Donna asked me to describe how I finished the neckline of the v-neck tops I have made recently.  Since I did do them differently than I have ever done before, I was glad I documented it so I could remember it myself.

Here are the tops:

These are both from the exact same Sure-fit Designs pattern made from the Dress Kit.  I moved down 2 dots, and I used the knit sleeve.

ALSO, I did a Peggy Sagers correction on the sleeve to put more ease in the back and less in the front for a forward shoulder. 

You can see that on her free webcasts at Silhouettepatterns.com.  (No Affiliation)

Here are two videos where I show you THREE GREAT PRODUCTS to make this process super easy.

Here are the steps in pictures:

I used the Lite Steam-A-Seam 2, 1/2" wide, to hem the sleeves and the blouse bottom.  No machine stitching.  If you steam the SAS enough, it will hold forever.  I LOVE the stuff!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Thank you so much for taking time to post this technique, Joy. You are so much fun!

  2. Joy,
    I happened onto your post through Sure Fit Designs. You are such a delight to watch, you truly are a joy! I've learned quite a few tidbits and lots about products that I had not tried before. Thanks so much for adding education and fun to sewing.

  3. Joy, what a great teacher you are. Please continue your sewing blogs and tutorials. I am learning so much and love the accent! BTW where do you get such lovely fabrics? Anna, Sydney, Australia


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