Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Were Gertie and Sandra Right, and What About Cynthia?

I have pics of both versions of New Look 6080.  I should hurry and make several more right now so I can perfect this pattern, but I have decided I look better in slacks and blouses.  I am just too crooked to wear dresses.  Look at this picture showing my sway back.  If I don't take waist darts in the back of my dresses, I look 6 inches thicker when you look at my side view in a dress. 

If I had NOT put the back darts, the blue dress would go all the way out to the purple arrow at the back.

I am wide enough already, for Pete's sake, without my outfit making me look even wider!

I put BACK waist darts in this turquoise dress, but I put FRONT waist darts in the black one.  I probably need front AND back waist darts in everything.  I would like to make a different style, however, so everything I make doesn't look the same.  Maybe if I used more drapey fabric, a dress would work better.  I doubt it though because drapey stuff wants to CLING to every lump and bump on my body. 

Here is the black one without waist darts.
'Nuff said!

Here is the black one AFTER I put waist darts in it and narrowed the wedges on the sides:

And here is the UNHEMMED turquoise one.  I'll put a better pic when I get the hem in.

You remember my post about Sandra Betzina and Gertie?  I think it was two days ago. 

The black dress has the extra width added at the side seams.  The turquoise dress has the extra width added inside.  Here is the difference it made.

Gertie's tip of straightening out the center back seam didn't really change much.  I think I NEED the inward curve at my sway back.  She probably has never seen one as severe as mine.

Cynthia will be so happy that her edict stands!

As you can see, I still have strings hanging from the turquoise dress, so I've got to get it hemmed up.  You can ALSO see that it doesn't have much room for a hem, so I am going to have to get inventive for that step.  I figure these dresses look like evening gowns compared to the dust rags I showed you yesterday! 

Got to get busy doing something that requires movement.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I have a similar shape to you and always need the darts in the back and front. Like your turquoise dress. A line dresses and skirts add kilos to me which I definately do not need!

    Princess seams can be good fitting oppurtunites


  2. I have heard that many times about princess seams. I need to use my Sure-fit Designs Dress Kit and design the style from it. I always think it will take more time, but it really doesn't when I have to make so many alterations to the finished garment.

    Hugs, Joy

  3. To me they both look like simple summer dresses that you could wear around the house or out to run errands. They aren't meant to be fitted. Of course, don't try telling me that about my yellow dress. ;-) But then by the time I get the FBA in it for my 38F boobs it looks like I'm nine months pregnant without those front darts. You know that I really, really dislike those front and back vertical darts. I always have. I'm going back to princess seams. They are so much more flattering!

    I presume you never found my missing comment. That is so weird!

    hugs, Phylly

  4. I would suggest that you try a style that has some "waist" shaping. Have you thought about a wrap style. I am a mature figure (always had an hour glass shape but now find that the middle is a little thicker) and really like wrap styles or anything that emphasizes the slenderest part of my "waist". Drapey fabric is the best but you want a beefy drapey fabric so that it skims the body and doesn't cling. I love the heavy rayon knits, Sophia knits and ponte de roma knits. Also consider some of the dress patterns with bust darts or french darts with waist shaping. Burda and Ottobre are usually good choices. Good luck. Don't give up on dresses - they are the easiest!

  5. That is great advice. I have some ponteroma knit in my stash. Thank you!
    Hugs, Joy


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