we could take turns. It wore us out and we there were three of us.

  2. Hoping all is OK in your world, no utubes in weeks..... worried that something is going wrong ..praying that you and your family are ok


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