This post is for Rebecca.  She has learned how to make a pattern to fit her body, but she isn't sure how you put all the parts together.  Since I have been sewing for over 40 years -- often referred to as one thousand years in my videos -- I have learned how to sew very efficiently.  I can cut out and make a blouse easily in one day.  The trick is finding a "day" to do it!

Following are lots of videos from the start of a project to the end.  Date:  February, 2012.

Laying out the pattern:


Cutting out squares or rectangles:  


Marking darts.


Okay, Rebecca.  I knew this was going to fit pretty well, so I went ahead and put the side zipper in.  So, the darts are in, the shoulder seams are sewn, the side seams are sewn and the zipper is in.  That is all I have done.  Reminder:  This is Sure-Fit Designs with the bow and collar from New Look 6808 added to it.

I have finished this blouse, and I LOVE IT.  There is a separate tutorial on "Sleeves" if you would like to see how I gather the ease and insert them into the blouse.  There is a video showing how I used a KNIT strip to finish the neck edge with the collar on it.  Never done it before, but I will surely do it again.  Very nice!  Here is a link to that video if you are interested:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAQq7Ho-XAg

Here is a picture of the finished blouse and the DARLING bow.  Reminder:  This is a Sure-Fit Designs pattern adapted from New Look 6808.


  1. This is an adorable blouse and it looks fantastic on you. I have spent most of the day lurking on your blog. You make me laugh and learn at the same time.

    Could you do a blog on your cutting table. It appears to be just perfect for cutting out and marking.

    Thanks Joy for being a blessing to us all!


  2. I am sitting in bed with my little iPad, strolling through your projects, making notes of all the plans you are firing me with. Love it, and love you. Wish you weren't these many thousand of miles away ...I am in UK. I have been a sewer since school days, made lots of wedding dresses etc. My youngest granddaughter Kiera aged 10 asked me to teach her how to sew, so here I am full of fresh va-va-voom searching round the Internet and there I found your inspiring blog. I feel blessed I found you, The Lord must have guided me.

  3. I look forward to your news letters and find them so interesting and funny. I love your tutorials. Thanks so much.

  4. Can you tell us what the black knitted fabric is you used for the neck to face it and why you used that?

  5. Miss Joy,
    I love your videos. I have been binge watching them. I just love how your personality comes out in your videos. You are so real, so authentic, Judy a “joy” to watch. I just wish you lived closer so I could have you teach me how to sew better. Love you. May God bless you every day. Shari/Minnesota


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