Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Look 6602 Tunic Pattern VLOG (Revised)

Hello, hello, hellooooooo!

I think I've gotten my groove back.

Nothing like sunshine to perk my brain up.  Did you hear it was 79 degrees here in Oklahoma yesterday?

It is pretty warm outside today, but the wind could blow you off a parking lot and rip the door off your car -- not to mention, it would blow this brand new top right off over my head!
I did make a new video for you today so you could really see my cute new tunic.  It is actually the "muslin", but I have done alterations for my body so many times that I can be pretty sure of the fit now BEFORE the garment is made.

Well, I THINK, it is a cute new tunic.  I am going to take some off the sides on the next one as there seems to be a whole lot of room on the sides.

Here is the video for those of you who care to watch it.

And here is a link to Peggy's broadcast about proper blouse and jacket lengths in regard to your torso.  Go to 29:29 in the video.

COULD I have done this with Sure-fit Designs.

Of course!

I just figured as much ease as was in this style that I could make it work.  I have found that New Look patterns have narrower shoulders than the other brands.  I cut out a size medium in this, and with the FBA, it fits really good.

Changes I Made:

#1:  FBA, +1 Inch

#2:  High Round Back of +3/8"

#3:  Sway Back of -5/8"

#4:  Shortened the Length by 6" to make my blouse be Two-to-One per Peggy Sagers 

#5:  Cut The Back ON THE FOLD, and Then Shortened the Right Shoulder (Instead of cutting a right back and a left back.  The only difference in the two is one shoulder is higher for buttons.)

#6:  This is one day later.  I took 4 inches out of the width of the top I made.  I like it MUCH better.  Here is a pic:

It wouldn't hurt to take 4 inches out of MYSELF!

I think the wind MAY have died down a bit, and I may have to go to Hancock's to look for a fabric to try Tunic #2.


I have to tell you something very important.

This pattern is described as "EASY" in big letters at the top of the envelope.

Welllllllllllllllllllllll, with me being such a highly trained professional (LOL), I didn't think I needed to read the directions.

The facing is unique in this pattern as it faces the neck and the armholes at the same time.  VERY NICE!

Only problem is, when I pulled the back through the shoulder to turn it right sides out, it tied itself into a very strange twist that wouldn't come apart.

I decided to read the directions.

You may remember that I have done this very thing not too long ago.  I had SEWN THE SIDE SEAMS TOGETHER, and you are NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT until AFTER you apply the facing and turn everything around.  I did quite a bit of UNsewing, but it all turned out in the end.

Gotta get.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Night Thunder

Hi Everyone!

I WAS going to email my friend, Margaret, but then I remembered she will be doing EXACTLY what my husband is doing:  Watching the Thunder game.  I swear, there is a Thunder game every day of the week.  Every time I try to be "the good wife" and watch a game, they lose.

I suppose everyone knows the Thunder is Oklahoma's basketball team.  I should have Margaret come over to watch the game with Jerry.  At least, Margaret knows WHY they keep running back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.  The score is usually 1 to 2 points apart.  I always say, whoever runs over to their side when the bell rings (or the gun shoots) is the team that is going to win.

I am so ignorant about basketball.  I was watching it for awhile the other night.  One of the guys ran over to the other side.  He jumped up and HUNG ON THE RING the ball goes into as he smashed the ball through the hoop.  Trying to act interested, I GASPED!  Oh my goodness!  That guy is really going to get in trouble!  He could break that ring off there!

Jerry looked at me like he would be calling the Nursing Home people as soon as the game was over.  He said, "Joy, you really don't get it, do you?"

Duh!  I've told him a million times I don't understand the game.  He thinks NOBODY could possibly be that dumb, so he never explains it to me.

I actually played basketball for a short time when I was in the 8th grade.  I figured it might be fun since there was a ball involved, and I loved to play 4-square in my driveway at home.

I think the teachers expected me to already KNOW the rules.  I didn't.  I wanted to bounce the ball around and throw it in the hoop.


I had to run around like a broken robot and try to stop the people with the ball from getting it in the basket.  You couldn't TOUCH them.  I was always getting yelled at for doing it wrong.

I remember I didn't do it for long.  The teachers probably felt sorry for me and put me on the bench.

I actually was really, really good at ONE sport.  It was Jacks.  I used a golf ball to play Jacks, and I could beat every girl in the neighborhood.

If I could get down on the floor and back up again without a Crane, I would STILL play Jacks.

I made -- well, almost made -- a really cute top today.  My fabric is a bit faulty in a very strange way.  Fortunately, I had enough of it to make it work.  I had 3 yards of the fabric.  It is a black background with gray flowers on it.  Of course, it has SOME kind of flower on it.  You already knew that, didn't you!

Anyway, when I washed it, it got all twisted up around itself.  I shook it all loose and put it in the dryer.  When I took it OUT of the dryer later, it had white streaks where it had been twisted.  I have never had a fabric do that before.  I think I better hand wash the blouse I made out of it.

I was asked to find the post about the Sonya blouse that I redesigned with my SFD Dress Kit.  The post was on 12-3-14.  If you will look back at the earlier posts for that date, you will find it.  It is called "My Attempt at Restyling Sure-fit Designs Top to Another Pattern".

Hugs, Joy

Monday, January 26, 2015

VLOG For You Today

Since I have my usual 20,000 WPD (words per day) blocked inside me because I can't email my friend anymore, I was about to bust!

Therefore, I sat down and talked to you via my brand new camera.

PLEASE NOTE:  I used the word "retribution" in the video when I meant to say "reconciliation".  Good heavens!  How far apart can two words BE, and to screw up when I'm already over my head in hot water!

I did have lunch with my dear friend Margaret today.

As Margaret pointed out, she and I have NOTHING in common, yet we love each other.  She doesn't sew or quilt or blog or make strange videos of herself.  We do both have secretarial backgrounds and complicated family issues.

Margaret said to me, "Joy, there is NOTHING in the world you could say to me that would make me stop being your friend."

Well, as nice as that was for her to say, it of course is not true.  There is such a constant river of words flowing out of my mouth that sometimes I shock myself at what comes out!

Jerry just got home.  I better get some supper on before he decides he wants a new wife!!!

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wanted: New Best Friend


I think I surely hold the World's Record for losing best friends.  Is it my fault?  Absolutely!  It is totally my fault.  I always commit the horrible, unforgivable sin of saying what I think.  Friends say a lot of things to me that I don't agree with, but I don't just DUMP THEM as though our friendship was nothing.  I realize that there are never, ever going to be two people on this Earth that agree on every subject.

Actually, I had a best friend when I met Jerry 40 years ago.  Her name was Judy.  We met at work.  We were together all the time.  I called her one night and asked her to be a witness for us because we were getting married.  She told me that she would NOT be in my wedding and she would no longer be my friend.  She said, "I can't stand it that you are going to be happy, and I am going to still be miserable."  I never saw or talked to her again.

I lost a best friend once because she thought I wanted her husband.  It was actually the other way around.  I was friend enough to her that I never told her the truth.

My husband and I have LOTS of disagreements.  We don't just throw each other away.  Also, if it is the kind of disagreement that one of us has to give on, then I know that it is ME who has to give.  The Bible says he is my head, and God is his head.  But if we can just disagree, and the world isn't going to come to an end because of it, then we just disagree.

I guess I better warn everyone not to ever be friends with me because I will say what I think about a subject even if it disagrees with what you think.  Do I always say what I think?  Oh, NOOOOOOOOOO!  I about bite my tongue off trying NOT to upset the apple cart.  But other times, things need to be said.

I have a friend named Mona who lives in Colorado.  She is one-of-a-kind, and if she was still a neighbor, I bet we would still be great friends.  You could say ANYTHING to Mona, and it just rolled off her.  She would come back with something just as snarkey (I think I just invented that word, lol).  I just told her the other day that she was a BRAT!  Her response:  "Yep, I haven't changed!"  I used to complain about the cat hair all over her house.  She told me, "QUIT wearing black jeans over here!"  She never said, "Well, just don't come over if you don't like the cat hair!"  I never, ever -- not even once -- saw Mona in a bad mood.  I could be crying and upset after a big fight with Jerry.  She would come over, and it was like having a tranquilizer walk in the room.  In that way, opposite personalities are good for each other.  Mona didn't have any children, so I couldn't screw up our friendship by trying to give "helpful hints" about her kids.

Jerry and I did watch church this morning.  I was so sad that I could hardly listen, however.  I kept hoping that some kind of miracle would happen, and all would be well again.  It didn't happen though.

I promised Terry I would make little girl dresses for the Missionaries in Nicaragua.  She sent me 12 tee shirts.  Jerry kept needing me to run errands with him, and I was thankful for the distraction for my sad heart so I went with him.

I got only 7 dresses done.  They take quite a bit of time with 4 pleats, cutting, sewing, serging and pressing.  Terry sent me pictures of headbands she is making to go with the dresses she has made.

Next thing I know, she will be making panties and socks to go with them!  I may never catch up!

Anyway, here is a picture of the 7 I finished.  I have 5 more to do.  I don't know when Terry will be getting more shirts, but it will probably be soon once they see how cute these are.

That is it for today.

Hoping you all have TRUE best friends and have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, January 22, 2015

How I Hang My Quilts

I didn't get much sleep last night, so I may not be too coherent today.

I actually may be walking and talking in my sleep!

I was asked HOW I hung my new quilt up, so I took some pictures to show you.

I don't ALWAYS hang my quilts up like this, but it sure does work when you don't want to mess with sewing the sleeve on the back of the quilt and hanging a quilt holder on the wall.

I save all my used needles.  There probably isn't anything wrong with them.  They are just well-used sewing machine needles.

They make the most MARVELOUS "nails" for holding up quilts.

Here are some pics:

The needles do not show unless you really LOOK for them.

It was all I could do to get them to show up in a picture.

I start in the center.  Then I hammer one in at each top corner.  Then I fill in between those until the quilt appears to be straight on the wall.

To make sure the quilt is straight, I have a fun trick I do.

I take a wide piece of masking tape and I tape it lightly across the whole width of the wall -- at least, as much of the wall as the quilt requires - at the heighth that the quilt is going to be hung.

Then I get a long level that I have hanging in the closet.  I place the level on the wall AGAINST the masking tape, and I level it.  Then I draw a straight, level line all the way across the tape with a PENCIL.

After I hammer all my "nails" into the wall while aligning the quilt with the straight line, I tear the tape away gently from above and below the quilt.

Note:  Hammer GENTLY.  These are needles.  They go into the wall very easily.  They also leave the TINIEST little hole in the wall when you pull them out.

That's it for today.  I may have to sneak a short nap before dinner.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nida's Garden, The J's and New Camera

I am totally stressed tonight.

Why can't people communicate anymore?  I see problems all the time.  You can't talk to family or friends or employees or husbands or ANYONE without having to be sure you don't say something that might ruffle their tender little feathers!

And my grand kids' favorite comeback is "You shouldn't judge, Grandma."  That insane kind of thinking is certainly NOT Bible, and it has done so much damage to our children and our Nation!

OF COURSE, we should JUDGE!  You must judge what you eat, judge how you dress, judge who you become friends with, judge who you date, judge how you spend your money, and on and on and on I could go.

The word "Judge" means "to form an opinion or conclusion about".

I will admit that I was NOT born on the planet of "Unruffled Feathers".

In my family, if you didn't learn how to speak up and say what you wanted to say, you would be ignored, verbally abused and probably be mistaken for DEAD!

Now, I will admit, that my family was way off the scale when it comes to communication without concern for other's feelings, BUT we all knew how to speak our mind.  We didn't cuss or hit, but we could talk, explain, argue, discuss and speak up.

There has to be a happy medium in there somewhere.  People have to QUIT being so ridiculously sensitive all the time.

They need to smile, be happy, appreciate that they just maybe, might not be perfect, and could use some advice and/or correction now and then.

Proverbs 19:20-21   Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.

So, I will let that go, and show you my two new videos from my brand new camcorder!

I am at my house where the internet upload speed FLIES, so it took less than one minute to upload these two HIGH DEFINITION videos.  YIPPEE!

The first one is for my friends Mona and Jack.  They used to be our neighbors in Kingston a zillion years ago.  They were from Colorado, and they didn't like Kingston's weather.  Mona hated it so much, Jack finally moved her back to Colorado.

Mona and Jack had LOTS of pets.  Goodness, there were usually about 5 cats, 2 to 4 dogs, chickens, goats and maybe a donkey or a horse or both.  I used to complain all the time about the dog and cat hair all over the place.  When I went to their house, Mona would say, "Don't come over here in black jeans!"  She would cover up a chair for me to sit in.  One of their cats threw up a hair ball or something once, and I thought I would throw up one myself!

I was very ANTI-pet at the time.  I figured I had enough to do with a business to run, grandbabies to care for and two homes to take care of.  I thought pets were a major nuisance.

Well, my little video will show you I WAS RIGHT!  Notice in the yard one of the MANY holes Josie has dug.  The backyard here looks like the surface of the moon!  Notice the two lawn chair cushions.  Notice the white stuff all over the grass.  It is NOT snow!  It is the former stuffing from the chairs.  If I could have turned the tree around, you would see the huge hole in the side of the trunk that Josie has chewed.

Sooooooooooooo, I emailed my friend Mona last week, and I told her that we now have two cats and two dogs.

She wanted proof!  She said she told Jack that we had two dogs, and he did not believe it!  He wanted proof!  LOL.  Hence, the video.

And, YES!  I have my new camera.  Actually, the 2nd new camera.  I got the next step up from what I first had because the first one had a NON-removable battery.  I like to have two batteries so one is always charged.  I noticed that my two new videos have HD next to them.  I decided that HD is really nice for the quilt, but not so much for my face!

Here is Nida's Garden:

I have to go for now.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Sunday Evening

It was a really nice day.

Our Sunday morning started with church from Cornerstone in San Antonio, TX.  Pastor Hagee started a series about THREE HEAVENS.  It was very good.  All about angels and devils and dying and coming back to life.  He read a story of a lady Doctor who had died for 11 minutes and came back to life.  VERY interesting.  There were lots of witnesses to it.  I have heard and read a LOT of stories about people dying and going to heaven and coming back to life again.  Some of them I thought were quite hokey and didn't agree with scripture.  There is one minister I actually like and respect who said he had a vision of heaven, but I don't agree with all of what his tale was either.

I figure that when I get there MYSELF, then I will be qualified to tell someone what it is like.

Hagee seems to agree that something very good or very awful is going to happen in September, 2015.  I refuse to listen to the doom and gloom preached by people who should know better (not Hagee).  God isn't going to die between now and then.  God's word isn't going to change between now and then.  And I'm not going to quit serving him no matter what happens!

I have good news in case any of you are planning on visiting me any time in the near future.

ALL of the 16-year old windows in this house were WASHED for the very first time today!

Well, not ALL of them.  Jerry could not reach the 2nd story, and I did NOT want him to try.  Therefore, if you come to visit me, you might be able to see out the windows!

Actually, I have washed some of them, but on the outside, that usually involves spraying them with a garden hose.  They are too tall for me to reach without a ladder, and I am of the belief that old people should NOT be up on ladders without another person close by.

I remembered yesterday when we were at Lowe's looking for something and I noticed a bunch of long window-cleaning tools and the non-streak window cleaner that goes with them that Jerry and I actually had already bought all of that stuff years ago.  I asked him if he knew where it all was.  He did!  It was all in his barn.  So I announced that since the weather was supposed to be so nice today that we were going to wash all the windows in the house, and pray they didn't shatter from the shock!

As it turned out, it was a one-man show, as only one person can hold the long pole.  I blew the leaves off the patio and cleaned up the chairs.  I also walked around the yard and picked up ten thousand tiny pieces of fluff that the dogs had chewed out of the guts of all their toys.

Time to go.  Nida's Garden is actually hanging on the wall already, but I had new camera issues GALORE today, and by the time I figured out HOW to take the pictures, I didn't care anymore.  It involved FOUR phone calls to Best Buy stores.  One of them actually allowed me to talk to a member of the Geek Squad who went on for 20 minutes asking me all kinds of questions.  I told her over and over that I just had a simple question, and I needed to talk to a camera salesperson.  She said she really needed to help me herself.  Well, she couldn't.  She FINALLY came up with the brilliant idea to transfer me to a camera salesperson.  DUH!  Only problem was, when she pushed the "send her somewhere else" button, the phone disconnected.

Then I called 3 other stores.  Two were too busy to even answer the phone.  The third one was answered by a young girl who INSISTED I tell her what I wanted.  I told her I wanted to talk to a camera salesperson.  She told me the entire store was too busy to talk to me.  I told her to forget it, and I hung up.


I ended up calling the number on the Best Buy website.  I got a VERY NICE woman who said it was a slow day, and she was the only on there so that made her the Supervisor.  She agreed with me that all I needed was a salesperson at some store.  She told me she could get past the receptionist and get me the right person to talk to.  SHE DID!!!  I was so happy.  The conversation lasted less than one minute with the salesman.  As I said, by that time I was NOT in the mood to take pictures anymore.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy