Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gertie Coat, Tattoos and Carol Retires

All the things I ordered to make Gertie's coat have suddenly arrived at the same time.  The pattern, the lining -- supposed to be bright red, but is burgundy -- and the interfacing.  I would like to start right away on the muslin, but not enough time until maybe Friday.

Tomorrow, we have to go to Kingfisher to meet with our attorney, Molly, and then take Mom to the doctor to have him write a letter about her state of mind for the judge.  The attorney seems to think it will only take a few weeks, so that is wonderful!  The part we both hate is spending MORE money.  Why does the government make it so complicated to age?

We had gyro dinners tonight at Zorba's.  Jerry loves that stuff.  It is just okay to me.  I do love the light, fluffy rice, but I couldn't eat much on my DESM diet.  Besides, I had a piece of cake at Carol's retirement party at our store just a few hours before dinner.  Too much to eat today!  I will make it up tomorrow.

A while back I posted about my rogue employee, Brian, that had ONE tattoo when I hired him, and he always wore long sleeves to cover it.  I asked him one day WHY he wore long sleeves when it was so hot.  He showed me is tattoo and explained he wanted to keep it covered.

WELLLLLLLLLLLL, while we were waiting for the other employees to arrive, I started taking this video to show you what Brian's arms look like now.  I intended to keep filming, but I got distracted and had to stop filming.  This was done on my cell phone, and is very skinny.  Should have taken my little pink camera. 

Video has been removed.

Carol is at the end in the cute top with the ruffle around the neck that I would LOVE to make.  She has the most amazing wardrobe, and she gets a lot of it at the thrift shop.  She knows the best days to go to get the things that just came in.  She is ONLY 68 years old, and none of us could understand why she wouldn't stay until at least 70.  Lu, the store Manager planned the nicest party for her.  She had sayings from movie stars and famous people who had retired.  She made her a Certificate of Retirement.  Everyone but the guys and me was crying.  You would have thought it was her funeral.  She is coming back to help train her replacement, so she will be back next week.  And she has agreed to come if someone is sick or on vacation.  Can't ask for more than that.

Have to run.  Couldn't finish this post last night because it rained.  Every time it rains, the TV goes off, the internet goes off, and I go off!  SO frustrating!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hey, JoyJoy, there is no video or picture. Have you been taking lessons from me in forgetting to post things or did the rain mess it up?

    I hope we can get together next week. I sure wish I was going to be here so we could get together.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Just push the little arrow. It works. You have to wait a bit for it to download. I've watched it several times. Just Brian's tattoos, so I'll probably remove it in a few days.
    Hugs, Joy

    1. Hello Joy, I posted a comment on your blog page that you have the instructions & video link for how to use the bendy curve for measuring a crotch curve & then making the fish bowl. Could you go to that blog & read my comment & let me know your response, please?


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