Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hello From a Tired Quilter

I have been so busy quilting Kissed by the Sun, I almost forgot I have a blog!  I'm not sure I like what I did today, but it is done, and I'm not ripping it out.  I'll show you, of course, when it is all done.  I still have two borders and the background in the sunflowers to do.

I was doing ruler work today, and my machine was NOT cooperating!  It wasn't the machine actually -- it was the table.  When you do ruler work, you need a flat surface underneath the quilt and something to press on.  So, someone invented a tool for that, and I have it.  It is an acrylic table, sort of, that sits on top of the sewing arm.  The problem is, it is kind of thick, and if you get too far up near the top, the thing bumps and stalls; and if you get too near the bottom, the thing bumps and stalls.  I ripped out stitches all day long!

As I near the end, I usually hate whatever I'm sewing or quilting, but I usually love it later.  Let's hope that holds true!

Some of you may recall I got a new car at Christmas time because I needed something my two big dogs could ride in.

My Toyota Camry has been for sale ever since.  A lady called today saying she had CASH, and she wants to come see it tomorrow.  Only problem is, the Toyota isn't here.  It is at the other house.  Poor Jerry had to make another overnight trip up there to switch cars and bring the Toyota back here.  Sure hope the lady buys it!  Too many cars.

I think I might go back upstairs now that I've had dinner and finished the laundry.  I have several jewelry patterns I want to try out.

Be back soon!

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Speedy but Thinner!


This day did more than FLY by.  It EVAPORATED!

I worked on Kissed by the Sun.  Terry came over and we sewed together for a few hours.  I worked on KBTS some more.  I ate my lefover steak and broccoli from yesterday when Terry and I went to Logan's steak house.  I came up here to email Phylly, and the day is gone.  It is 6:18 PM!

Jerry is on the lake fishing with Doug (Terry's husband), and I am SO HAPPY for him.  He NEEDS the relaxation and the friendship.  I pray God sends fish to jump on their hooks!

Do you ever notice God working in your life?  I mean, MAJORLY working like He is right there -- right that minute -- and he saw everything you said and did, and He reacted to it.

Ask Terry.  She saw it all.

I like to take a narrow country road that I call "Roller Coaster Road" when I take the 45-mile trip to Sherman, TX.  When we first moved here, it was a dirt road with huge holes in it.  You had to dodge them, or your tires would blow out.  There is hardly any traffic on the road, even now, and it cuts 7 miles off the trip to Sherman, so I always take it.

When I turned onto it, Terry asked me why I wasn't taking the brand new highway that was miles ahead.  I told her I LIKED that road better because it was a shortcut.  We drove and talked and arrived at our destination just fine.  We shopped, bought fabric, ate lunch, shopped some more, and then headed back home on the same road.

I was driving, of course, or we would have been on the other road.

I had NO IDEA what the speed limit was so I never paid any attention to it.  I'm not sure there are even signs on most of the road.  We were coming back and I was laughing as we flew over the wide bumps that make the road feel like a roller coaster.  I told Terry I loved the road because nobody was on it, and I could enjoy the ride.

Just before we arrived at Highway 70 where we had to turn, I made the following extremely BRILLIANT statement to Terry:

"I love this road because I can drive fast and there is NEVER a policeman on it!"

Now, don't get the wrong idea.  "Fast" on this road is 55 MPH.  It is only a 2-lane road though with fields on either side and a cow or horse every so often.

NO SOONER did I say "there is never a policeman on this road", one SUDDENLY APPEARED.  Terry saw him up ahead of us on the opposite side of the road.  He drove past me and turned around and headed back toward me.  Terry told me to PULL OVER because he was coming after me.

Sure enough -- he was!

I rolled down my window and got out my license.  He was very nice.  He said, "Good afternoon, Maam."

I said, "Good afternoon, Sir" and then I said one my usual super-brilliant remarks:   "I have NO IDEA what the speed limit is here."

I expected Terry to pipe up any moment and say, "She said she LOVES to drive fast on this road and that there are never any policemen on it!"  Thank God, she didn't!

He asked for my insurance.  I pulled out the 3 insurance cards I have stapled together.  He asked, "How many cars do you have Maam?!"  I told him the Toyota was for sale, and I asked if he would like to buy it.

He asked me if I had any traffic tickets.  I told him I hadn't had one in 20 years or more.  He looked at me as if to say, "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight lady!"  He walked back behind my car and got into his police car.

Terry stifled all the remarks she really wanted to say to me, I'm sure!

I said, "Can you BELIVE that!?"

She said she certainly could believe it, and she informed me the ticket would be over $200.

I said a prayer out loud that Terry heard:  "Dear Lord, Please give me favor with this policeman, and I promise I will watch the speed limit on this road from now on."

In a few minutes the very nice policeman came back up to my window.  He handed me my papers and informed me I was going 20 MPH OVER the speed limit, and the ticket would be $350.


Then he said, "I'm not going to ticket you.  Just slow down Maam, and have a nice day."  I believe he said, "God bless."

I SQUEALED with delight and thanked him profusely.  I said, "God bless you, Sir, and you have a very nice day too!"

Terry told him that I had prayed that he wouldn't give me a ticket, and I promised to watch the speed limit.

So NOW, I can show you the MOST EXCITING thing!  I told you I was going to stay on my Herbalife diet until I could get in Size 12 jeans.  I made a video to show you:

And here is a still:

How FUN is it to be thinner!  I must hurry and make a whole new wardrobe, so I have to go.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Necklace for Sis and New Video

I can NOW show you the cute necklace I made for my sister.

She sent me a little sliver of fabric she was using for her Easter dress.  She told me to just decide myself what would look good in a necklace.

That is NOT EASY to do.

I HATE to disappoint anyone, and I know that most people wouldn't say, "This is HORRIBLE!  WHAT were you thinking!???"

So, I had just gotten seated in the little girl's room at Walmart where I was shopping for the ONE thing on my list, but somehow had a cart overflowing parked outside in the hallway, when my phone rang.  It was my sister.  She had received the necklace, and she was DELIGHTED with it.  She told me it was PERFECT and that it went with several of her outfits.

I was very happy to hear that, of course.  It made me want to DASH home and make her another one.

So here are a couple pictures of it.  You can see that I JUST HAPPENED to have the exact color of Swarovski crystal in the dark peach stripe.  All the other beads are solid black.  No stripes in the beads as it appears in the photo.  Just shine.

Another video that I made just on the spur-of-the-moment when I decided it might be a helpful tutorial to somebody who is learning to do applique.

You can check it out here:
Gotta get busy.  Need to sew around the sunflower petals and the large leaves, and then this quilt is going on the longarm for S&S (Stand and Stare).

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Two O'clock in the Morning! and SFD Blouse

I fell asleep early around 8 PM tonight while reading the new book called Knits for Real People by Susan Neall and Pati Palmer.

If you sew,

If you sew with knits,

If you ever WANT to learn to sew knits,


It is wonderful.

Phylly and I already have Fit for Real People and Pants for Real People.  Both are also amazing!

MORE information than you could ever dream of and very well done, as always, in the P&P books.

And I have only read about 10 pages so far!

I woke up at midnight with a cough and runny nose, as I often do.  I sauntered in the dark into the kitchen to find some cough syrup, and I took some of it.  Then I took a couple Aleve because my husband thinks that is a good way to stop my nose from running, and he doesn't like me taking the allergy meds.  He is a Pharmacist, so he knows all the bad stuff about drugs.  I like to take NyQuil Liquigels before bed at night because they get me through the entire night, but he says they have Acetaminophen in them, and that can cause your liver to drop out -- or something!

So ANYWAY, it is 2:13 AM, and I have been awake since midnight.  I think the cough syrup is keeping me awake.  HOW NUTTY IS THAT!?  It is supposed to make you drowsy.

I made a short video this afternoon showing you the Sure-fit Designs blouse I tried to make a new "style" out of.  It has some bagginess in the upper chest which I have since remedied in the paper pattern.  I will try it in a little different version tomorrow using the blue butterflies.

I don't know if these things are called "tucks" or "pleats".  Neither term seems right.  I may try vertical pleats in the next version.

I went down TWO DOTS for this blueprint.  I like the fit right now, but I better not gain that weight back!

Good thing Jerry isn't here tonight.  I would have to leave the bedroom.  Fortunately, I don't have to, so I think I will read some more of that wonderful new KNITS book!  Maybe I will get sleepy again.

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Play Day News Flash TEN Pounds Lighter

Wow!  Play days are really tiring.  Phylly and I do so much, we have to stop or we will destroy what we are working on.  I managed to ASSUME I had more than enough fabric, and I just started chopping away at my new creation -- which, by the way, I think is DARLIN

Phylly wasn't too crazy about it, I could tell, but when I get it done she might like it better.  She thought the pleats should go up and down instead of side to side.

Anyway, I cut out the loooooooooong front piece with the five pleats in it.  Then I just threw everything aside so Phylly could use the table, and I started sewing the pleats in.

THEN I decided to add some narrow cotton lace to each pleat not knowing if it would turn into a little girl's ensemble or what -- but the lace and many of its playmates has been in my drawer for years -- and if I'm never going to use it, WHY do I have it???

After finishing all the pleats and the lace on the front, I cut out the back of the blouse which was changed to have a zipper in it.  Then I cut out the facings at which time it dawned on my lightning fast mind that I FORGOT ABOUT THE SLEEVES!  No wonder I had so much fabric.

My sleeves may have some special design features themselves, but I will get them in the blouse somehow.

I have to go because I have to pack.  My husband wants me home, and I miss him.  He helps me so much with the dogs, and he does all the heavy lifting.  My lower back does NOT like heavy lifting.  I can't even lift Josie anymore.  She is at least 30 pounds now.

Be back soon with pics of my new top.  My very first "Joy-Style" blouse.  It may not end up on the cover of Vogue, but I've seen a lot of garments on the cover of sewing magazines I don't like nearly as much as this one.

Did you see Gertie's new fabric line?  That girl is into everything sewing and fabric.  I don't know HOW she keeps up with it all.  JoAnn's sells her fabric, and I was able to find one of the pieces I liked and order it.

Hold on.................................

I'll see if I can show you a picture.................

Here it is.  Roses on black.  I LOVE it!  She has another one that is a border print with roses on white with white dots that I really love too, but JoAnn's didn't have it.

I better get busy loading the car.  When my day comes to leave, I want to wake up -- drink my shake -- jump in the car and head south!  I can listen to Joel Osteen's church service on the way home.  I will NEVER think like he does totally, but he always has a good message that I learn something from.

And YES, I am officially 10 pounds lighter than the day I started on Herbalife.  I'm sure that will be short lived, however, since I went to Panera Bread with Phylly and Margaret for lunch today.  I ate EVERY morsel on my plate, but I did not have any dessert.  That was all I felt like sacrificing.

Be back soon with slooooooooooooooooow internet.  Not good for videos!

Hugs, Joy

Friday, March 20, 2015

Play Day Preparation

It has been a long time since Phylly has come over for a play day.  She emailed me this week to see if I was going to be here long enough to have one, and I made sure I would be!

I made a video to show you what I am going to work on tomorrow.

Not a quilt.

It is a new blouse or maybe two using my Sure-fit Designs Dress Kit.  It was fun to make a new blueprint today.  If my style looks dumb, I may have to think of a different one.

Yes, I WAS standing in the hall with Betty Blue.  Wish she had a face!

I let the dogs both out this afternoon into the muddy back yard.  They were SO MUDDY, I could not let them in the house, so I had to turn on the hose and spray them both down from paws to knees.  Josie did NOT like it one bit!  She was pretty sure it was some form of water torture.  Jackie couldn't wait for her turn.

Then I spent the next 30 minutes TRYING to wash off the patio.  Seems like every year we have to buy a new hose or a new sprayer or both.  Water was spraying all over the place, and it was NOT warm outside.  I am thoroughly worn out at this moment.  If I did a video right now, I would probably fall asleep in it!

My sweetheart hubby mailed my laptop to me, and it arrived today.  I really enjoy being able to sit in a recliner with my feet up and my laptop on my lap in the evenings.  Think I'll search for some "how to do something" videos.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Quilt Needs a Name

Can you BELIEVE I have finished my SECOND quilt in just a few weeks?

It is so exciting!

I think the next one will be "Fried Chicken".

I really enjoy doing applique, and this one is so funny!

Don't you think it fits in the sequence?



and a Chicken.

I ADORE the flip-flops on this guy!!!  You can't tell them from his feet!

It will be a fun Summer quilt project.

And here is a picture of the FINISHED Sunflower quilt top.  The name of the original was called "Kansas Troubles".  I think that is a VERY WEIRD name.  I have to think of something cute for it.

I made a little video because I am able to do that again.  YAY!  I am using my husband's computer for it since he isn't here.

I am showing you one of the ways I decide how to quilt the top of my quilts, and jabbering about various nonessential things -- as usual.

Phylly emailed me yesterday about us having a play day this Saturday before I head back to Kingston.

THANK GOODNESS the rain is supposed to cease for a few days.

We may get to go to Panera Bread for lunch.  I love to do that when Phylly comes because Jerry doesn't like it there.  I may put on two pounds eating the yummy bread, but I shall fix that later.

I have NO INTENTION of stopping my favorite foods.

I will just eat them a whole lot less often, and I won't let Margaret and Phylly FORCE ME to eat 10 layer cheesecake for dessert when we go to TGIF!

Even split three ways, that stuff will make you fat!

I must clean my entire house before Phylly comes over.

Wish me a TON OF LUCK with two dogs coming in and out of a rainy, muddy back yard!  They don't even WANT to be out there.  That is how yucky it is.

Hugs, Joy