Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Choice Home Warranty -- DON'T USE THEM!

I am SO, SO mad that I was stupid enough to buy a home warranty from Choice Home Warranty.  If you have a plan with them, would you please let me know how it is working for you?

My friend Terry and another friend have plans with another company, and they told me how wonderful they were.

The first thing I should have done was to ask them WHICH company they used.

I don't know how I happened on Choice, but it was the WRONG CHOICE!  They don't pay for anything without a huge fight with several people -- all of who take forever to answer the phone.  They demand that the service tech calls them from your home, BUT they NEVER answer their phone when the techs are here.  The techs today sat on the patio and waited THIRTY minutes for a person to answer the phone.  I had a tech just hang up and leave a few days ago because he could not wait any longer.

The last time I needed repair -- which was on my dryer -- we waited for over 30 minutes to get a recording saying they were too busy and to call them back the next day.

I suppose I should have had the service guy just spend the night!

I just gave up on that claim and paid the guy.  Actually, I have to pay all the repairmen, and wait 30 days to get my money -- IF there is any -- from Choice.

They NEVER have a repair company in our area.  I wait days for them to finally tell me to just get my own person.  Then, when I do, I can't get them on the phone to talk to my repair person.  Then, Choice totally denies my claim because the tech didn't stay and wait indefinitely to get PERMISSION to fix the broken whatever.  In this case, it is an air conditioner.

I paid thousands of dollars for this shocking disregard for our service needs.  It should be illegal!  Just want to warn all my friends out there in internet land to never use Choice Home Warranty.  They are "choice" alright -- a BAD one!

Big news coming soon!  Stay tuned.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy, This is Rosemarie from Massachusetts. The A.G. in MA has had a website for years; there is an online complaint form that can be completed online or printed if a complaint needs supporting documentation attached. I've used this a couple of times and actually received compensation as a result of one complaint. Utilities are out of the A.G.'s domain in MA, but your issue sounds more like a private company that is acting like a bleeping crook! Anyway, it might be worth the time to check into this. Good luck!

  2. Joy, where are you? I am missing your posts and YouTube videos! Saying a prayer for you and hoping you and hubby are doing well.

  3. hi joy!

    have you considered contacting your state attorney general? there should be a way to get your money back for services not provided... even if your fee is a pro-rated refund?... or at least the AG can maybe put this company 'on notice' that they are being monitored for additional complaints. i never had good results with the better business bureau so not going to recommend them.

    i love your blog and vlogs. you are genuine and direct. people tend to have thin skin these days and are easily offended. if more people spoke up and encouraged biblical ways, society would't be the mess it is today.

    also, want to wish you an early happy birthday! i am also an august birthday kid, only at the end of the month.

    one last thing, do you remember where you got your quilt wall frame? i have been looking for one and can't seem to find one that you don't attach to the wall.


  4. Happy Birthday Joy! Hope you are having a wonderful day :)


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