Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Happy Birthday and Update

Hello Everyone!

I have not been blogging much because it is more fun to just make videos.  My daughter, Tammy, has made a great blog post about my 68th birthday.

If you will click on the link below, you can read all about it and see lots of pictures.  The #8 on my cake fell over just as Tammy snapped the picture.

Tammy's camera takes such clear pictures.  If it didn't take HOURS to go get a new phone, I would go get one like hers.  Last time I went to the phone place the girl told me she would have to upload my phone to the cloud ALL NIGHT.  How crazy.  Isn't your stuff already on the cloud?

I had my second eye done yesterday, 8-7-18, and I could see clearly by this morning.  My vision was 20/20 in my right eye and 20/25 in my left eye.  My left eye was done two weeks ago.  My vision is absolutely AMAZING!  I am awe-struck at the whole procedure and outcome.  It is shocking how horrible my vision was even with contacts in both eyes.  Right now, I have only distance lenses from the surgeries, and I can see what I am typing to you perfectly.  I went to my regular eye doctor today, and I think he is as surprised as I am.

If you watch my Youtube channel, you know we are selling our business, and I have been  house hunting in Edmond for a larger house.  Why?  Because I want to be close to my daughter and grand kids and great grand kids when I am older, and I sure don't want to be looking for a house then.

House hunting has come to a halt because nothing is right, and we don't want to build.  Been there, done that!  Not fun.

I am thinking now of redecorating the house we already own here.  I have never done anything to it because we were only supposed to live here two years.  We have been here TEN years!

Really, I want to wait until the sale of our business is finalized.  We should be signing papers August 23rd and receiving payment, but ....

We will see what actually happens.  So much is involved.

I have lots of sewing projects, and I will make some more videos as soon as time and my eyes permit.  I have to put eye drops in for another two weeks, and my right eye has a fresh wound.

I can't bend over or lift stuff.  That limits one.
For now, I am going to watch Youtube videos of sewing, quilting, cooking or whatever happens to pop up that looks interesting.  Old Johnny Carson videos are fun, and I like Dolly Parton.  I LOVE Andre' Rieu, but I've watched his videos so many times, I know them by heart.  Margaret gave me another one of his DVD's for my birthday.  He is the nicest man and so majorly gifted.

If you don't know him, click the link below.  He has many Youtube videos, but this is one of my favorites.  I LOVE to waltz -- or try to -- and love this kind of music.  As you will see, so do thousands of others.  Margaret is going to a live concert in September in Chicago!  She invited me, but I can't leave our business and Jerry to go with her.  She gave me a DVD of  the Maastricht concert last Christmas, and I was immediately hooked!  I've played it a dozen times.

I better stop before I put you all to sleep.  Check out my Youtube videos if you don't see me here.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy,
    I just found you on youtube and was hooked; now I found out you are selling your business... Sigh. No more quilting videos? I don't know much about you or your business, as I just found you, so maybe it's a separate business from your quilting? Well, I will watch more videos and read your blog to catch up on you and your life. Maybe I will be happily surprised that you will not be disappearing any time soon... Happy Birthday too!

  2. Beautiful pics, the family is beautiful! Happy Birthday friend!💕

  3. Hi Joy
    Happy Belated Birthday! Joy! You sure live up to your name.

    I have been following you for a while. Look foward to your new creations. Good luck on your new journey.
    Two things we have in common sewing for myself, and disinterested sisters
    Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend


  4. I love your site. I hate knitting. I made 2 pairs of mittens for my 2 older boys when they were young and hated every stitch. My mother-law was quite the knitter. The cake looks delicious. I get coconut cream pie on birthday only otherwise no sugar for me for health reasons �� I read my favorite blogs once a week (usually) and noticed haven’t seen updates on your for awhile.

  5. Happy Birthday, Joy! I know that your future holds love, faith, and lots of craft work. I've had cataract surgery, too, and that was a most pleasant experience. I know that the good Lord will tell you what to do housewise...and you will be happy with the decision. I truly enjoy your vlog and blog - you are an inspiration!

  6. We are selling our home next year but we are getting a smaller home. Looking for a 2 bedroom with a 4 season room for my sewing and hubbys airplane building. We don’t have a big one now (1800 sq feet) and don’t need that much space. We plan on getting a bigger camper with room my sewing stuff and travel around the country to see kids and grandkids.

  7. Hi sorry Jerry gave you such a bad time today,husbands get wound up in work and we just get in the way.I like your plans for your sewing room it will look beautiful.I wish I lived closer I love to paint and would enjoy the company too.I have no one to talk to except James and he cant remember words most days I have a daughter that lives with us but she never has time for me,you know how that is.I will stop I know you have lots of e-mails to read that are more interesting than mine.Take care Karen-Lee

  8. Joy, You are still such a delight. Today I saw an Ad for this shirt on Facebook and discovered it's available on a mug. If I had your address, I'd send you the coffee mug. I tried to paste the picture here, but couldn't. The shirt/mug has a cross and the caption: All I need today is a little quilting and a whole lot of Jesus. The link is:

    You don't have to actually post this on your blog. I just wanted to share this with you, my Sister in Christ. Keep drinking your coffee while you VLOG. I love to see you enjoy it, as I can't drink it any more. Blessings,

    1. Thank you Teresa! I looked at it, but I'm not going to buy it because it won't fit me. I may try to make my own embroidery design of it on my new Solaris! I do enjoy my morning half caff.
      Hugs, Joy


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