Thursday, April 17, 2014

The AMAZING Jackie

Not much to talk about this evening.  My day consisted of vacuuming carpets -- going to meet Phylly for lunch at Abuelo's for the yukkiest enchilada I've ever had -- coming back home and shampooing carpets.

Jackie -- my dog -- was so good.  You wouldn't believe it!

I have kept a blanket on the floor in the middle of the den where we watch TV in the evenings ever since the first day she came to us.  All of her toys are on that blanket, and she actually keeps them there.  I knew I was going to shampoo the carpet, and I needed to keep her OFF OF IT until it dried again.  I pulled her blanket with toys on top into the kitchen and put it on the tile floor.

Jackie has stayed on the blanket -- in the kitchen -- with her toys the entire afternoon.  She hasn't gotten on the wet -- now dry -- carpet even one time.  When she comes in from outside, she goes to her blanket or to her food.

AMAZING!  She is such a good doggy.

I have her scheduled for a baby-maker removal next Tuesday.  For some reason, I thought she was only four months old.

When I told the girl at the Vet's her birth date was October 14th, she said, "That would make her SIX months old!"

Scary to think I do the bookkeeping for our stores!

And NO WONDER Jackie is as big as a horse!

And NO WONDER the girl at Petco looked at me funny when I said, "My puppy needs a haircut."  Surely, she isn't full-grown at six months old though.

That means she will get EVEN BIGGER!

 I should be able to put a saddle on her and ride her!


I JUST snapped this picture.

The cream colored carpet is what I washed today.  You can see Jackie's blue blanket behind the red couch on the kitchen tile.  Jackie is laying with her nose right NEXT TO the clean carpet even though I am sitting right here a few feet away.  She always stays by her toys, and she keeps them on that blanket.

So adorable!

I've decided to watch Photo Shop Tutorials on You Tube.  I figured there were tutorials on everything else known to man, and there surely should be some on PS.

Last night I found a really great tutorial from a guy that calls himself "Info Puppet".  There is a puppet that talks.  Really cute.  The only thing is, the puppet seems to really like nearly nude women for his tutorials.  I was thankful they did at least have bikinis on!  I'm headin' back there now to see what else I can learn.  Photo Shop is absolutely fantastic software, and I barely know what I'm doing with it.  However, I know a whole lot more than I did when I first bought it.  I really want to know more - more - more!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Frogs, Daisies, Videos and Jerry Update

I haven't updated the family on Jerry lately.  Actually, he has been doing so good, there wasn't much to talk about, but that was BEFORE this week.

This is the worst week he has had.  And the sad thing is, I'm not even with him.  I just talked to him, and he said he has been in bed all day.  In fact, I woke him up at 6 PM.  Thank God he has had his last chemo treatment.  This one is definitely the roughest, and I suppose it is to be expected.  He is weak and all of his bones ache.  He says he hurts all over.  I told him he was probably glad to be animal-free and wife-free.  He said it was nice to be free of pets, but not of me.  (-:  I feel so bad that I'm not there with him to AT LEAST cook his meals and see that he drinks enough water.

And, you ask, WHY aren't you with him???  Because he INSISTED that he go home (we have two homes 150 miles apart) with his truck full of tools and lawn equipment from moving out of his mother's house in Kingfisher.  There wasn't room in the truck for me or the pets.  Even the front seat was full.  He was feeling good THAT DAY, but things have sure changed.  We close on his mother's house May 1, so he has to be back here with me by then.

And since I am at this house all alone, I have been sewing play clothes for Summer.  You remember the color-blocked blouse from a few days ago, right?  Wellllllllll, I decided I hate all of them.  I just don't like color-blocking like that.  Even the dress that Princess Kate is wearing today looks as though the maker ran out of fabric and patched it with a piece of white fabric.

SOOOOOOOOOO, I decided to use my SFD Dress Kit pattern for a blouse with a bell-shaped sleeve with godet inset.

I made you a video -- and You Tube picked the loveliest expression on my face for the intro!!!  I chose a different image, but it isn't much better.  Don't know what one you will see here.

Here are a few stills if you'd like to skip the video:

And here is the MUSLIN of this outfit that turned out cute too.

Another video another LOVELY face photo chosen by You Tube!

And some stills if you don't care to watch Jackie trying to get in the picture.  I really need to sew something for her to model!

Here are some close-ups of the applique.

I used the fabric I made the pants with to make the daisies.  The green stems are from a green knit fabric.  No raveling.  No satin-stitching!

And HERE is a very good example of WHY I SEW!

This white knit tee is RTW.  You can see in the picture on the left that the shirt hikes up in the front.

Notice in the picture on the right where I am pinching in a bust dart, that the front of the shirt becomes even with the sides.

AND one last thing.

I made a video for my friend who asked HOW I made the pictures of the blouse I was going to make and filled it in with the fabric I was going to use.  A reader left a comment that there is another way to do the same thing.  If I learn it, I will tell it to you.

That is it for today.

Pray with me that my sweet husband recovers quickly to his gorgeous former self.  I can only remember 2 or 3 days in all our married years that he has been sick with a cold or the flu.  This has been hard for him, HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, both of us thank God every minute of every day that the CANCER IS GONE and he will live.

As I said, he is gone from this house, and I have been doing laundry and cleaning up.  As I picked up his shoes next to the bed, I said, "THANK YOU GOD that my husband's shoes are on the floor!"  As I picked his socks up off the floor, I said, "THANK YOU GOD that my husband's socks are on the floor!"  As I removed his jeans from the dryer -- folded them and hung them on hangers -- I said, "THANK YOU GOD that my husband's jeans were dirty and I had the privilege of washing them!"

I must confess.  I used to holler at him and say, "WHY can't you put your shoes in the closet and your socks in the dirty clothes!!!?  Now I look at them, and I almost cry because I'm so happy they are there.  What a difference almost losing the man you love makes in the way you see things.

The sick days will pass, and we will have years to celebrate!

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guess What One I Made???

NONE of them!

I decided I just don't like color blocking -- at least, like those pictures.

I remembered an SFD blouse I made, and I used it instead.

I will put the outfit on tomorrow and take pictures.

Hopefully, I won't decide it looks like pajamas.

I spent way too much time on the blouse to wear it to bed!

Margaret and I went to dinner tonight at Applebee's.

Her eye that got walloped by an umbrella is looking much better.  She told me she didn't like any of the color-blocked blouses.  She said it looked like I ran out of fabric.  I'm so glad I changed directions on that project.

I'll show you tomorrow.

ANDDDDDDDDDDDD,  I have another question, my friends:

WHY didn't someone tell me that dogs -- like children -- get hyperactive and uncontrollable when they stay up past their bedtime???????????

Jackie is usually sound asleep in her "bed" -- which is currently the Laundry Room with a gate at the doorway -- by 8:00.  When I got home from dinner with Margaret, and Jackie had been in her "bed" while we were out, I ASSUMED she had taken a nap.

She was fine, at first.  She wanted outside -- then inside -- then outside -- then inside -- then outside.

Finally, I just left her out there for about 30 minutes.  It got dark, and I let her in.

She was MAJORLY hyperactive.  She could not be still for a second.  I reached for her, and she would bolt and run around and around the rooms of this house in circles.  She would fly by me going 100 miles an hour.  I would reach for her while hollering SIT - STAY - DOWN - STOP and she would just keep going -- around and around she ran -- kitchen to den to living room to hallway to kitchen -- over and over.

She looked like a black whirlwind going by.  I was a little scared.  I thought I might not be able to calm her down.  I was praying she didn't run into me.  She is big enough now to knock me over going that fast!

THEN I got the bright idea -- thankfully, before she destroyed the whole house -- to shake her box of treats and call her.  She came.  I still couldn't hold her, but she followed the treat into her bedroom and I put the gate up real quick.  She huffed and she puffed, and she ate her treat.  In less than a minute, she was out cold on the floor.  She's been asleep ever since.

BUT, I'm tired now.  I certainly am not going to run circles because I AM TIRED, so what is with the dog?!

Back tomorrow.  I'll show you my froggy blouse with crops, and a much calmer dog.

Hugs, Joy

Monday, April 14, 2014

Frog Problems and I Need Your Opinion, PLEASE

I had so much fun making these shorts/capris.  I don't like capri-length, and they aren't really short length, so I don't know WHAT they are.  I like them though.

This is a Simplicity pattern #2188.
Mine are about the same length as the ones on the pattern, so I guess they turned out the same.  The thing is, I SHORTENED mine by 2 inches.  Otherwise, they would be mid-calf on me.  Whatever!  I like them the way they turned out.

I will show you some pictures, BUT please keep in mind that I have been sitting in them most of the afternoon and evening, and my dog INSISTS on being in pictures.  WHY, OH WHY did I train her to pose for me???   She will be lying on the floor napping, and when she sees me get my camera, she immediately runs over to me.

LOOK!  I put my camera on the table and backed up for the camera to snap a pic in 10 seconds, and here came Jackie.

Here she is posing for me waiting for me to take her picture:

She is SO ADORABLE, and you can't tell by the pics, I know.  She OOZES sweetness!

Here are the shorts that I made -- which you have already seen above -- but here they are without a dog attached:

So, now, for the problem I need your opinion on.

I want to make a blouse to go with my new shorts.  Color-Blocking is all the rage now, and I really don't care for 99.9% of it, but I thought I would try to color block a top to go with the shorts.  I doubt I will ever wear the outfit anywhere but at home, but I want to experiment.  Maybe I will buy some more NON-Juvenile fabric and make this again.

I am going to make Silhouette's Sonya blouse again because it has lots of areas for color-blocking.  My problem is I can't make up my mind WHERE I want the frogs and WHERE I want the pink.  I don't want it to appear -- IF anyone was to ever see me in this -- that I am on my way to a Bowling Alley.

I scanned the line drawing of the blouse.
I then scanned both fabrics and plugged them into the blouse.

KEWL, huh???

WHICH version do you like the best, and you can't say "NONE, Lady, you need to grow up and quit wearing frogs when you are 63 years old!!!"

So what do you think????

I'm not sure I like any of them, and I am now thinking about piping in the princess seams and the yoke.

My sister called to remind me that Dancing is on.  It is Disney night.  The darling girl with no legs is crying because her legs don't work right for the waltz.  THANK YOU GOD for my legs -- swollen ankles and all!!!!

Hugs, Joy

Friday, April 11, 2014

Good Friday Evening and Look What I Bought Today

Hello everyone.

Just finished T-Bone steaks for dinner.  Gave Jackie about 6 bites.  I SWEAR, I could make that dog do ANYTHING for a bite of steak.  I had her SIT.  Then I told her to STAY.  Then I walked about six steps away and placed a paper plate on the floor.  Then I took one bite of my finished steak -- never while we eat -- and I put it on the plate.

She ran over to me.

I quickly picked up the piece of meat so she couldn't get it.

She ran back to where she was and sat her butt down.  I told her to STAY again.

Then I put the piece of meat on the paper plate.  She just sat there waiting for me to say COME.  I didn't make her wait too long, but she did wait for my command.  Then she ran over to me and ate her prize.  Then I gave her another and another.

I wanted to give her the T-bone, but I was afraid it would splinter and get stuck in her throat.

Let me see, what else did I do today.

Oh, yes.

I met Phylly at Louie's restaurant where we could barely hear each other without screaming.  Whoever built that restaurant didn't want to waste money on acoustics, evidently.  It is such a nice place except for that.

After that, I went back to Pearle Vision for the THIRD time to get my new glasses.  I am wearing them now, and they keep slipping down my nose like it was a downhill slide.  I suppose I will have to go back for the FOURTH time tomorrow.  AARRGGHH!!!

Then I noticed that Hobby Lobby was across the street from Pearle Vision.

And then a thought jumped right into my mind:  "They carry fabric at Hobby Lobby!"

You won't believe what fabric I purchased.  I thought it was absolutely adorable for a pair of shorts or capris with a matching top.  I'm going to run and take a picture for you.  HOLD ON............


I really LOVE this, and I really am going to wear it.

And I purchased the pink below for the inside of the pockets and the trim on the shorts/capris and top.    And, of course, I ran back to the jewelry department and bought pretty green beads to match.

Hope to have it all done this weekend, but don't hold your breath.

I'm not at all "into frogs", but I love the colors in this, and we do have two ponds on our land.  I can be the Crazy Frog Lady of Stonebrook.  I've been called worse.


I just got an idea.  I could take that frog on the Lily Pad and digitize it.  Then I could embroider it onto the solid pink fabric and make a sleeveless top.

By jigs!  I'm going to do it!  Good thing I always bring my dongle.

WHAT is a dongle?  It is a little doohickey that I have to plug into the USB port on my computer so the computer REALIZES that I am not a software thief, and I really did pay thousands of dollars for the embroidery software that I need to digitize this frog.
Jackie, the wonder dog, is down for the night.  We enjoy her so much.  She has more toys than I bought for my grandchildren when they were little!  I spent $175 at Petco today for a grooming kit and the attachments to go with it.  I can see me chasing her all over the back yard trying to cut her hair.  That should be fun!

Time to go.

Enjoy your weekend.  Phylly is coming in the morning, and we are going to Hancock's for our ONE MILLIONTH fitting class!  We really will have to open our own school one day.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You Will NEVER Guess What I Did Yesterday!

You can probably guess that I met Phylly and Margaret at "The Heath Bar" (really The Olive Garden) for lunch.  Poor Margaret had a bright magenta and purple upper cheek from being clobbered by a falling umbrella.  OUCH!

Heath was our waiter, of course, and he was at the top of his game.  I ordered something that wasn't even on the menu, and Heath went in the kitchen and MADE IT HIMSELF so I could have it.  It was awesome too.  I told him it was the best meal I had in my whole life -- and it was.  Shrimp-covered Talapia with breadcrumbs mixed with some deliciousness, fresh asparagus buttered and cooked just right and angel hair pasta with a light buttery-lemon sauce.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEE!

Phylly ate a weird sandwich with gigantic meatballs in it.  I have never liked meatballs, so I wasn't impressed.  Margaret didn't even order a meal, so I shared mine with her.  She agreed it was very good.

When I came home, I told Jerry about Heath, my favorite waiter in the world.

Not the first time he's heard it, of course.

He just rolled his eyes as he always does when I tell him my waiter stories.

Remember the story about the waiter that actually FED ME my very first crab legs because I didn't know what to do with them.  I'm surprised Jerry didn't crawl under the table.  We were very young then -- compared to now anyway!

So, that wasn't anything new or different.  BUT, the day wasn't over.

I came back home, and I started to get into our work computers to fill out the Worker's Compensation report that has to be turned in every month.  No sooner did I get on the server, my daughter, Tammy, called me.  She asked what I was doing and said she wanted to go to a yarn store.  I said, "Come get me, and I'll go with you."  I have been crocheting lately, so I figured I could find SOMETHING to buy at a yarn store.

She picked me up and off we went.  We arrived at a cute little store in the elbow of a shopping strip, and we went in.  Tammy buzzed around like a bumble bee showing me this and that and something else.  I was LOST, of course.  I asked if they had a pattern for a crocheted top I saw in a magazine.  NOPE, they didn't.  I asked if they had a pattern LIKE it.  NOPE, they didn't.  They had mostly knitting patterns.

Then Tammy decided she was going to TEACH me how to knit.  I did not want to learn how to knit.  You know WHY?  Can you guess?

It is my genes -- and Tammy has the same ones.  They are those genes that make you buy every single item related to a hobby and find a place to store it somewhere in your already-full house.  I think I have THIRTEEN sewing machines right now, and I won't even try to guess how many miles of fabric I have.

Anyway, Tammy wanted to show me.  She asked for some knitting needles and some yarn.  She found a table for us to sit at, and the lessons began.

I was TERRIBLE.  I put the little loops on SOOOOOOO TIGHT that we couldn't get the other needle through them.

Tammy cracked up laughing and said she did the exact same thing, at first.

She pulled off all the too-tight loops, and I started again.

I tried to copy what she showed me, but the yarn was falling all over the place and my little circles on the needle were still attached as though I had put Super Glue under each one.

Tammy decided that I was evidently NOT going to be a Rocket Scientist of knitting, so she decided I should start with a potholder -- or was it a dish cloth.  Whatever it is, I managed to mess it up on the third row, and it is now awaiting my teacher's return.

This was really fun and totally new to me.  It is a twirly whirly thing that turns your yarn into a little ball.

Phylly is almost here for lunch today.  I've got to run.  Check back soon, and I just MIGHT have a dish cloth to show you.

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lose 50 Pounds in ONE DAY!


I have proof right here!

These pictures were taken ONE DAY APART:

Isn't it AMAZING the difference a style can make on your body.

This is Pamela's Patterns Sleeveless Tee from #108, The Versitile Twin Set.

Pamela makes "PMS" patterns:  Post Menopause Style.  She doesn't call it that, but I think it's a great name.  All I had to do was my usual FBA, Sway Back and Round Back adjustments, and this fits absolutely P E R F E C T.  No gapping in the neck or the armholes.

Obviously, these are my very best colors: white, royal blue and black.  I have made two blouses with this, so far, and I may make something else.  The fabric is from Peggy Sagers, and she may be out of it.  I better check quick.

And how about these earring I JUST made to go with this blouse?

Back a few years ago when I was majorly into quilting, I used to watch all kinds of quilt videos -- like I watch all kinds of jewelry videos now -- and there was this one lady who ALWAYS had this little white dog in her pictures.  I thought it was so GOOFY for that little dog to be in all those pictures!

Now, here I am, doing the exact same thing.  Every time Jackie sees me get in front of the tripod, she immediately comes to my side.  It is TOTAL ADORABLENESS!!!

Gotta go.  Time for lunch.

Jerry -- who is feeling really good again -- PRAISE GOD! -- is at the boat storage getting our big white covered trailer so we can move out of his Mom's house on Tuesday.

The house is sold unless some unforeseen thing happens.  According to the realtor, the buyer has two weeks to back out for any reason such as they discover a sex pervert lives nearby.  So WHY have a contract and MONEY to hold it???  I bet WE can't back out!

Hasta La Vista!

Jackie and I have to go eat lunch.

Hugs, Joy