Friday, October 13, 2017

Hard Day at the Not-So-OK Corral

Hello my friends.  Hope your Friday the 13th was a nice one.  Mine was very nice with a heavy blow in the middle and then a lovely surprise.

Kind of like a roller coaster ride.

I left Kingston about 10:15 this morning with my Mom.  Had to put some gas in my very low tank and then wash my extremely dirty car, and then head to our Edmond home.  It was a happy, fun, relaxing ride with Mom.  She does so very well 95% of the time.  She was so sweet today, I enjoyed being with her very much.

We stopped half way for lunch at Braum's.  She had her usual children-size chicken nuggets and a tiny pack of fries.  She loved it, and there were no complaints.

As I was standing at the drink counter, a nice younger lady was standing there waiting next to me.  For SOME STRANGE REASON I mentioned to her that I had ordered my 89-year old Mom a child's meal.  She responded that she knew exactly what I was talking about, because her Mom and Dad always ordered the kid's meal too.  Her Dad had dementia and just recently passed away.  I told her that was a blessing as long as he was ready to go.  She said that he was a Christian, and he was very ready to go.

Isn't it fun how two complete strangers will strike up a conversation and have something very much in common?

We left and had a very pleasant ride for the next hour.  We arrived at our home, and I ushered Mom into the house.  THAT is when things got a bit bumpy.

My Mom was quite confused and wanted to know where her room was and where her bathroom was and where her toothbrush was and where her fingernail file was -- and I handed her one -- and she said, "NO! Not that one!" -- and she wanted to know where her clothes were going to be and how she was going to find them and where were her slippers, and on and on and on ........

I was very patient with her because I have learned to be patient and loving because SHE CAN'T HELP IT.  After about an hour, she started to settle in, and she unpacked all of her things and put them away in her dresser and bathroom drawers.

I had asked for a family member to come help me this afternoon for a few hours so I could have some time to run and get some groceries for this house.  I was given a very pleasant reply of, "Sure, I have the ENTIRE day free."

Turned out, my request was taken as a major imposition.

That was the "heavy blow" part of the ride.

I received a very nasty message about how awful my Mom is, and that I should not expect anyone to show up here to help me with her -- and if they do, I should be grateful -- even if they can't come when they told me they would be here, and even if they don't tell me that.

It is the HARDEST thing for me to understand.  WHY can't people be CONSIDERATE of each other?  Especially, a family member.  A nice call or text explaining that something came up and they will be arriving at whatever time -- or not -- would have been so acceptable and understandable.  She texted she couldn't come when I needed her, but "soon".  "Soon" means different things to different people.  My husband's "soon" could be three days!  I was just trying to get something done before a 4:00 appointment, and I had very little time to do it. 

So my heart was hurt and I felt like a complete failure -- AGAIN! -- and I decided that it is just me and my Mom against the world.  Boo hoo hoo.  Pity party time. 


Don't you just LOVE the "BUT THEN's"!

I was in and out from the car to the kitchen and the bedrooms 50 times bringing things in from the car.  Every time I came in, my Mom had a question about something.  She doesn't mean to be a pest, but sometimes, she just is.  Her brain doesn't fire right these days, and her memory doesn't exist.  She can't help it, and I tell myself that a thousand times a day.

"Be PATIENT, Joy, be PATIENT!"  There, but for the grace of God, go I!

So on one of my many trips to put something away, I heard something at the front door.  I thought, "Oh, No!  I hope Mom hasn't gone outside!"

I went to the front door to see, and there was a box on the front porch from the mailman.  My new internet friend, Shari Marie, had asked for my mailing address, so I figured it must be from her.  I quickly opened the door and scooped up the box.

Shari Marie had mentioned to me a few days ago that she was PRACTICING making frosted cookies for some affair coming up.  I jokingly (sort of) mentioned that I LOVE frosted cookies, and she could send the rejects to me.

WELL, guess what????

She really did send them!

HOWEVER, they are FAR from being rejects.  They look like they are from a fancy bakery.  I took a picture so you can see. 

The flower is NOT BROKEN.  I had already started nibbling on it before I thought to snap a photo.

So, of course, being a really good friend, I texted Shari Marie that she should definitely keep practicing because these disappeared way too fast, and to keep sending the rejects. 

Shari Marie also sent something she made for my new baby, Luke, but I haven't opened it.  I want Lauren to see how it was sent.  I am sure it is darling, and I will show you soon what it is.

The only other time I have ever gotten cookies in the mail was when my friend, Jolene, sent them to me after a surgical procedure I had done.  It is the MOST marvelous gift.  I froze the ones Jolene sent and took one out of the freezer "as needed" for medicinal purposes only.

I'll be back soon with news about the new Home Care Assistance company I have hired here in Edmond.  They are sending a lady named Noella to sit with Mom next week while I am away at the B-Sew Inn classes.  She is 20 something and has worked for this company three years.  I hope we love her like we love Dorine in Kingston.  I told Dorine this morning that I wished she could just come up here with us.  She said, "Maybe someday."

Bedtime here.

Hugs, Joy 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Terry's Gorgeous Tie Dye Quilt and My Total Failure

Hello everyone!

I promised you pictures of Terry's pretty tie dye quilt in this VLOG:

Someone asked WHERE I got the aprons.  I got them on Amazon.  Just search aprons.  I love that they have pockets.  Terry said Wanda loved it.

Unfortunately, it is so very hard to show quilting definition in a photo.  I don't know why.  The light has to be JUST right.  Nothing like seeing it close up to see the true stitching.

Here is the front:

Here is the back.
The MOST amazing thing about this quilt is the tie dye itself.

I went over to Terry's the other day to try my SECOND ATTEMPT at the craft.

I did two small pieces.

They turned out SO UGLY, I can't stand to look at them.

Terry says she wants them.

She will probably cut them up to make the overall effect go away.

It needs to go SOMEwhere, lol!  I am giving up that adventure for good.  Even with Terry's help, I screwed it up.

So that is all I have time to talk to you about today.  I want to make another cute -- more babyish -- quilt for Luke.  Maybe some receiving blankets.  Not sure.  Need to hurry though.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Falling Leaves and Flailing Fish

Can you even BELIEVE that it is OCTOBER?!

My new great-grandbaby in November, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

WHY do I suddenly feel very behind???

Just in case you haven't already seen it, here is my latest VLOG where I show you the cutest baby gifts I made for Luke.  And, YES, that is Terry with her brand new Millie!  She is learning how to quilt with rulers today.  She is going to be really good.  She is determined, like I am.  When we choose a hobby, we want to know everything about it and we spend many, many, many hours PPP'ing.  (Practice, Practice, Practice)

Mom and I were sitting on the patio yesterday -- her in the glider and me in my swing -- and I just happened to look around our yard.  I had just told Mom that the leaves should start turning soon.  What a surprise when I noticed several trees that have already turned yellow and red.

AND, I saw three leaves fall down!

It makes me kind of sad to have to go to my other house for a few weeks.  There are trees there, of course, but there are hundreds of them here.  Fall is beautiful here in the woods.

The pastor talked about COMMUNICATION IN MARRIAGE this morning.  Jerry and I actually passed with flying colors.  After 42 years, we should be able to talk to each other.

I did NOT agree with Pastor Hagee about women turning on tears to get their way, although I'm sure it happens.  Tears -- at least in my case -- had everything to do with PMS.  And I had the WORST PMS ever recorded, I think.

Jerry, being a Pharmacist, would never allow me to take any prescription drug to calm me down out of "angry tiger" mode, so he just put up with it.  He is a VERY strong man emotionally.

Talk about tears.

Good grief.

You could have filled Lake Texoma with mine!

I'm old now, and that part of my life is past.  I will NEVER miss it, and neither will Jerry.  I cry now if I am totally stressed and people are pulling me every which way but loose.  Very seldom.  Thank God!

I'm a happy girl most of the time as you can see in my videos.  I dance and I sing and I praise God, and I adore my husband.

Speaking of husbands.  Mine just got back from a short fishing expedition.  He was trying out his birthday present to see if it worked, and it didn't.  BUT, he put out one of those umbrella things and started trolling.  He caught THREE FISH AT ONE TIME.  One is 9 pounds, one is 4 pounds and one is 3 pounds.  I wish I had had my phone with me, and I would have snapped a picture for you.  You should see the umbrella lure.  It looks like someone ran over it with a car!  I wish I could have gone with him, but I had to stay with Mom.

Umbrella thing:

Captain Mack's Prerigged Umbrella Rig - view number 1

Can you imagine wrestling three flailing fish at one time on that thing!?

Won't keep you.  Need to get downstairs and prepare the fish fillets for freezing.  We will be having a fish dinner real soon!  We need some company to help us eat it.

Have an amazing, fabulous, wonderful, blessed in every way week!

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Crying Lumberjack

Well, HAPPY Thursday night everyone!

I WAS going to make a video for you today, but there was waaaaaaaay too much going on here.  This has been the CRAZIEST week.

I actually made the tree-cutter-downer man CRY!

Jerry hired the guy to do some work in our very woodsy yard.  It is really hard to get anyone to do that kind of work here.  The people we have had in the past have disappeared from the planet, evidently, because none of the phone numbers we have for them work.

Jerry found this guy on Home Adviser, I think.  He had really good reviews.

We all know from experience; however, some of these people must have lots of family and friends who owe them huge debts write the reviews, because it usually turns out that the opposite is what actually happens when you hire them.

OH!, do I ever have the stories of bad service in my history.  You may remember the contractor we hired who PASSED OUT on the garage floor.  He was drunk!  I got down on my knees and shook his shoulder to wake him up.

He woke up and looked at me and said, "Oh NO!  Am I at work!!!!?"

Well, actually, NO, you were sleeping!!!

So anyway, Jerry hired this guy to cut the little sucker branches off the sides of all our trees, and to grind down several stumps, and to cut down three trees, and to spray all the trees for the nasty web worms that have strangled so many of our pretty tree branches.

The guy was SUPPOSED to show up LAST week.  He never did.  He wasn't able to get here until Monday, this week.  Problem with that is, Jerry left town for the entire week on Monday.  That means I was alone here to tend with the guy.

Here is what the deal was.  He was suppose to arrive WITH HELP Monday morning.  The entire job was to take a day and a half.

Guess what time he showed up Monday morning?????  Never mind, you'll never get it right, because it wasn't even in the morning.  It was 5:00 that evening!!!!  He worked until dark when he announced he would be back EARLY the next morning WITH help and he would be done by noon.

I still haven't figured out how he thought he would be DONE by noon when he didn't even show up until 1:00!  He did call that morning to say he had to pick his help up.  Dorine, Mom's sitter, decided he must have gone to Kansas for them.  He returned much later with a teenager and some other guy.

I decided to call Jerry to complain about the lack of work being done, and ask him what we were paying these people.  Jerry said it was $3,000!  After I fainted and recovered, I went out to investigate.  The tree man was just sitting in his truck.  I walked up to the window and asked if I could talk to him.

He rolled down his window.  I introduced myself and asked if I could talk to him.  He got out of his truck.

I probably could have said this a little differently, but it made sense at the time.  I said, "Exactly WHAT are we paying you $3,000 for?!"

He was immediately upset.  He said, "Look at my phone.  The bid I gave your husband is on my phone."  I told him I didn't care to look at his phone.  I wanted to know WHAT he was supposed to do.  He named a few things.  I asked if he was going to do some other things I wanted done.  He said he WAS NOT!  He said he was only going to do the back yard -- not the front yard or the side yards. I thought that was weird.  A home has a front, back and two side yards.  I asked if he was going to spray the trees by the barn.  He said that was NOT included. I asked if he was going to grind the stumps of the trees he just cut down.  He said that was NOT included.

I sure was not seeing a $3,000 bill by any stretch of my imagination!

So THEN I made him cry.

This is what I said:  "If you don't do what we hired you to do, I will not pay you."

The guy started sobbing!  He walked to the back of his truck that had a huge dump truck type trailer behind it, and he started pulling things out and tossing them.  He said, "I AM LEAVING AND I WON'T EVEN CHARGE YOU FOR ALL THE WORK I HAVE DONE!"

You all know I am taking care of my 89-year old Mom who has dementia.  Whenever ANYTHING is out of the ordinary or different in the daily routine, she gets upset and has to be very involved and asks dozens of questions.  She kept coming outside to WATCH.  I had to keep sending her back into the house so she didn't get hit by a falling tree branch or sprayed with poison.  The three cats have been locked in the garage the ENTIRE week because of the spray that never got put on until late last night and this morning.

Frustrating week to say the least.

The saga goes on and on and on.  First, the guy's "help" got fired.  Then new help was hired but had to drive up from south of Dallas.  Took them about four hours to get here.  They actually were very good though.  Today, one of their trucks got stuck in the ditch.  The other truck wouldn't start.  The machine that was supposed to spray all the bugs in the trees was broken, and the guy worked over two hours on it.  Mom kept asking me what he was doing out there.  They were here after dark two nights.  I didn't know if they were going to pitch a tent or what.

I did pay the guy this afternoon, and he and his crew are gone.  Mom has finally stopped asking me if she can go outside to watch them.  They did end up doing a good job, and I am pleased.  What a shame the boss couldn't get his act together or even tell me when he would be here. He did apologize a bunch of times.  And he did quit crying.  (-;

I have to get to sleep.  EXCITING day tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Continuing Adventures with Mom

It is Saturday night.  Jerry is upstairs watching football.  I tried sitting with him, but he kept ignoring my questions -- even when I asked the same one three times -- so I came downstairs to talk to you.  I can, at least, PRETEND that you are listening to what I say.

My Mother shocked us last night.  She was SUPPOSED to be asleep as it was 10:30 at night.  Jerry and I were in bed falling asleep.  All of a sudden, all the lights went on in the kitchen, and they startled us shining into our doorway.  I knew right away it had to be Mom, and I heard her fiddling around with something in the drawers.

I could not imagine WHAT she would be doing in the kitchen drawers at 10:30 at night.  I quickly got out of bed and went into the kitchen.

Thank God I did!

I could not believe my eyes.

I purchased two shower caps for Mom when we were in Edmond last week.  Since she can now take her own shower, she requested a shower cap.  Having two homes, I bought her two.  Mom woke up WORRIED about the shower cap being ready for her shower the next morning, and she went in her bathroom to find it.  It was still in the UNopened plastic package.  The package was small -- maybe 3" by 4".

When I walked in the kitchen, Mom was standing in front of the open knife drawer.  She was holding a very long serrated bread carving knife in one hand and the shower cap package in the other.

I immediately rushed over and relieved her of the knife!

She informed me that she HAD to open that bag and get the cap ready for her shower in the morning. I put the knife back in the drawer and got a pair of scissors.  After opening the shower cap, I asked her to please go back to bed.

She did great today.  We put the shower doors back on her shower and put a nice bath bench with a back inside it.  She was very happy to be able to take a shower all by herself in her brand new shower cap.  Purple, of course!

I finished a pretty bracelet and started on another one today.  I got the second one about half-way done and decided it wasn't perfect enough.  I cut it all apart and started over.  Will show them both to you when I get matching earrings made.

PLEASE keep agreeing with me, my friends, that Hurricane Irma will cease and desist its threatening winds and waves and go back out to sea.

Time for bed here.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Back Home with Pictures from Embroidery Class

Hey Everyone!

If you want to see me the day after I gave birth to my only child, go on over to her new BLOG.  It is really fun.  She shows you her amazing Golden Doodles in today's post.

Tammy is really excited about my readers checking out her BLOG.  I know a lot of you knit, so you will enjoy her beautiful knitted creations.

Here is a link:

Tammy's Knitting BLOG

I did some videos the last few days.  If you haven't seen them -- and you want to -- here they are:

As you will see in the following pictures, Phylly and I always laugh ourselves silly when we get together.  Neither one of us cared much about the flower or the butterfly.  We were there to see the latest Embroidery Machine called Destiny II.  When we found out it was nearly $17,000, we decided to just have fun and keep our money.

In the next pic, we were making the centers of the flower.  You had to stick a wire up into a straw. Then you had to burn tiny holes into your straw.  Then you dipped the pistols (?) into some Elmer's Glue in a plastic spoon, and you were to stick the glue-covered pistols into the holes you made.  Well, our holes were a mess.  They either sealed themselves up or they were big enough to put a toothpick into. 

We were cracking up laughing at how bad our stems looked, and I had to take a selfie.

I, at least, got the stamens (?) to stay on top of my straw.

Honestly, we were so bad, the teacher took pity on us.  Her Father was the demonstrator of flower assembly, and he came over and took MY straw and my petals away from me.  After all, it DID look better than Phylly's.  Phylly and I were sharing a machine, and we were actually making only one flower because we were too lazy to embroider flower #2.

So HERE is the teacher's Dad making my flower for me.  The idea was to make an entire bouquet.  I told "Dad" that I was going to need him to come home with me if he expected me to make any more.

He looked at me and said, "I will!"

Phylly and I had NO IDEA who this next character was other than he was wearing VERY short shorts and he had very hairy legs.

He evidently likes to be with the "fun girls" so he kept coming over to get in our pictures.  He was a hoot.  Followed us out when we left.  I thought maybe he was coming home with me too, lol.

AND, in case someone is wondering, I did ask permission to take the pictures, and I announced to them all that I would be putting these on my BLOG.  Nobody cared.

This is a picture of Phylly realizing that I had just trimmed my pieces RIGHT ONTO HER LAP!  I cracked up laughing as I didn't even realize that I was doing that.
And if you saw the videos above, you have already seen our beautiful creations.  Here, Phylly is modeling the Angel Butterfly.

We decided that a SIX-winged butterfly must have angel wings.

If you are reading this in real time, and you are a Bible believer, like me, PLEASE continue to pray with me for Florida and command Hurricane Irma to cease and desist and go back out to sea!  (Mark 11:23-24  SPEAK to the mountain...)  In this case, the "mountain" is a hurricane.  I've been doing it all day.

Good night my friends.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Great News! My Daughter's Blog is Ready!

I am SO PROUD of my daughter.

I don't know if I've told you, but she is really, really smart and is a fabulous knitter.  She TRIED and TRIED to teach me, and I just could NOT get the hang of the sport.  She picked it up instantly.

Have a great time meeting her.

HERE is a link to her new blog:       Tammy's BLOG

I'll be back soon with a new video.  Time for church.

Hugs, Joy