This tutorial is about a wonderful source of online classes for every craft there is.  Even gardening is included in the course offering.  Most classes are $60, but I have taken five classes so far and have gotten them all for 1/2 price.  Very reasonable.

Here's the video link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-_AmacAHxE

If you take a sewing class, there will be a pattern included that you can print out on your printer.  It will look like this:

If you watched my video, you know that all the pages didn't print out at first.  Be sure you have all the pages!

Then you just match up the numbers.  I love to play that game anyway:  Cutting - pasting - coloring - finding the same and different.  That was always my favorite part of school. 

Okay -- you get all your papers printed.  Then you put the pattern pieces together.  You need scissors and tape.  You end up with actual pattern pieces:

Pretty neat, huh?

The website is http://www.craftsy.com/.  Check it out!  Hope they appreciate my free advertisement here. (-:

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy,
    I read most of your comments about your dress form. I had a similar experience with Fabulous Fit. I ordered the plus size but they sent me two regular sized dress forms. I have tried several methods to get mine to be right but have succeeded yet.
    I have tried just about every method to make a dress form. I am working on a new idea now.
    It is such a shame to spend so much money on something and it doesn't work. Linda W. Dean

  2. Hi Joy...I enjoy your blogs. What type of store do you and your husband own? I know you talk about working :) Shirley


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