I probably should call this a "kewl tool", but will put it here for now.  For the lady that asked, I refilmed myself demoing Microfiber Cloths, which I call Magic Rags.  The first video has been removed from You Tube and replaced with the ones below.

First, let me show you what these cloths actually look like in the Dollar General Stores.  Well, they USED to look like this.  Last time I went into a DG, they were displayed a completely different way, and instead of 3 for $3.00, they were 4 for $3.00.  I thought that was great UNTIL I got home and used them.  They are not as good as the ones in the following picture.  But if you can't find those, then these will have to do.  Sam's sells MF Cloths and Walmart sells them, and probably every other store, BUT there is a difference in quality and size.  These are the perfect size for house cleaning tasks, I think.

NOTICE:  One set is called "Auto Cloths" and the others are "Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths".  In this case, they are exactly the same thing -- just different colors.  These are my VERY FAVORITE kind!

Here are the videos.  There are two because I had to move the tripod half way through.  I don't think I showed myself cleaning the baseboards in these videos, but rest assured, they are FABULOUS for cleaning baseboards.  Also bathroom tubs, sinks, showers and doors, closet fixtures, TV screens, ovens, microwaves, washers and dryer surfaces, cabinets, wallpaper, countertops, tables - both glass and wood, light fixtures, lampshades, knick-knacks, EVERYTHING really.   Oh!  Outdoors too:  The grill, the patio furniture, the tables, the windows -- and the garage -- and the cars, great for the dashboard and the gauges and the doors.  Now you know why I have a mountain of them!

Important:  For real dirty places, use a warm WET cloth, and then wipe with one from the dryer or a dry one.  Like my bathroom countertops when they get covered with hairspray and my hair.  I use lots of hot water -- wipe, rinse, wring; wipe, rinse, wring; wipe, rinse, wring -- and then wipe dry with a dry cloth or dryer cloth.  I may have six to ten rags on the floor after cleaning my bathroom!  Also, remember:  No cleaning products are used with them -- although you could use them if you want to.  But why pay for them if you don't need them?

As I said in my video, the only thing I don't clean with them are the toilets.  I like disposable papertowels for that for obvious reasons.



If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment. 


  1. Joy, I agree that micro fiber cloths are the best and I also love cleaning without chemicals. I actually am chemical sensitive so all the better for me. I did just want to tell you that I do still use one thing to clean the bathroom countertops that are covered with hairspray....rubbing alcohol. Straight from the bottle on a rag or cotton square...wet the surface and let it sit for a couple of mins while you wipe down something else. No rubbing or scrubbing, the alcohol does the job easily to remove the hairspray and you just come back and wipe it with a damp micro fiber cloth to remove the alcohol. It is the bast thing I have found for hairspray.

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