Saturday, September 1, 2012

Politics and Mom Update

Isn't it a shame that we live in the exact same world, with the exact same information available to us, but we have such extreme opposing opinions.  I'll be so glad when Jesus comes back to rule and reign and everybody gets in agreement!  What a day that will be!  (Isn't that a song, Phylly?)

Mom had a couple of really bad days.  Jerry, my pharmacist husband, got a list of the drugs she is on and he has been looking up the side effects of each of them.  Good grief!  One puts you to sleep, one wakes you up, one depresses you, one undepresses you, one makes you swell and now she has antibiotics on top of that for brochitis and a UTI.  For the last two days, she has barely spoken at all.  Jerry came back to help me with her because we were afraid we may have to take her to the hospital today.  She couldn't take one single step today.  She was like a sack of potatoes.  Last weekend, she practically ran to the bathroom with no assisstance.  Since she doesn't have a fever, she didn't have to go.  We have caught both infections in early stages.

We are back in Kingfisher now and will spend the night tonight so we can be close by if Mom needs us.  It is a holiday weekend, so Countrywood has a skeleton crew.  Right now, we've got to find someplace to get some dinner because for the FIRST time, I didn't haul half my refrigerator here with me. 

Phylly and I were going to have a play day today, but I had to cancel because of Mom's doctor appointment.  I was looking forward to a fun video for my blog.  Maybe next weekend.

To the lady that seems to think I am ignorant in my political views, let me just say:  This is MY blog, and I post MY views.  Nobody has to agree with me.  Let me also say that my husband and I BUILT several very successful businesses BY OURSELVES working not only 40-hour weeks, but nights, weekends and holidays while enduring endless rules, regulations and aggravation from the government!   

Hugs, Joy 



  1. And don't you love that the poster couldn't leave her name!

    It is so hard to see our parents age and their bodies deteriorate, and having such a hard
    time just surviving each day

    Your Mom is so fortunate to have such loving and caring children.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. I'm now helping with my Dad.
    I was raised in a wonderful Christian home & Bless God, I love looking after him.
    Joy, you must ALWAYS remember, this is your blog & you can say whatever
    you wasnt ! If people don't agree - to bad. they don't have to read it.
    I on the other hand LOVE your blog & since I found it 3 weeks ago have gone back & read most all your blog. I'm just starting the Sure-Fit Designs program. Yesterday I cut out a shirt for me. Today I hope to sew on it.
    You are so right, America needs to wake up & PRAY ! We are in deep trouble, & seeking God & praying is the only way this Nation we be saved.
    I also watched the RNC. Good job !
    I live in Nothern California & we go to church through the Internet.
    It's a church in Texas. LOVE them ! They preach the WORD of God, not what they think it should say.
    My Dad built his very successful busines, all by himself. He & Mom worked very had to keep it that way. My husband & I did the same thing.
    Remember these are the LAST days & the devil is running crazy ! He has decieved so many people & they think they are right. You know it says in the Bible in the last days, the decieved will think right is wrong & the things that are wrong, they will think they are right.
    Plus Jesus said, they hated Me, why do you think they won't hate you for following me ?
    So never let decieved people upset you ! Pray God will open their eyes & they too can see the light.
    Come on Jesus ! Rapture us out of here !
    Have a Blessed day !
    Jesus is Lord !

  3. Hey Patty!!!!

    Welcome aboard and THANK YOU so much for your comments! Totally agree with everything you said.

    I would love to know what church you watch on the internet. I watch several. I love Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, John Hagee and probably some more I can't think of right now. Joel is too much of the same thing over and over for me, but he is wonderful too.

    Hugs, Joy

    1. Hi Joy,
      We watch Pastor George & Terri, from Eagle Mountain. We are partners with KCM. I love the BVOV when Gloria Copeland & Billye Brim are on there ! Also when George Pearsons & Gloria
      are on the broadcast.(Pastor George is Gloria's son-in- law.)
      Well I love most all the broadcasts. I love Bill Winston too.
      Do you watch them ?
      Today Pastor George spoke about FAITH. I love that message. And I need it ( the Faith message ) ALL the time ! Pastor George said, God told him that to tell us to "Feed our Faith" to Build our Faith up. He said when we are strong in faith, we can not be shaken ! We can say......"these things do not move me" !
      Because we know what's coming. We need our Faith & use the Blood of Jesus ! The Best part is.... we read the back of the book........ WE WIN ! Praise God !
      OK ! I'm done preaching now ! LOL
      I wanted to tell you that you have helped me so much with your wonderful blog & video's ! You make me laugh & I learn so much from you ! I just got the 3-Kit Combo.
      It is hard to measure myself. My husband did help. My very best friend Bobbee past away, a few months back. We did all our sewing & crafts together.So it has been hard getting back to sewing.
      I thought I's start with the shirt pattern. It's cut out & ready to sew. I didn't get to it today, maybe tomorrow.
      Do you have a new video coming soon ?????
      Love & Hugs,

  4. Patty!

    I thought it might be the Copelands. Oh, yes. I know all about them. I ordered ALL of his tapes when I was in my 30's and listened to them on my way to work. I worked with a homosexual woman in those days, and she was atually AFRAID to walk into my office because of those tapes sitting on my desk! I also ordered most of Rev. Kenneth Hagin, Sr.'s tapes and books and listened to them over and over. Those were the days I really grew up in the Lord. I have heard both of those men in person as well.

    I'm so happy you are here with me!

    Hugs, Joy

    1. Hi Joy,
      Yes I am here with you ! It makes me so sad when people say, yes, I use to listen to them or I use to go to church, but I just don't anymore. NOW is NOT the time to get out of the Word !
      Now is the time to stay in & get as much as you can. Pastor George said yesterday, we need to get out the DVD, CD's etc. & start feeding on them all the time ! I'm going to start today, after I get back from taking care of my Dad.
      I have tons of books, CD's & DVD's too.
      We have seen Kenneth Copeland when they came out to LA. But LA is such a long ways from us. But we did go once & LOVED it !
      I have some books of Kenneth Hagin Sr. also & Oral Roberts.
      Such wonderful Men of God ! We are so Blessed to have them !
      Two of my favorite books are: "How you can be Led By the Spirit of God" & "The Belive's Authority", by Kenneth Hagin Sr.
      Also the BEST book that I found so heplful is "The Blood & the Glory", by Billye Brim. (She use to be K.H. Sr.'s editor.)
      I have so many things maked it each of these books. Such wonderful things to walk in.
      We have to be so careful of our words. The power of the tongue
      & all. I need to work on that one. Sometimes I speak & repent later ! LOL
      My husband & I have only been listerning to them about 19 years. And what a wonderful 19 years it has been! I wish we had known about them before.

      Have a Blessed Day !
      Love & Hugs,
      PS - I wanted to send you a PM, but don't know how to do it.
      I could go to "Stitchers Guild" & do it that way, I think.
      Do you know a better way ?


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