I am moving these videos here as a tutorial so they will be easier to find in the future should I continue doing this blog for the next ten years.  Oh, how I wish that as a beginner sewer -- which I seemed to be for 40 years -- I could have watched videos like this.  A picture is worth ten million words to me.  I am a very visual learner.

I actually learned how to cut hair that way.  When I was a little girl and had to go with my Mom to the Beauty Shop and sit in a chair the whole time she was having her hair done, I would STUDY what the girls were doing to each of their customer's heads of hair.  I watched them the whole time, and I did this for years.  I started cutting my own hair a bit when I was 11 years old.  I even cut my friend's Mom's hair.  I can't believe she trusted me.  Not only did she trust me, she loved it.  She was in a wheelchair, so it was hard for her to go.  I started cutting my Dad's hair when I was a teenager.  I have cut my own hair and Jerry's hair for 37 years.  POINT BEING, some people are VISUAL learners.

This video shows how to GATHER the sleeve head:


This video shows how to put the sleeve into the garment:


Hope these help.

Hugs, Joy


  1. AMAZING JOY ! I am your latest admirer.
    I am 20 year old living in Sydney Australia, this blog is my new favourite. I hope to be a good enough student to be able to make one of these projects and more !!
    Thank you so much for the easy to follow tutorials,
    Love Angie

  2. Hi Joy! Thanks for the tutorials and your beautiful attitude. I am learning to set in sleeves correctly by watching you and giggling to myself like an idiot. You are the first Joy I have ever observed who is true to their name. And believe me you are a Joy to observe. Thanks again!!

  3. Hi Joy! With summer coming, could you make a Sure Fit Design Tank top Tutorial? When I buy her pattern, is it worth the DVDs, or am I able to follow her on her video's on YouTube? I'm excited to sew my first clothing article. Thank you for your great tutorials!! 💜


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