Thursday, November 26, 2015

A WONDERFUL Day with a Normal, Loving Family


What a difference the MOM in the family makes.  I can't go into all the details about my family, because I must honor my Mother, no matter what.  We spent the day with some people we had never met before, but we felt closer to them than we do to our own siblings.  It is what a family SHOULD BE LIKE.  Loving, friendly, kind, helpful and very sweet to their Mother.  And the Mother was patient and kind and helpful and willing to join in to whatever the others were doing.  

Terry's Mom is Catherine, but I call her Momma.  When we arrived at noon today, Momma was sick. She was nauseous and had been throwing up.  She was sitting on the couch with a large bowl in front of her.  She came to eat when dinner was ready several hours later.  Terry said that she had just prayed for her.  I put my arm around her, and I said a short prayer.  She was immediately better and she ate a full meal.  Praise God!

I was hugged over and over and over by people there.  People who knew me and people who didn't.

As my daughter says, "My cup was filled up."

Terry's 3 little grand kids were there.  The girls had been to my house one day before, and we made necklaces.  McKinley drew me a picture today, and I had Terry snap a photo so I could show it to you.

SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Even Terry's grand daughter told me "I love you."

Jerry cut up the spiral ham and arranged it on the platter.

OF COURSE, he made Jackie and Josie each a little plate full.

It is Thanksgiving after all.

Josie inhaled her plate of ham, and then she tried to finish Jackie's.  I had to stop her.  The girl does not have ANY MANNERS!  Jackie loves Josie so much that she actually would back away from her plate and let Josie have it.

I gave the girls hugs and instructions to be good.

Then, we headed to Terry's house at noon with the ham, the cranberry salad and the pecan pie.

Terry's husband, Doug went out on the back patio to take the ham out of the deep fat fryer.  I was SO SURPRISED that the turkey took ONLY 45 MINUTES to cook.  It was very browned, and it was VERY, VERY moist.  Doug did not put any injections of anything inside it.  As soon as I got back home, I looked up the fryer at Amazon.  ANOTHER SURPRISE -- It was HALF OFF!  I ordered one.

As always, there was SO MUCH FOOD, and it was all super-delicious.  Pumpkin, custard, coconut cream and pecan pies.  A yummy looking cake which I didn't go near.  Terry made the rolls from scratch.  I am finding out she is a VERY good cook!  Turkey and ham and lots of salads.  Mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, dressing and gravy.

There was not ONE SINGLE moment of sadness or unhappiness.  No ugly remarks.  No complaining.  I washed the dishes and Doug's Mom dried them as Terry kept bringing them and bringing them and bringing them!!!  It flowed beautifully.

I wasn't the only one that enjoyed a perfect day.  Jerry also did with all of the very nice men folk there.  He actually stayed after I left and watched the Dallas football game in the movie room.  I was so very happy to see Jerry relaxing and enjoying himself with other guys.

All I can say is THANK YOU, LORD for blessing us with such loving friends who would include us with their own families as though we were part of them.

I'm going with Terry on Sunday to take Momma back to her home in Muskogee.  I will get to meet her grandmother and maybe Terry's two daughters who were not there today.

Won't keep you.  I know you want to eat more leftovers!

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

I made a real quick video for you today.

Here it is:

Jerry will be home soon, so I have to head downstairs and start doing wife stuff.

I just got a message from my secretary that one of our employees who is 46 years old and has never been able to get pregnant has just discovered that she IS PREGNANT, and not only that, she may be having TWINS!!!

Can you imagine?

We are all so excited for her.

Enjoy all the yummy food and the long weekend.

I'll be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Howdy Friends on a Sunday Night

It is after 9 PM Sunday evening.  I am waiting for Jerry to leave our OKC store.  He has been working there all weekend updating all the computers.  He always wants to do everything himself, and it takes FOREVER!  I can't relax until I know he has left that store and is safe back at home.

He said he was leaving in 10 minutes, and he would call me when he left.  That was AN HOUR AGO!

I have already called him three times.  He is going to be aggravated with me if I call again, but I may have to.

It comes from his pharmacy days when we owned two pharmacies.  He was held up several times with a gun pointed in his back or his face.

A robber came in one day and pointed a shotgun in my daughter's face!!!  She was still in High School and worked at our pharmacy part time. The robber ordered her to hand him all the money from the cash register which she was standing in front of.

She turned to her Dad and said, "Should I give it to him?"

GOOD HEAVENS!  Talk about loyalty to the company!

He never could understand WHY I worried all the time after that whenever he was late and didn't call.

YAY!  He just called me.  He is on his way home.  NOW, I can relax and talk to you!

I went to church alone this morning since Jerry is gone, but it was still really good.  I don't know if any of you watch Cornerstone from San Antonio like we do, but am wondering if anyone knows Sandy -- the daughter.  She sings a lot, and she sang today.  She has SUDDENLY lost a TON of weight.  She is very pretty -- even overweight -- but she is really gorgeous now.  I am so happy for her, but I sure would like to know what she did to lose so much -- so fast.  It was almost overnight!

I wanted to show you some of the things I've been doing.  May have already showed you my table scarf, but not sure I showed it to you finished.  It turned out so nice.  It looks like it is too narrow, but it is sitting on a raised area on the top of the table.

I bought more of the fabric so I could make matching napkins and place mats for the bar.  It is a fabulous project because I was able to finally make place mats just the size I wanted them.

Here, you can see the kitchen table and the bar with all the toppings I made.
Yesterday morning, it dawned on my lightning fast mind that I could do a NEW THING with some of my 10 million beads.  

I made napkin rings!

And, that picture reminds me, I am also working on a funny little quilt for Jerry.   He has already seen the panel.  He noticed it right away when it arrived here.  He laughed and said it was TOTALLY TRUE!

The top left and middle right certainly do ring a bell, lol.  Jerry would NEVER, EVER put on a dress for me.  He has, however, gotten on the floor with a yardstick and a pincushion and put hems in my garments.

He has measured me a hundred times while hollering at me constantly, "STAND STILL, JOY!"

Wish they had a cartoon for that.

And, I almost forgot.  I made a very pretty pair of earring with dangling Swarovski crystals for a very dear friend.  Hope she doesn't see them here.  As always, they are so much prettier than a photo can show.

And I've been working for days and days over several weeks on this little number.  It is called "Satellites".  You make a bunch of different components, and then you put them all together.

It still isn't done.

Bed time here.

Have a marvelous week my friends, and join me in praying for peace and safety in America.

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sure-fit Designs Show and Tell

Glenda, owner of Sure-fit Designs (SFD), asked me to send her a picture I took some time ago showing all the SFD blouses in my closet.

I could NOT find that picture, and it was so long ago that I have many more garments in my closet now.

As usual, I got carried away, and I decided to empty out my closet of most everything made using SFD.  I did not take out any of the pants, and I have made lots of them.  I also have many more garments at my other house, and some are in the laundry.

Fortunately, I still had a whole bunch left.

If you are interested, here is my Show and Tell video.  I made every garment you will see using the SFD Dress Kit.  I have made some shirts with the Shirt Kit, but they must be hanging at the other house.

I can't stay long today because I am cleaning my house.

I figure a real good cleaning now will get me through the holidays.

The dogs go in Thursday for a bath and a Sani-cut.  Then I can hug all over them and their soft, clean fuzziness!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sure-fit Designs for BEGINNERS from Glenda

It is early morning here in Southern OK.  I fell asleep early last night, so I am up early this morning.  I asked Glenda, owner of Sure-fit Designs (SFD), to send me her thoughts on SFD FOR BEGINNERS, and this seems to be a good time to share them with you as I drink my first cup of Nantucket Blend.

For those of you who wonder if SFD would work for a BEGINNER, please read Glenda's comments below, and REMEMBER that you don't JUST receive a packet of paper.  You also get excellent customer service directly from the owner, Glenda.

OH!  If you go to her website,, there is a gallery, and you can see LOTS of garments people have made.  If you make one, she will probably put it in the gallery too.  

Hi Joy,

Thanks for accepting my comments on beginners who might want to experience fitting (and sewing) with Sure-Fit Designs.  When anyone new decides to try SFD, I always have to assume some level of sewing experience (even though the person may be a beginner), because as you well know SFD is a fitting solution and not a course on learning how to use a sewing machine to sew clothes.  With that being said, the direction and purpose of my comments will be on pattern work and pattern education and the benefit to the SFD user.

1.    Of all the comments I hear from beginner seamstresses the dominant one is that if they sew a (commercial) pattern to the best of their ability and it doesn’t fit in the end, they get so frustrated that their reaction is to say ‘I hate sewing.’ When in fact, the actual sewing likely isn’t the problem, it’s the resulting poor fit.  Beginners often equate the resulting fit with their sewing skills.  So if the person can begin with a pattern that fits them or at minimum fits them better than any commercial pattern ever would, then that person is generally very happy with their accomplishment and will continue with sewing in general.

2.    Being introduced to a sloper pattern as a beginner is an excellent starting place for any new seamstress for a number of reasons.
a.      Commercial or related patterns can be daunting particularly if inappropriate styles are chosen and therefore are complicated in relation to the person’s ability.
b.    A sloper, SFD in particular, is one shape on one sheet reflecting the shape required for the body.  In its simplest form, it is a basic pants pattern (or bodice/skirt and shirt-style pattern).
c.     Taking measurements and applying them to the master patterns is a straight forward process of connecting their personal measurement dots and not overly challenging.  It’s an excellent starting place for new seamstresses to learn measuring, the importance of accuracy and how that relates from the pattern to the body and ultimately to the success of any sewing project.
d.    Understanding the uniqueness of their individual body shape and the challenges that their body presents can be a rewarding learning experience and when expressed on a sloper vs. manipulating a commercial pattern to fit, this is usually a very rewarding experience.
e.     As mentioned above, many SFD users achieve a fit ‘straight out of the box’ that is so far superior to any commercial pattern.  And if the pattern needs refining then I have always been here to assist if the person needs assistance.  All the person needs to do is ASK.
f.      SFD is committed to education in a number of ways and as you know, offers unprecedented customer care & support.
1.     A library of over 160 free videos to show actual pattern work from measuring, to drafting, to customizing for body challenges like sloping shoulders, sway backs, etc, to designing and even sewing.
2.    Extensive written materials are available for pattern fitting, drafting, designing & sewing instructions (depending on the particular reference).
3.    Extensive DVD/Tutorial assistance is now available for the 3 major SFD Kits.
4.    Effective and knowledgeable phone, Skype, and email assistance for any seamstress, beginner to advanced usually within a 24 hr turn-around (which you have experienced) is available.
Beginner’s can often get off to a much better start when their patterns fit and not everyone needs to do refinements…it simply depends on the person’s shape and their special needs.  As Connie stated, she has never regretted her investment (in SFD), is self-taught and now has become close to a professional.  This goes back some 30 years when I’m sure she was a beginner too.

From my hands–on experiences with my Fit & Sew Retreats, some find the Pants easier than the Bodice pattern.  If I begin my lessons with the Bodice, when we get to the Pants they are a breeze.  And the reverse is true…when I begin with the Pants…the Bodice goes so much quicker and the students are grasping the concepts quicker.  For the beginner, I don’t think one pattern over the other is more challenging – in my 40 years of working in this industry, I have found that it all depends on the body issues any given person might have.
Then Sure-Fit Designs™ fitting system truly can be of tremendous benefit to any level of sewing experience whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced seamstress.

And Glenda asked me for a still of my red blouse for the gallery, so I will post it here:

I hear rumblings below.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sure-fit Designs Discussion and Other Stuff

I'm listening to the debate, so I may be a bit distracted writing this post.

I have to brag a  bit to start.  When I woke up this morning, I noticed that my waist looked a little smaller than usual.  Even though my waist has mood swings and sways between actual measurements from hour to hour, the measurement I took this morning was the best since I started my diet.

I took a picture so you can see:

if my friend, Margaret, would QUIT bringing me french bread with the chicken soup from Panera Bread, I MIGHT have measured even less than that this morning.  I arrived here yesterday about noon, and the house was really cold because we keep the thermostat on 60 when we are away in the winter.  It takes forever for the house to warm up, and for some reason, I could NOT get warm.  I had the fireplace on and was sitting in my recliner with a hoodie on and my quilt on top of me.  I was still cold.

I texted Margaret and told her I didn't feel like going to Outback for a steak dinner.  She asked if I would like some chicken soup, and OF COURSE, I said "YES!"  I did sort of ASK her to bring some bread too, but.....  SOMEONE has to be strong.  It was seriously very healing.  I felt better just as soon as we ate the hot soup.

I had time this morning to make a video, so I decided to talk some more about Sure-fit Designs.  I seem to have given some people the idea that I didn't think Sure-fit would work for beginners.  Glenda, who owns Sure-fit Designs, feels like it is actually very good for beginners because it can save them the horrible frustration of putting all the time into making a garment and then having it not fit.

I blab on and on, and I'm not sure I fixed the issue, but here it is:

And I actually INSPIRED MYSELF as I was playing with all my envelopes, and I decided to make a new knit top this afternoon.

I started about 1:00, and by 5:00 I was wearing it.  The front and the back SFD patterns were already made and were in one of those envelopes.  I did change the bust dart to a french dart.   I didn't have a sleeve though with my smaller measurements.  SFD has TWO sleeve patterns:  one for wovens and one for knits.

I'm showing you the one I used to make myself a sleeve pattern in about 10 minutes.  Notice it says "STRETCHY".   The other side has the WOVEN version.

Here, I am drawing my sleeve with the 38 dots.

And here, I pinned the paper sleeve together and tried it on:

Here I am with the finished top on, and I LOVE it!  PERFECT fit!

I wanted to share Glenda's comments with you here, but I cannot figure out how to copy them.  I have tried everything I know.  

I encourage anyone who is interested in making their own patterns that will be made to their exact measurements to go to Glenda's website: 

You could spend days looking around at all she has to offer in articles and videos.  I sat in my bed many nights and watched all of her videos when I was first learning how to use Sure-fit Designs.

Some of you have asked me to show you how I draw my patterns using SFD, but that is totally not necessary.  You can watch Glenda do it in a very easy to understand format with close-up photography.  You can email her if you have any questions.

First debate is over.  It was pretty much the same stuff as the last one.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, November 8, 2015

New SFD Blouse with Necklace to Match and THANKS to Diana

Good Sunday evening my friends.  This day has been very full and very busy.  I love to be busy all the time, so that is a good thing.

We started with Cornerstone Church this morning and listened to Matthew preach a fabulous sermon on the Power of God.  He just gets better and better.  What a blessing he is.

Then I finished my new Sure-fit Designs red blouse that goes with the necklace I made last week.

Here is a video for you because I could not get a decent picture:

I get lots of comments from "my people" saying they love my videos, so I keep making them.  You know how I have a major lack of conversation around here, so I have to talk to you via the video cam on the tripod.

Jerry has his birthday boat back from Bass Pro, and he wanted to take it out for a few hours to break it in some more.  I went with him, and we had a really nice time.  He let me drive for awhile, and I was able to figure out the new throttle.  The motor on this boat is SO QUIET, Jerry and I can't figure out if it is ON or OFF.  We are both really loving that!

I want to thank you, Diana, for all your great advice.  I am a person who can take advice, so keep it coming.  Your eyebrow tips are WONDERFUL, and I tried what you said.  The WET brush makes a huge difference.  But, no, I did NOT wet it with my tongue.  I'm feeling so much better about my brows.

And to Connie Ruth.  Yes, I was afraid Glenda might not appreciate my comments to the beginner seamstress.  I do, however, feel that SFD would be difficult for a beginner.  There is a whole lot more to it than just following the dots.  You STILL have to know how to tweak it for all the various issues. I have been VERY, VERY complimentary about SFD because I LOVE it!  Lots of people have bought SFD because of my blog.  I wasn't in any way saying that SFD isn't amazing and wonderful and awesome.  I just don't think it is for a beginner.  I will do a video clarifying.  I'm wearing my latest SFD blouse in the video above.  I learned P&P BEFORE I bought SFD.  Both are great products.

And to Debbie who guessed that I was watching videos on how to do the Two-Step:  Your surprise will be in the mail tomorrow.  I'm wondering if you dance, Debbie.  Actually, she guessed the videos were about dancing.  I called that "close enough".

Time to go.

God bless you all, and have a wonderful week!

Hugs Joy