Monday, October 8, 2012

Did You Hear That?

Did you hear a noise this morning --  about 9 AM my time --  that sounded like it was coming from way far away, and it sounded like someone squealing with delight!?  IT WAS ME!!!  Look at what I saw between my fat little toes this morning:

I was somewhere between 157 and 159 -- depending on the time of day -- when I started this DESM diet.

When DID I start this diet anyway.  I'll have to look back in my blog.  Hold on .................  It looks like it was about three weeks ago.  I have lost a firm FIVE pounds, and maybe more.  I have lost TWO INCHES off my real waist.  I cannot believe that for just five pounds.  Very exciting.  Sure makes me want to stick with it.

When I get under 150, I may do a video dance!  That will be extremely nice.  If the election goes well, I may get up on the ROOF and dance!  I am feeling some hope, at last, that this nation may turn around. 

I got my red coat fabric laid out on the table, and I was placing my pattern pieces on it when I realized I had not cut out the sleeves yet.  By the time I got them shortened so they didn't hang down around my knees, it was time to make supper. 

Tonight is Dancing With The Stars.  Jerry and I are both pretty bored with it this season, but it is the ONLY thing we watch since the mountain men quit and we got sick of the pawn shops and the alligators.  It is shocking how many channels we pay for every month, and there are only 2 or 3 we even watch.  So much trash on tv.  I'm ready to roll back tv to Loretta Young, Lawrence Welk, Donna Reed, Andy Griffith, Father Knows Best and The Carol Burnett Show and just keep them on forever.  And, of course, my preachers on Sunday. 
Do you remember Harvey Korman (sp?) and Tim Conway.  We used to just about choke laughing at them laughing at each other!  What fun we had as a family in those days.

Better go.  Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Hugs, Joy


  1. wtg!!! what is the dsem diet? i started a high protein diet 8 days ago. the weight doesnt seem to be coming off :/ but i fit in a pair of jeans i hadnt been fitting in for months and months so that's good :)
    good job - keep it up :D
    speaking of old series,i loved bewitched. and guess what, it just started airing here a few weeks ago - ive caught my daughter watching it a few times - funny to see htem speaking in french lol.

  2. DESM = Don't Eat So Much. I just made it up, and that is what I'm doing, except NO french fries EVER AGAIN. Fast food is just the sandwich now. I eat less of my own cooking, and I don't drink any sugar. You must have lost some inches if you can fit in your jeans.

  3. desm! roflol! love it ;P
    yes i must have - especially in my thighs. goodness! i couldnt get anything up over those hamhocks lol


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