Friday, October 19, 2012

Gun Pics, Candy, Coat and Note to Mame

Jerry and I are STILL trying to get our Conceal and Carry licenses.  We had to get passport pictures before we could turn in our applications to the Police Department where we will be fingerprinted.  Someone had told me that Walgreens does passport photos.  Jerry informed me this morning that he had to go to Durant -- where there happens to be a Walgreens -- to pick up my 4-wheeler which has been in the motorcycle shop for weeks.  I decided to go along so we could stop at Walgreens and get our passport photos.  The girl that helped us was very nice.

I had written down a very short list of things I needed to buy while out in a real town.  I mentioned to Jerry on the way that we would need to go to Walmart.  WELL!  He came ALL UNGLUED (as my Mom says) and just could not understand WHY I would think he could possibly take time out of his extremely important life to go buy 4 things at Walmart.

As I was waiting for my passport pictures, I noticed a display of a bunch of cans of nuts.  The brand name -- which I had never heard of -- was "Nice".  I learned later that it was Walgreen's brand.  Weird name for a brand.  Anyhow, it dawned on my lightning fast mind that IF Walgreen's had nuts, MAYBE they had the other stuff on my list:  Sugar, Chocolates (Jerry eats every one in the house), Mascara and 0.5 lead.  I asked the nice clerk who had just taken our photos if they had those things.  She said they did.

Jerry -- who is NEVER in a hurry unless he is waiting for me -- acted like the world would end at any moment if we had to get ALL OF THAT STUFF. 

I said, "I'll run over and get my mascara.  You get the chocolates and the sugar."

"Okay", he said.

I went over to look for the mascara.  My favorite kind has evidently been quarantined from the earth because nobody ever has it.  I bought some lipstick instead.  In a few minutes, I noticed Jerry coming toward me with NOTHING in his arms. 

I said, "WHERE are the chocolates and the sugar?"

"They don't have them", he said.

"I KNOW they have them", says me.  "The girl just told us they have them."  "Follow me."

"I'll show you where the candy is", says he, "but it isn't what you want".

I follow him to the Halloween candy.  NO!  That is NOT what I want.  I don't even want to BE IN THE AISLE of the Halloween candy.  I don't even want to be in the TOWN with Halloween candy.  WHY?  Because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tiny little bars of everything that come out at Halloween, AND I can't pass the aisle without buying Mini Almond Joys and Mini Kit Kats (is that what they are called?).  Thank goodness I didn't see the candy corn while I was there.

About that time, the clerk showed up.  I asked where the chocolates were.  She took me to them.  I asked where the sugar was.  She took me there. 

"SEE", I said to Jerry.  "All you have to do is ASK someone for help."

My husband, unlike me, thinks it is a crime to ever ask anyone for help.  He doesn't want to BOTHER them.  Good grief!  What does he think they are there for?  Does he ever think about what he does for his customers?  It is a whole lot more than telling them what aisle the sugar is in, I assure you! 

I have actually said to him:

"Can we PLAY LIKE I am one of your customers?  "I'll even give you some money."

His answer is always the same:

"I already HAVE your money!" 

Anyway, we got everything but the 0.5 lead, and we came back home where he dropped me off to work on my red coat, and he left to go to the store.  I have worked at least 5 hours today on this coat.  WHAT a job it is.  As always, I wish I had picked nicer fabric for the front of it.  With this, however, I can throw it in the washer and dryer.

I got all the innards put together today.

On the left is the part that will be against my body inside the coat.

And on the right is the INSIDE of the innards with the warm stuff that will be against the inside of the coat.

All that red thread will not show.

I also got one sleeve sewn into the coat.  It seems to be good "as is", so tomorrow, I will put the other sleeve in.  The black innards have to have their own sleeves that will go inside the red sleeves. 

WHAT a job this is, but I will be very happy when it is all done.  Clothes that FIT are wonderful to have in your closet. 

I could have made 3 blouses in the time I have spent on the coat, but I don't need blouses right now. 

I'm stuck at five pounds off this body, and until I lose some more, my blouses are okay.  The pants are too big in the waist, but it is ABOUT TIME!

I better go.  I was suppose to clean the living room today with my magic rags.  They still have to be thrown in the spin cycle, so I better get with it.

Hope you all are enjoying Fall!  I hate that it gets dark right after supper now, because my body thinks that when it gets dark, you are supposed to go to bed.

Note to Mame

Hello Mame!  Just saw your comment to an earlier post.  YES, I did use my SFD blueprint to make sure this coat would fit me well.  I have SFD blueprints taped to my doors in both my sewing rooms.  I always use them.  I didn't want to try to design this coat with the SFD Kits because it has too many bells and whistles, if you know what I mean.

                                                                                    Hugs, Joy


  1. Your coat is looking good - it will be worth all the work.

    Men just can ask can they?! - just think of the time they could save if they did :)

  2. Thanks, Joy. Your information is so helpful. I've had my conceal carry for 6 years now, I'm so glad I did it. I have 6 guns and make sure I practice at least once a month. I used to be afraid of guns, but now they are just a part of everyday life.
    Your red coat looks beautiful!


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