Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Me, Gertie Coat and 1st DEBATE Tonight!

I guess you noticed I put a bunch of pictures of myself up here.  I didn't really WANT the pictures that way, but Blogger is so limited.  Either that, or I am so cheap I won't PAY for the upgrade. 

Every picture shows something I've made.  Mostly Sure-fit Designs blouses.  I wanted them to be on the side of my blog, but it seems impossible.  If I put them at the bottom, nobody ever sees them. 

I've sat in front of this computer so long today, I am going to have to do a Full Round Butt adjustment if I don't get up soon!!!

I finished cutting out my paper pattern today for my Gertie Coat.

Check out what ONE-HALF of the skirt of this coat looks like. 

I'm thinking I can go and get my hair permed so I can form it in ringlets all over my head -- then buy or make a full can-can slip to wear under this coat -- and change my name to "Shirley Temple". 

Guess I better make that "Granny Temple"!

My point being, of course, that maybe this style is too YOUNG for me.  I haven't worn dresses or skirts for years. 

I'm a tee shirt and blue (or yellow, or pink, or green, or brown, or black) jeans kind of old lady. 

If it looks too ridiculous on me, I figure I can post some kind of survey on Ebay or Etsy to find out if there is a younger woman who is 5'5", has a high round back, sway back, one hip higher than the other, boobs too big for the cage they are on and sloping shoulders. 

Shouldn't be that hard.  Then I can sell my coat to her. 

I did try my 3rd muslin on again today.  I got the idea to hang some of my weights from the hem of the top to see if it pulled the neck down where it belonged.  It didn't really work out too good because I only made three of them before I decided it was too much trouble.  Still, I think it looks pretty good.  Phylly may come over Saturday, and then I can have her check the back collar for me to see if it is high enough.

I am kind of "on hold" right now with this coat because the fabric for it is 150 miles away.  I may start a knit top tomorrow because I can make it easily in a day.  We will see what mood I wake up in tomorrow. 

I was really happy this morning because someone sent me a wonderful email.  Maybe it was Glenn Beck.  It was about black pastors FINALLY preaching to their flocks that they have got to quit being SLAVES to the Democrat party.  They have to honor God and Godly principles.  How can you honor a party that hates God to the point they want to remove His name from everything.  My friends, we ARE a Christian nation. 

WHY, OH WHY does any person, anywhere NOT want to know the God who created them? 

As for me, I never had enough FAITH to believe that apes turn into people or that some piece of slime crawled out of the ocean and turned into something else.  

Do you believe that some piece of slime could turn into a watch or a blender or a chair or a pencil?  Of course not!  Then how could it turn into something a million times more intricate and awesome and miraculous.  A heart that beats for a hundred years -- or eyes that can see in color -- or ears that can hear a pin drop -- or any other amazing ability of the human body.   

The first debate is tonight.  I'll admit that the Mormons have some strange beliefs, but from what I know of them, they are very faithful, loving people, and their children are very respectful.  No religion has it all right.  At least, the Mormons aren't trying to throw God away!!!

Off my soapbox for today.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi, I'm also on the sew along and will be following your adventures..

    X Rach

  2. Great! Welcome aboard.
    Hugs, Joy

  3. Hey, Joy Joy, I'm coming Saturday, so you better get ready for me! :-). I don't have to be home until 5:00 p.m.

    I didn't do any sewing tonight. Spent it cooking and grocery shopping. I'll explain it in my email. Anyway, I'll have to work on my pattern alterations on Saturday.

    Only saw a few minutes of the debate. What I saw was good for Romney. Obama seemed to be doing the same old double-talk.

    Hugs, Phylly

  4. Joy,

    I think coats are different. I really don't believe that the coat would look too young for you. In my opinion its a fairly classic coat.

    Have fun making it.

  5. you make me laugh! the sumo reference and shirley temple reference! roflol! that said, now i'm scared i'll look like i'm trying to look like shirley temple. my fam used to tell me how much i looked like her when i was a kid as i had brown ringlets dimples and a tiny frame (at the time lol). i do still have the curls and dimples. great...i hope my sis will have the heart to tell me if ilook like im trying to do a ST impersonation...
    i think this coat will look lovely on you- even if you only feel comfortable wearing it on those special dress-up occasions. maybe it will encourage you to do more of those ;)

  6. Joy,
    I've been following along with you and just bought my Gertie coat pattern today. I also use Sure Fit Designs and love the system. Did you layover any of the bodice from SFD to figure out what size to use with Butterwick? I love all your tips and your fun upbeat personality, fun to read your blog.
    Thanks for any info.


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