Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hello on Thursday

Hey everyone!  Decided to stay home from Jubilee tonight after another disappointing speaker last night.  Our preacher is so extremely good, that no other speaker ever seems to come close.  Hagee is good, of course, and Osteen is good, but they don't come to our Jubilee.  (-:

Andrew Wommack is speaking tonight, and it will probably be really good.  I can always get the CD though.  Terry has been there every day and every night working as a cashier.  Her husband has been working at some volunteer position as well.  I saw her for a while this afternoon, and she looked so tired.  She isn't feeling good.  If I was her, I would have gone to bed and stayed there.

I finished a cute project today, but I can't show it to you because it is a Christmas present for my daughter.  Sometimes, she reads my blog, and I don't want her to see it.

I've got a new friend.  I knew her many years ago when we first moved to the lake, but we only saw each other then because we both had a friend-in-common.  Her husband died in February, and I didn't even know it until Terry told me about it.  She is a darling person and is a few years older than I am.  She really likes me and says she loves that I make her laugh.  She said she hasn't laughed since her husband died.  She rode with us to Jubilee the last two nights, so we were together many hours.  She then came to my house yesterday and today to talk to me.

As it turns out, she is having all kinds of problems due to allowing family members to move in with her.  WHY do those type of parents become my friends???  They complain and complain and complain about the situation which they hate, BUT when you tell them that THEY are the problem, they give you a million excuses why they can't change.  She, at least, told me I was right.  She says she can't do anything about it though.  She did agree to make the person start paying her own way, but I don't know that she will.

Terry, also her friend, has told her the exact same things I've told her.  It is so nice to have another friend that agrees with me.  I don't feel like the horrible self-righteous ogre I've been accused of being by some.

I don't know if this lady will want to remain my friend, but I think she will.  She was really sad that I was leaving tomorrow to go to my other house.  She seems to be able to take advice as an attempt to HELP her, rather than an attempt to portray perfection on my part.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and we need to learn from each other.  If we spend much time together, I'm sure you will meet her on my BLOG one of these days.  I will certainly be praying for her daily because the situation in her home is really sad.

Not much to tell you.  I made a fun SHORT little video for you the other day.  If you haven't seen it on my Youtube channel, here it is:

Not much else to talk about tonight.

I'll be back soon, probably from my other house with the F A S T internet!  YAY!

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How To Make a Picture Quilt

Good MORNING everyone!

I have a few hours before I have to rush into my work day.  I have company coming over at 11:30 because they want to try a sample of my shakes that helped me lose weight.  Gigi and Tyler.  Tyler is 13 years old, and he doesn't need to lose any weight.  Gigi, his grandmother/mother is short and tiny, and she doesn't need to lose any either.  They insist they want to try them though.  IF they allow me, I MAY take a video.

Jerry and I went back to TRY Jubilee last night.  It is a week long.  We sat in the FARTHEST BACK seat you could sit in with our friends, and it was WAY BETTER!  I loved it.  We bounced and danced to the praise and worship music, and I think I may have sweated off another pound.

I snapped this pic from way back where we were sitting.  The first night, we were five rows back from that stage.  The music was deafening!

Carol asked me several days ago to talk about how I made the picture quilt for Jerry.  Let me show you a few still shots of it first.

Here it is with the longarm blocking a bit of it.

Here is the block I talk about in the video.  I mentioned how I added words to all of the pictures.  Jerry really liked that.  He LOVES this quilt!  You will notice I wasn't very good with the longarm at that time.  I had not had it very long.  I think this was the 2nd quilt I did on it.  I sewed squiggles around a lot of the pics so they wouldn't move.  Some were ironed on and some were sewn on when I made the quilt.

Here is a block that shows four of our grandchildren practicing for the Hula Hoop contest.  They practiced for hours and hours, believe it or not.
 Here is one of me.  My hair was NOT red.  Pictures of pictures aren't very good sometimes.
And here is one of our granddaughter, Lauren, fishing with her Papa.  She REFUSED to do any fishing or touch a fish UNTIL I told her we would pay her a quarter for every fish she caught.  She fished FOR DAYS!  Before the visit was over, she was baiting her own hook!   This picture is quite faded.  Maybe it wasn't real good quality to start with.  My camera back then didn't have many pixels per inch.
And here is our youngest grandson, Walker, getting a ride on the 4-wheeler.

And here is the NOT SO GREAT video I made for you, Carol.  I had a sneeze attack in the middle of it, and I had to pause the video.  When I got back, I forgot where I left off.

I've been meaning to tell you all this forever: 
Did you know that you can watch my videos at Youtube in High Definition?  Click on Youtube in the little video that starts playing when you click on the triangle above.  When the video starts, you will see at the lower right hand side a row of icons.  If you click on the little COG, it will open up and give you choices of quality of the video.  Choose 720.  YAY!

I've got to go.

I'll be back soon.

Let me know what you think about making a picture quilt.

Hugs, Joy

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello Real Fast and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Margaret!

Sorry I missed yesterday.  Our church has a once-a-year shindig called "Jubilee".  It started last night.  I usually do NOT attend as the music is so LOUD, you probably heard the drum beats where you live!  My friend, Gigi, and I were plugging our ears with our fingers.  I like loud music sometimes, but that music is WAY, WAY, WAY TOO LOUD!  Jerry wants to go two more nights to hear our favorite speakers, but I will take some of Jerry's ear plugs he wears when he is on his bulldozer.  I don't care to go deaf, thank you!  Never liked that loud stuff even when I was young.

My friend, Margaret, has a birthday near the end of July, but I never can remember the exact day.  I know it is just a week or two before mine, so I know I'm really close.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Margaret -- whichever day it is.  I will be up there by Friday, and we will do lunch and whatever else we can think of to do.  I don't think either one of us needs a new purse, but there must be SOMETHING we need for our birthdays.

Peggy is on in 10 minutes, and I NEVER miss her webcasts.  That is Peggy Sagers at Silhouette Patterns.  Go to Youtube and search "Silhouette Patterns" and about a million of her videos will come up.  She has a new one-hour long webcast every other Monday.  I don't know how she does it.  I always learn something from her.  She is such a generous sharer of information.

Carol, you asked me about the pictorial quilt.  I will do a video on that tomorrow for you.

Until then,



Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Terry's Bargello ALL DONE!

Some of you may have already seen the video I made as Terry was removing her finished Bargello quilt from the longarm.

If not,

here it is:

The quilt is really something.  I am not easily impressed when it comes to quilts, but THIS ONE really was exciting to watch.  Terry's husband loved it.  My husband loved it.  Terry wants to write a book on Bargello quilts with her OWN patterns in it.  WOW!

Here is a still of the quilt on my grandson's bed.

Terry went to Tulsa today and delivered the quilt to her sister, Melinda.

Melinda sent me a short video thanking ME -- I don't know what for -- and saying she loves it.  Actually, I do believe some of my thread quilted it.  I may have to try a Bargello some day soon.  (I tried to show you the very short video, but it won't work.)

Melinda really loves the quilt.  It will go on her bed at her Florida home according to Terry.

Gotta run.  TV time with hubby.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Jewelry Story

This was a fun day.  I worked all day long, but it doesn't seem like I accomplished much.  We did church upstairs on the big screen and "attended" Cornerstone Church in San Antonio with Pastor Hagee.  He talked about the prayer shawl today, and I wasn't terribly interested in that, although it is interesting to know the history of it.

I had to get up at 3 AM last night with the dogs which is VERY unusual.  I think that stuff we put on them for ticks might cause digestion issues.  I HATE having to put it on them, but it has to be better than the nasty ticks.  We had torrential rains this Spring here in Southern OK.  I thought at the time that it would be a GOOD thing because all the little bugs on the ground and in the grass and in the trees would surely drown.


I found out that every bug known to man seems to THRIVE in a flood and have a huge family while immersed!  This is the first year we have had ticks on our dogs.

Anyway, after waking up at 3, I could not get back to sleep.  Hence, when it was time to get up for early church this morning, I decided to roll over and try to sleep.  Still couldn't.  Crazy!

After church I started work on a new jewelry project.  One of my readers said she would like to see a video of me making jewelry.  Since the camera was right next to me, and this was an unusual project, I decided to film a jewelry video for you.  I also show you my brand new magnifier light that I HIGHLY recommend for any kind of close-up work.

I worked on this bracelet all day, but I messed it up!

I have to start all over on it because I ASSUMED I knew what I was doing by the picture of the piece, but I missed some very important instructions.  Also, I needed SEVEN of the square crystal beads and I only have five.

Terry came over and finished the MOST AMAZING quilt I think I've ever seen.  Really.  I was not the least bit interested in a Bargello style quilt.  I thought they were strange and boring UNTIL I saw Terry's.  I love it so much, I might try to make one.  I'm afraid I won't pick the colors right though, because I thought the colors she picked were going to look like a bowl of soup with a bunch of weird colored worms in it.  BOY!, was I wrong!  That makes me think I would be really bad at choosing colors.

I made a video of Terry's quilt as she removed it from the longarm.  I haven't had time to edit it or upload it yet, so maybe tomorrow.  Even Jerry was impressed with the Bargello, and he never has cared for any of my pieced quilts.

Gotta go.  Not much sleep last night, and my body is telling me "OUT with the lights!"

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Turtle Quilt Top All Done and Terry's Bargello Beauty

Here is a real short video showing you the turtles waiting for me to get them on the longarm.

Terry came over today and put her gorgeous KING SIZE Bargello quilt on.

A photo does NOT do this quilt justice at all.  

Remember all those strips we cut on the AccuQuilt machine?  This is what they look like now.  I LOVE the yellow in this quilt.  I told Terry it looks like a glass of lemonade with cherries in it!

Did you notice the brunette in the picture over by the kitchen?  She keeps on coming over SAYING she is Terry, but I do NOT believe it for one minute.

We all KNOW that Terry is a gorgeous RED HEAD!  I told this imposter that I want the REAL TERRY back again!  She says she is working on it.  (-:

TV time with hubby.  Early church tomorrow and then breakfast at IHOP with Terry and Doug.  I'm working on the PRETTIEST bracelet ever, and Terry will probably come over tomorrow afternoon to finish the Bargello.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Applique Tutorial for Turtle Quilt

Hello friends!

I'm beginning to think I should have THREE blogs:

One for just talking.

 One for sewing and pattern-fitting.

One for quilts and quilting.

I can't do it though, so you will have to just TURN OFF the posts you're not interested in.


Guess What?!

My daughter, Tammy, is turning more and more into her Mother!

Someone should notify the authorities!

She texted me today that she has started her own BLOG!  I'm sure her blog will be very interesting to anyone who loves yarns and loves to knit.  She says she wants to have her own Yarn Shop after she quits nursing.  I think that is a GREAT idea!

When I'm 85 and 90 years old, I can sit in a rocking chair in her shop and talk to all the customers.  MAYBE, I could even learn to knit.  Don't hold your breath on that, however.  I have tried and tried.  I really prefer crochet, but I could sure crochet in a yarn store, couldn't I?

Customers will walk in the store and say, "Who is the old lady in the rocker with a cup of coffee and two big black dogs????"

Actually, I couldn't take the dogs in there.  Josie would EAT all the yarn and try to go home with all the customers!

I can't direct you to her blog yet because it isn't working right.  I will when it is lookupable.

And NOW I will tell you all about my latest project, the turtle quilt with Tommy, his wife, Terry, and his daughter, Tammy.  Yes, I named the turtles.  I had to to keep track of all their parts.

Here is a loooooooooooooooooooooooong video I put on Youtube which is actually 3 or 4 little videos stuck together.  It was made two days ago.  I made it for those who ASKED ME to talk more about quilting and how I do it.

And here is a follow-up video from yesterday with more applique information.  (Yes, my red blouse is way too big for me.  I have to wear SOMETHING until I get a bunch more smaller tops made.)

I mentioned in one of the videos that I would SHOW YOU where I want to hang this quilt when I get it done.  How FUN is Photoshop that it looks like the quilt (missing Tommy Turtle) is already hanging up there!?  That is Tammy Turtle on top and her Mom, Terry Turtle.  I'll get Tommy done tomorrow.

And for you newbies to quilting who asked me for tips, here are a few still pictures of my applique process.

First:  You really will want to get a light box.  You almost always have to turn the picture UPSIDE DOWN to trace it, and it is hard to see.  I used a colored pencil to trace some of the shapes because I could not make them out even with the light box.

After you have DRAWN your shapes, you lightly iron them onto the BACK SIDE of your fabric.  Hold the iron down for 3 to 5 seconds.  If you hold it longer, the paper won't come off!

Then, you cut out your shapes.  I used this tiny rotary cutter for a lot of the pieces.  Little pieces require little, VERY SHARP scissors.

A lot of the pieces for these turtles were SO SMALL, I put them in this dish with numbers up.  I did a section at a time:  a leg -- the head -- the eyes -- another leg -- the shell -- etc.

To start, you put the picture of your project UNDERNEATH a sheet of silicone that you can see through.  You can put the pic directly under your Steam-a-Seam cut-outs but DO NOT iron it, or you will have to start over.  Remember, the pieces are all covered with glue that melts under an iron.

You can see the beak still uncovered by fabric.  All the pieces you see here were placed with the drawing showing underneath.  After this part, I could no longer see the picture underneath.  

Here is the sequence:  Cut out the shape.  Remove the paper.  Apply to the silicone over the picture as long as you can see the picture.

Here I have added all the "scales" to the turtle's back and ironed them down.  the white sheet and the brown sheet are silicone pressing sheets that the glue will NOT stick to.  The turtles back feet hanging OVER the white paper would iron to the ironing board if I pressed them.  I used the extra brown sheet as needed for all the parts that hung over the white one.

AS LONG AS you have the silicone under your glued fabric, you can iron the pieces to each other. When I was done with each turtle, I picked them up as an entire, glued-together whole turtle.  

Someone asked me:  What do you do AFTER you have it all glued to the quilt?

Depends on what you are going to do with the quilt.  This will hang on the wall.  You can take the quilt to the sewing machine and sew around every single piece with a satin stitch or straight stitch.  I have done that.  I did it on Kissed by the Sun.  I used a tiny zig-zag stitch around the flower petals, stems and leaves.  It doesn't really show here.

You already saw above how the turtles look and how the coral looks when all done.  Very exciting.  Hope I can figure out how to quilt all of it because it will be on the longarm very soon.

Hugs, Joy