Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mormon Underwear and Jewelry to Match

Now THAT'S a weird title, isn't it? 

Surely, you know that Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  If you are like me and are not a Mormon, you probably wonder what they really believe and what goes on inside the secret temple.  I have heard all my life that the Mormons are a cult and they wrote their own "bible" and they really worship the devil.  All kinds of crazy things.  My Mom told me that if you left the Mormon church, they would put a curse on you, and you would die, and she actually KNEW some people that had died because of that.

I subscribe to Glenn Beck TV ( and on tonight's broadcast he spent the entire program discussing his Mormon faith.  I really wanted to hear what he had to say, and I was very surprised by some of it.  If you want to hear it, you can get a 14-day free subscription and watch the video.

Two things that surprised me:

1.  They have to wear special underwear.  It goes from your neck down to your knees -- like an undershirt with long briefs attached.  You HAVE to wear it under your clothes every single day.  The women have to wear one too, however, it must not be as high up as the men's garment.  Otherwise, Ann Romney couldn't wear the v-neck blouses that she wears.  Glenn said that his wife is VERY restricted in the clothes she can buy because of this undergarment.  I wonder what they wear to swim???

2.  He said that they baptise the dead.  At least, I THINK that is what he said.  He said that 1 Corinthians talks about it.  I scanned the entire book of 1 Corinthians, and I did not see where anyone was baptising the dead.  If anyone knows about that, I hope you will comment.

Glenn is obviously very devout in his beliefs.  He is a much better person since becoming a Mormon, that is for sure.  He is a reformed alcoholic by his own admission. 

They believe in marrying young to prevent sex before marriage, and they believe in having lots of children. 

They believe you will still be married in heaven.  From what I've been taught, there is no marriage in heaven because it isn't necessary. 

I always tell Jerry that whether we are married or not when we get to heaven, I still want him to live with me! 

I really wish that the Bible talked about marriage more.  You know some of the disciples HAD to be married.  I wish Jesus would have done some marriage counselling with them.  He did tell them to "let the dead bury the dead", and I bet some wives got really mad about that!

The Bible says that it is better to live in the attic than to live with a contentious woman.  So when Jerry accuses me of nagging him, I remind him he is to move right to the attic! 

Then there is the perfect wife described in Proverbs.

Where is the perfect man described?  The Bible does say that a man is to love his wife like Christ loved the church and be willing to die for her. 

I suppose that is all the marriage counselling any couple needs!

How did I get off on THAT tangent?

About the jewelry now.  NO!  It doesn't match the Mormon's underwear!  It matches my new dress.  I thought surely -- considering all the money I have spent -- that I had beads in every color known to man, but no.  There are a LOT of shades of every color -- even black.  So after Phylly and I had lunch at Johnnie's where we discussed the huge divide in beliefs and values of the American people that had left Phylly in tears last night, I went to Hobby Lobby to get the right color for my new dress. 

Here is what I made, and I am absolutely giddy over it.  WHY?  Because I can make it the size and the length I want, and I can put whatever colors I want in it.  It is the funnest thing I've learned to do in ages; although I really enjoyed learning to shoot my birthday gun, but you can't just get out your gun and shoot at stuff every day.  I imagine I would be making jewelry behind bars!

I made the earrings and the necklace. 

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, I have lost 3 pounds.  I decided to MAKE myself go on a diet of sorts just 2 days ago.  My diet is called the DESM diet.  I have found it works really well!  I'll keep you posted on the weight loss.  Can you guess what "desm" stands for?

Gotta go.  My cutting table looks like a tornado went over and dropped the jewelry department of a craft store on top of it!

Hugs, Joy


  1. I am guessing that your diet is the "Don't Eat So Much" diet. I found it is the best one to follow!
    Congrats on the weight loss!

    My house, my sewing studio, and so much on my life is scattered, just like your cutting table.

    As far as the Mormon doctrine is concerned, yes, it is different than what many believe, but, I am sure the doctrines of many religions are hard for our Father to comprehend, because He loves all his children, even those who do not believe as we do...,we will only know when we meet him. I know I just do the best I can in understanding everyone beliefs.. for God so loved the World.

    I hope I will be able to get some of my "messes" cleaned up and arranged.

    Also, hope you MIL is adjusting to her new environment.

    Take Care,

  2. I LOVE your earrings & necklace ! Very pretty !
    You are so talented !
    You look so cheerful in your bright colors.
    Or should I say Joyful? LOL !
    Love & Hugs,

  3. The Mormans do baptise the dead. There was a big controversy a few months back because they baptised by proxy Anne Frank as well as other Jewish concentration camp victims/survivors. I don't remember all the names but do remember that there was much fuss about Anne Frank.

    Some very strange beliefs and rituals.

    Of course, we must remember that we are Americans and our nation was started partly for freedom of religious choices. No one should be treated differently because of their religion or lack thereof as long as they don't impose their beliefs on others.

  4. Not everyone likes the Mormons, or thinks Mormons are Christian. Without a unique set of beliefs, why would they be different than all the other Christians in the world? They'd be boring. Instead, Mormons are unique, and that is fine.

    Special magic Mormon underwear IS quirky, but also fascinating. I love the bizarre elements of Mormonism. I may even dress up like a Mormon missionary this Halloween. To be honest, when I read your post title, I assumed that this was a blog about Mormon costumes, and thus wanted to know more. I found your search through a Google search, which brought up this article AND a very hilarious website called Mormon's Secret. is an amazing parody of both Vicoria's Secret and the Mormon church where non-Mormons can buy the magical Mormon underwear.

    Anyhow, I also wanted to say that I LOVE your necklace.



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