Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunny Sunday Salutations!

Hello friends!  I hope you are having a lovely weather Sunday like we are today.  We have had enough rain to float a small Ark around here!  Everything is SO GREEN and so lush right now.  Jerry has had his "landscaping hat" on all weekend.  He has trimmed all the hedges and bushes and mowed the lawn.  Trimming hedges around here is no small task.  IN FACT, I think I'll run down and snap a pic....

I TRIED to get a pano with my cell phone, but it was not cooperating.  You'll have to fill in the blanks, lol.

In the center where the sidewalk jogs is a huge hedge that he has trimmed level with the mortar line in the bricks.


That is why I am not allowed to do it.

I never get it right with the mortar!  He always comes all unglued and fixes my trim jobs.

Can't you SEE that isn't level with the bricks, Joy!?

Then, I put on my best shock face and tell him he is OBVIOUSLY a GENIUS at trimming hedges, and I better not do it ever again!

 Here's one showing you how it lines up with the mortar when Jerry does it.
And YOU thought I was kidding didn't you???

And HOW GORGEOUS are these flowers the rain brought suddenly to full bloom?  I had only ONE bloom last year, but this year I have EIGHT.  This has to be the most gorgeous flower of all.  I saw them in Aunt Betty Jane's yard when I was working at Mom's house in Kingfisher, and soon thereafter, I planted one of my own.  That was three years ago.

How can ANYONE with half a pea brain (as my Mother used to say) think there is no God when they see a creation like this, never mind a human being?  I just do NOT get that!

Also notice our LOVELY dirt yard.  All that dirt you see USED to be green grass.  The dogs, evidently, have an aversion to grass, so they destroy it.  Sometimes I think I will have to get rid of them to ever have a pretty yard again.
The sermon this morning was called "Kingdom of the Mind".

EXCELLENT sermon by Pastor John Hagee this morning.  I wish my grandsons who have just started attending church together could have heard it.  I bet they will listen to the recording of it though.  They were at their Dad's house this morning, and he goes to a very strange church.  I will say no more.

And I have been sewing AND embroidering AND making new Sure-fit Designs AND beading buttons.

Do you want to see?

If you do, leave a comment, and I will post pictures tomorrow.

Until then, enjoy your day.

Hugs, Joy

Monday, April 20, 2015

Television and Bust Adjustments

It is 9:11 PM on Monday, and I have just landed in my night time laptop blog posting/checking position.  I always check to see what Rhonda is up to.  Sometimes, I still check on Gertie, although she seldom posts now that she is rich and famous.  Stitcher's Guild seems slow too these days.  Pattern Review seems boring now, or maybe it is just me.

I need some NEW blogs to read.  Any suggestions???

My husband just came in to take his place on the other side of our king size bed with a large bowl of vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate syrup in his hands!  HOW ON EARTH am I supposed to keep the weight off with temptation like that!?  Fortunately, I just brushed my teeth, so I don't want to get them dirty.  His excuse is he has braces, and he has to eat something soft.  WATER is soft!  That is what I have to "eat" these days.

And, of course, we are now watching that Alaska family with the Dad that has the long gray mustache blowing in the wind and the grown son who thinks he really is a wolf and a bunch of other kids.

All of them are in various stages of tooth decay.  The mother had to have some of hers pulled in one of the shows we watched.

Shocking to me that people live like they do.  In one show they were building an outhouse for the girls to use as they described how they all currently tended to the call.

Funny thing is they all seem to really love the way they live, and not only that, they are on TV doing it!  Sure don't see any TV people banging on our door to film how Jerry and I live!

I worked all day at our store today.  I really enjoy it.  Everyone seems as happy as can be expected, and I love seeing their smiling faces and talking to them.  I talk to myself here at home!

Not much happened to talk about today, so I'll sign off.  I may make a video of a bust adjustment tomorrow for the lady that asked me what I do.  I use the Palmer & Pletsch method.  There just happens to be a new Craftsy class with Pati Palmer and her daughter showing you exactly how to do all the blouse/top alterations.  I highly recommend it.

It is on sale right now.  You can see in the paper pattern on Pati that there has been a Full Bust Adjustment put into it.  AND LET ME POINT OUT that in this class they use all sizes of women to fit.  They do the two pictured, plus another over 60 woman with lots of issues, a large-breasted young woman, and a very plump young woman.  Most fitting videos use models that are 19 years old with a B bust and perfect figures.  A LOT of teachers on Craftsy use manikins!  Worthless to us over 60 shapes!

Let me know if you read any other Blogs that I might like.  I'm going to check on Rhonda.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, April 19, 2015

WHAT a Sermon and Two New Tops

Oh, my!  Even Phylly agrees.  She emailed me that she watched Pastor John Hagee at TWICE this morning.  It was very, very, very good!  I urge you to watch today's sermon in the rerun/archives tomorrow if you can.  It was called Anchor of Hope.

Pastor Hagee talks about something that happened to him that NOBODY but his family knew about.  Jerry and I watched his sermons all through the time he referred back to, and we KNEW something was wrong, but we had NO IDEA how severe and terrifying an ordeal he was going through.

God truly is our ANCHOR OF HOPE!  I don't know how people who have convinced themselves there is no God can even get out of bed in the morning.  Where does their hope come from?  There isn't any place.  That is why most of the whole world is on anti-depressants.  It is so sad that a person born and living in America can't get through one day without some kind of drug because they are so depressed.  And SADDER THAN THAT, the drugs just make it worse!

How can you hear the voice of God speaking to you?  How can you hear the counsel of the great and mighty Holy Counselor, the Holy Spirit, when your brain is drugged?  It is no small thing.  The Bible says wisdom comes FROM GOD.  If we can't HEAR God, how can we receive wisdom?

Maybe there are SOME cases where a person really needs that stuff, but certainly not the millions that are on it.  Even the children!  Children need parenting, discipline, love and good nutrition.


I'll get off that soap box.  Just sayin'.

And God is SO GOOD!  I have a loved one in my family that has made some majorly bad choices and has gotten into a place of depression and heartache that seems insurmountable.  Another is going through a broken heart and trying to save his marriage.  These two loved ones just happened to be together this morning, and after asking me for instructions, they sat together and watched Pastor Hagee preach Anchor of Hope.  They were many miles away from here, but I was certainly with them in Spirit.  God has promised He will NEVER leave them or forsake them.  It is my only comfort.  No drug on Earth can fix what those two are going through right now.

And let me say again -- in case you don't read my blog much and you are in shock over my statements -- that this is MY blog and everything here is MY opinion

If you don't agree or you don't like it or you think I'm insane and need a good Shrink, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that I am a Square Peg in a Round Hole.  The Bible even says, "We are IN this Earth, but NOT OF IT."

I guess that would make me a Square Peg on a Round Ball!

this square peg has two new blouses.

This is the Cutting Line Designs SNAP TO IT pattern by Louise Cutting.

I think both the "muslin" and the final turned out good.  It is a really full style for me, but I am liking it.

I started the "muslin" using the blue butterflies that Margaret liked so much.  I put the long sleeve that is in the pattern on this one even though I usually am not a fan of long sleeves.

Here is the "muslin" which is FOR SURE, a wearable top.

Notice that with Rhonda's permission, I used FIVE buttons instead of three.  Worked just fine!
I am wearing it with my new Size 12 jeans from Macy's.  I ordered TWO of every color because I have two houses, but one of this color was the wrong Size.  Fortunately, Terry was able to wear it, and she bought it from me.

 This top has ties inside to hold the inside left front to the inside right front.  Strange, but it seems to work.  Also, you can see that -- AS ALWAYS -- I have pulled the long sleeves up to be 3/4.  Should have made them that way to start with.

And here is the second top.  I actually think the first one looks better on me, but I will wear them both.  I put SHORT sleeves on this top even though the pattern only came with a long sleeve.  Turns out you can just chop that sucker off!  Those are the Burda pants I made last week.

Here, I noticed that another pair of Size 12 Macy Jeans SORT OF matched the new top.  I could only find the ONE FLOWER circled in pink that actually matched it though, so I will stick with the other pants.

Gotta go.  Been sitting in this chair too long.  Jerry is fishing to make sure his boat repairs are holding up.  He tried to take Doug (Terry's husband) fishing a few weeks ago, and the boat DIED on the water.


I just called him, and he said everything was working great.  I am SO, SO, SO HAPPY when Jerry takes a day off and does something he enjoys.

And here they are side-by-side.  It appears I'm into five buttons no matter how many of these I make.

I wonder if Louise would like to see these.  Maybe I'll try to post them on her website.  NO!  I'll post them at Stitcher's Guild.  She will see them there.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Quick Saturday Hello

I had the funnest NON-shopping spree with Phylly this morning.

She went to the brand new Helen Enox location in Oklahoma City, and she texted me pictures of the store and different fabrics here on my cell phone in Kingston -- 150 miles south.  She said the store was packed and she got worn out because she just got over the Flu.  I think she did buy one piece of fabric and got a swatch for me.  It was VERY tempting, my friends, to run downstairs, jump in my car and drive up there.  I didn't though.  I have to be good until Candi gets back to work.

Other than that, I almost finished my non-muslin Snap To It Top.  By tomorrow afternoon, I should be able to show it to you.  I love it.  I also made a bracelet to go with it.  It was a hard pattern to learn, but as all things new, once you learn it, you can do it.  I'll show it to you too.  It is called Cubic Right Angle Weave or CRAW for short.

Jerry wanted to go to Lowe's and to Walmart this evening to get some grass seed and various other non-girly things.  I texted Terry and Tammy while he got his things.  Now, a thunderstorm is winding its way here quickly.  Jerry is outside putting his boat and his truck under cover.

Josie keeps digging her way out of the back yard, and he is trying to find her THIRD escape route in two days!

That dog can really be trying!  It is a good thing she is SO DARN CUTE!

I hear thunder.  I better go downstairs and make sure my hubby is safe and sound inside the house.

Oh, Rhonda!  Thanks for the advice.  I used five buttons both times.  You will see them in the upcoming pics.

Be back soon!

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An Apology and A Video

It just DAWNED on me today that I promised SOMEONE the pattern for the Wallflower Quilt that I called "Nida's Garden".  If you will please REMIND me who it was, I will sure send it right out to you.  Seems like it was you, Anita, but I'm not sure.

Email me at and let me know your full name and address, and I will mail the applique patterns to you on Friday.

It was a good day.  Sunshine and no rain!  My dogs don't smell like fish today.  When they are soaking wet, they smell like fish.  YUK!

I made a video this morning before I went to work.

Here it is if you want to see it.

I'm still working on that blue number, but I will have it finished tomorrow.

Do you think it is against the law to put FIVE buttons where only THREE are called for???

I found five pretty buttons that match that blue fabric that I got from The Cloth Merchants in Tulsa, OK before they went out of business.  I can't imagine where I would use just two, so I want to use all five.

Just got a call from my grandson.  He wanted to know that "Hagee Church" Papa and I go to so he and his brother can watch it.  PRAISE GOD FOREVERMORE!  Those boys are both going through a very hard thing right now.  I'm so glad they know WHERE to find the answers!  (And I DON'T mean Grandma.)

Be back soon!

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Craziest Thing We EVER Did!, New Top and Josie

I may have told you we sold my Toyota a few weeks ago.  It was replaced by the red Explorer I bought to put my dogs in.  I also have a Honda that I keep in the garage at my other house so if I go up there with Jerry, I have a car to drive.

So the nice people came to look at the Toyota.  They drove about 40 miles to get here.  They took it out for a test drive and decided they wanted it.  It was at night, so the next day my hubby met them at our bank where there was a Notary to notarize the Title to the Toyota.  The buyers took the Toyota and we took the money.  Everyone was delighted, and that was that -- or so we thought -- until today.

Jerry got a call from Mrs. Buyer about 3:30 today.  She told him we had given them the Title to the Honda -- NOT the Toyota!

Jerry called me here at home and told me.  In my super exaggerated, overly inflated imagination, I could see the teenage boy the car was bought for having a wreck in my Toyota -- for which we have NO INSURANCE because it was cancelled when we THOUGHT we sold it -- and us getting sued for everything we have.  I was VERY upset!

I thought, "OH NO!  Will I have to give them my Honda and take back the Toyota?"

I called our insurance agent to find out if we could REinsure the Toyota in less than two seconds.  We couldn't.

C R A Z Y !  Has anyone else ever done such a goofy thing?

It all ended okay except we have to go to the tag agency tomorrow to get a new Title for the Honda, because the Title shows it being sold to those other people.  Thank goodness, they were a very nice family!

I'm working on a new Cutting Line Design top.  New for me, that is.  I spent 4 hours adjusting the paper pattern for proper fit, but I think I've got it.  I'll show it to you tomorrow if I get it done.  I've got the "muslin" about half-way done.

I'm making the blue version with the three buttons.  I am NOT putting the pocket on the back of the blouse.  I think that is goofy.  Are you supposed to SIT ON your cell phone, or what?

And before I go,

I HAVE to show you Josie!

 Remember Jackie's half-sister.  She is seven months old, and she had her very first haircut yesterday.  I was SHOCKED at the LOVELY lady under all that hair.

Jackie is half silver now.

She is pretty too, of course, but I think the solid black is prettier.

Hope all of you had a nice day!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Night

Hello friends on this lovely, cool Spring evening in southern Oklahoma.

I don't think I accomplished a single thing today, but I worked all day long doing it!

Oh, yes.  I tried that FREE knit tee pattern.

I printed it out and, I taped all its alphabet pieces together.

Then I put in a Full Bust Adjustment.

Then I pinned the 2 pieces -- front and back -- together so I could try it on one half of my torso.

I removed my blouse and went and stood in front of my 3-way mirror.

I put my hand and arm through the sleeve opening, and then I TRIED to pull the paper pattern up over my shoulder and onto my body, but it resisted wildly.

It screamed:  You stupid lady!!!  Can't you SEE I am three sizes too small for you!!!?

I couldn't figure out how to make it bigger, so I wadded it up and tossed it in the trash.  Decided to make more pants, but I didn't do that either because Terry was here working on a quilt.

In the morning, I am going to make the tee with my Sure-fit Designs kit.  Don't know WHY I don't do that to start with.  Everything seems so easy until you try to do it.

It is tax season and Jerry is grumpier than a Mama grizzly bear.  He works so, so hard all the time.  I beg him to slow down or hire more help, but he doesn't.  He thinks he is the only one who can do certain things like competitive bidding paperwork and tax preparation for the CPA.  I'm sure not going to do it.  I don't want to be so busy I can't enjoy my life.  

Jerry just quit for the day and is ready to watch TV.  I'm going to join him.

Be back soon.   Have a MARVELOUS weekend!

Hugs, Joy