Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wadder Woes and Independence Day


I had the hardest time making this video for you due to allergies.  I talked to my daughter this morning, and she told me her allergies were so horrible yesterday (the 4th) that she went to bed at 9:00 last night even though they were celebrating her son's birthday.  This has been a really rough year for allergy issues.

I finally was able to make the video in bits and pieces.  If it seems strange in places, it is because it IS STRANGE in places, lol.

Beth asked to see even my wadders, and it just so happens the last two things I made both reside in the trash now.

Maybe I will have better luck tomorrow getting something assembled properly.

Margaret, my dear friend, Jerry and I will continue to pray for you.  Jerry says, "When we get back to Edmond, we are going to pray for Margaret in person!"  And for my other friends, Margaret was diagnosed with macular degeneration and is having to have painful shots right in her eyeball!  We are believing for a miracle and a good report real soon.  Still praying for my friend, Rhonda, too.  Our eyesight is so precious!

Be back real soon.  My oldest grandson is here, and I must stare at him constantly thanking God in the deepest heart of me that he is here and he is SO AWESOME!  He just killed a Copperhead snake in our front yard.

Hugs, Joy

Friday, July 3, 2015

This is for Beth

Hello Beth!

I just read a very long email from you.

I hit "reply" to send you a response, but your email flew off into outer space, and I cannot find it anywhere.
I have never had that happen before.

Yes, Phylly is fine.  We don't do things together anymore, however.  She is raising three of her grandkids, and she stays very busy with life.  She still works for our company in Oklahoma City, but I don't see her since I live near our other store which is 150 miles South of OKC.

I think you will have much better luck with the Sure-fit Designs fitting system.  Peggy's is very odd compared to other patterns.  I had great luck with her Yoga pants.  Her capri pants came out like clown pants, and I threw them in the trash.  The directions for one of her blouses was so WRONG, I could not figure it out.  Turns out the written instructions were wrong AND the illustration was wrong.  I emailed her over and over about it including pictures.  She finally admitted it was wrong.  She said to just FUDGE and make it work.  Being a perfectionist, that is NOT how I do things.  I tossed that one in the garbage.

Peggy has taught me a lot about sewing in general and how to take one style and turn it into another.  Her book is pretty good, but has dozens of errors in it.  I told her about them.  She agreed, but didn't think they were a big deal.  She never fixed any of them.  She certainly is not a perfectionist personality, but she has a lot of other wonderful talents.

Dinner is almost ready in the oven downstairs.  Gotta run!

Sorry your email ran off.  I was going to write down your phone number.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Could SCREAM and Another VLOG

Don't you HATE - HATE - HATE having to call about insurance?  I am going on Medicare effective 8-1-15, and I have had to make a dozen phone calls to change from regular insurance to "granny" insurance.

I started today at 2 PM by calling BCBS to ask them a VERY SIMPLE question.

"Did they receive my application for supplemental insurance?"

It is now 3:37 PM, and I JUST hung up from talking to the FIFTH person who I had to tell my name, my address, my phone, my email and my birth date to.  Over an hour and a half!!!  I just wanted them to add a prescription plan on to my insurance policy because my husband said I should have done that.  I had to listen to Anthony somebody who spoke poor English READ the ENTIRE contract to me over the phone.  I had to answer "Yes" every time he read something to me.

He would say, "Did you understand that?"

I would say, "No!"

He would say, "You need to say "Yes"!"

So I would say "Yes"!"

Over and over and over, he kept asking me questions.  I went downstairs.  I made a snack.  I let the dogs outside because they had to come inside until the exterminator's bug spray dried on the grass.  I ate my snack.  I turned on my laptop.  I checked my email.  All the while, Anthony kept "axing" me questions.

I do not know HOW an unhealthy or hard-of-hearing person would ever get through all of it.

I MAY or MAY NOT have a drug plan.  Anthony said if I didn't answer those questions right, I could get hauled off to prison -- or something just as sinister.  I have to pay some sort of penalty if I don't get a drug plan.  I don't take any prescription drugs at all and neither does Jerry.  WHAT A HASSLE!

I made another little video this morning to show you my latest project and to get your opinion on something.  Here it is:  (WARNING:  25 seconds of NOTHING at the beginning.  I have NO IDEA why!)

Since the exterminator man came today and walked right into my house without knocking or asking (HOW RUDE!), and then he sprayed my entire yard and all around the house, and then I was on the phone all that time, I didn't get one more stitch into that blouse.  It is still on Lucy.  I'm not in the mood to start on it now, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Think I'll go out and clean off my swings and douse them with OFF.

Did you notice the big red circle on my shoulder?  Something ate my arm last night while I was swinging.  I'm so glad the exterminator came today.

OH!  If you are interested, here is the link to Peggy's wonderful Culotte video:
(The beginning may be blank for a bit, and then she starts with questions.  Just move the slider over a bit 'til you see her start showing the culottes.)

I love Peggy, but I don't care much for her patterns.  I have so many fitting issues with them, and the directions have errors that she doesn't fix even if she knows about them.

I do NOT like the blouse she has on AT ALL!  Do you?  Looks like somebody's skirt blew off and flew across a parking lot and wrapped itself around half her body.  Weird!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's a VLOG Today

I made this little video this morning, but it has taken 8 hours to upload.  That is because I am back home at the sloooooooooooooooow internet house.

I realize I could upload it faster if I made it crumby quality, but I HATE watching blurry videos, and I assume my readers do too.

I intended to take some still pics, but I forgot because I had to go meet Jerry for lunch.  When I got home, I started a another project after changing into my play clothes.

Here's the little video:

It is 8 PM, and I need to go try on my latest creation.  Haven't decided if I love it or hate it.

I will certainly keep you posted on that though.

I want to make some little videos of our Zoo for a friend.  When she used to be my neighbor, she had dogs and chickens and cats and donkeys and horses and goats and whatever other kind of critter happened into their yard.  She even had a couple of Emus, but I think one kicked her husband or something.

I hated all the cat and dog hair that used to get all over me at her house when I would visit her.  I complained quite loudly, but she just laughed at me.  She told me, "QUIT wearing black when you come to my house!!!"  She would throw a sheet over a barstool and tell me to sit there.

She cannot believe that I now have 4 critters of my own.  I actually had to send her photo proof several months ago.  If I can even make a video, I'm going to TRY to show my critters' personalities.  Hard to do without help, but I don't have any.  If I gave Jerry my camera, he would probably let the dogs EAT IT!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Hello, Friends and a New Card

Well, Matthew Hagee preached another awesome sermon today about people living the TRUTH found in God's word.  Living it every day -- not just on Sunday -- as some do.

Then there are those that deny it even is the Word of God, and those that say they "interpret it differently".

In MY opinion...

Say out loud, "THIS IS JOY'S OPINION"!

In my opinion, most of the world doesn't live a Godly life on Sunday or any other day whether or not they profess to be Christians.  Am I referring to the Not-so-Supreme Court.  Yes, but more than that.  We must ALL wake up before a younger, liberalized, godless generation takes over, and there isn't a single shred of decency left to be found anywhere in America.

My soul cries out for God to change hearts and minds before it is too late.  It may already be.

I just heard ANOTHER story a few minutes ago about a household where an alcoholic, drug-addict granddaughter is ruling the roost of her 73-year old grandmother, and the grandmother is miserable and at a loss as to what to do.  She doesn't want anyone to think she is mean, so she won't make the woman leave her home.

HOW MANY TIMES have I heard stories like this????

You will never hear about that happening at my house, and my children and grandchildren will be first in line to tell you that is so.

And that is pretty much how Matthew feels about it too.  Let's not just SAY we love God.  Let's obey His word and live according to it.

I better listen to Joel Osteen real quick, huh???  I love the fact that he has 50,000 members.  Between his church, and Hagee's church with many thousands and our church; SURELY there is hope for a Godly army to arise and march against the evil flooding the hearts and minds of so many people who refuse to believe the truth.

"As in the days of Noah.....", the Bible says.

I will change to a happier note by backing up a few days.

We had SO MUCH FUN the other night.

It was Friday night, and we were at our Edmond home where there are lots of restaurants to choose from.  I asked Jerry if we could go out to eat our last night in a REAL town.  He said, "Sure".  Then he asked me if I would like to go to Red Lobster.

We had not been to Red Lobster in over 10 years.  We had vowed to NEVER, EVER, EVER go back there because the last few times we ate there, the food was bad and the service was bad and the place was dirty.  We figured it may have changed management in 10 years time, and maybe the new manager had fixed everything we didn't like.  Plus, we both love fish.

We left early.  We got there right after 5 PM, and we were the only ones inside the waiting area.  I walked over to the lobster tank to look at the live lobsters, and I decided they looked really sad, and I didn't want to eat one.  I looked up from the tank and noticed this "old guy" waving at me from inside the restaurant.  I looked at him, but I didn't have any idea who he was.  I turned to Jerry who had just joined me at the sad lobster tank, and I said, "Do you know who that old guy is waving at us?"

Jerry recognized him right away and said so.  I figured it was one of his wheelchair customers.  Then Jerry told me who it was, and I went into INSTANT JOYFUL JOY!

I RAN into the room next to the booth where Wes and Mary Lou were seated.  I plopped myself down in the seat next to Mary Lou, and I invited us to eat with them.  We had not seen them since they moved away from near our other house at Lake Texoma several years ago.  We had so much to catch up on.  They had recently visited some other friends we both shared who had moved to Colorado very long ago.

We talked and talked and laughed and laughed and talked and talked.  It was the LOVLIEST evening.  NOT ONLY THAT, I ordered crab legs hoping they would actually contain a few morsels of crab meat inside.  They were delivered in a covered container that kept them hot my entire meal.

They were the BEST crab legs I ever have had.

The girls on one side, and the guys on the other since we just plopped down next to them after they were already seated.

I had to show Mary Lou and Wes the EXCITING card I received in the mail that very day.  I dug and dug through my wallet before I found it.  They couldn't imagine WHAT CARD I could be so excited about.

THEN, I found it, and I showed it to them.

They weren't very excited at all.  They said they had had one for years!

This is a pic I had Jerry take right after I opened it.  He thought I was nuts, but he has learned to just snap the pic when I ask.  I don't get any money for another year, but I do have insurance which is no small thing these days.

That is all I know for now.

Terry came over yesterday and today and we caught up on all our talking.  Now that I just got back home after being gone several weeks, she is leaving for Florida to go to some race.  Her husband really loves races.  I don't think she is nearly as thrilled as he is.

Be back soon with another new blouse.

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL week ahead!  May only good things come your way.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brilliant Ending to Dress Form Saga

Hey everyone!


I had an adventure yesterday searching for SOMETHING to use to finish my Duck Tape manikin.

I was having some real issues holding Pinky up.

I tried lying her down on the bed.  She liked it there, but I sure couldn't put any clothes on her that way!

Just WATCH THIS short video, and you will understand.  (LAUGH WARNING!)

So you SEE, I HAD to do something.

So I went to Hobby Lobby, and I found the most PERFECT thing to use as a "pole" to thrust up Pinky's back.

Here is a picture of what I found.  I took it to text to Tammy so she could get one too.  She had decided to hang hers from the ceiling like a Pinata because she couldn't think of anything else to do.

Look at that nice neck!  I was really excited to have a neck so I could put my jewelry on it.

Here is a video I made to show you how I put it all together, and you can see my almost-finished new Vogue/Sure-fit Designs blouse.  Still have to hem the armholes and the bottom.

Here is a picture of what the floor looked like after I pulled all the stuffings out of Pinky to insert the new dress form.

It was a real fun job getting all of that BACK into the bag it came out of.  The stuff puffs up and grows when you aren't looking!

For some reason, I like to clean house on Sunday.  It is relaxing to me.  I've had the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the living room all week.  Time to turn it on!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dress Forms Continued

We have had SO MUCH RAIN!

I have needed to go buy groceries and other various items since I arrived here.  I decided to wait until it quit raining, but it has rained every day.  I decided I was going out this morning, rain or no rain.  Fortunately, it only dribbled a bit, and I didn't have any issues other than my clean car getting all dirty.

GUESS WHAT I want to do?

I want to make ANOTHER dress form.

Yes!  I feel like Tammy and I have really mastered the process, and I want another one.  I went to Walmart to buy some more tape today, and I had the HARDEST time making up my mind.

Just LOOK at this:

There were SO MANY COLORS.  There was a pretty, shiny GOLD that I loved, but it was only half as much in the package --  10 yards instead of 20.

There was Dark Purple and Violet and Yellow and Light Pink and Dark Pink and Silver and Red and Orange and Turquoise.  So many pretty ones.

First:  I chose Dark Purple.

Then I put it back and chose Violet.

Then I put it back and chose Pink Camouflage.

Then, I finally had a mature thought, and I decided I didn't want something that would clash with the garments I tried on it, so I chose the pretty Tan color that we made Tammy's out of.

So WHY do I want another one?

    #1.   I have two houses.

 #2.  I want it to be wrapped HIGHER so it has a neck, and I want it to be wrapped LOWER so it has hips and a butt.

Look at this gorgeous dress form!  See the NECK.  Very nice color too.

Here is another one with a neck and hips:

This one has a neck, hips, butt AND LEGS!  Am wondering what the poles are.  Looks like the inside core of wrapping paper maybe.

Here is a lady in pink with short legs on her dress form.  I don't need that though.  Maybe if I do #3, lol.

This one looks REALLY WEIRD!  The leg poles make here thighs poke out funny.  Maybe she was riding a horse when she was taped up.

And how NEAT is this one!!!  It looks like she was spray-painted with silver.  Love the pole.  Maybe a lamp used to be on top of it.  Garage sale purchase maybe.

Another pole idea.  I have no idea what it used to be.  Any ideas?

And here you go!

When all else fails, try PVC pipe and cement in a bucket.

Right now, Pinky LaRue is taking a nap on the guest bed.  I'm going to have to figure out SOME way to do a pole.

WHAT THE HECK IS THIS???????????????

Gotta get.  I'm trying to make a blouse, and all the cloudiness has put a damper on my wannagetitdone.

Hugs, Joy