Friday, October 26, 2012

Meet Laurie and My New B&W Jewelry

My husband should be home by now to take me out to dinner before every single person in Oklahoma shows up at whatever restaurant we choose to go to.  I don't really want to go, but since we actually HAVE restaurants to go to in this town, I want to take advantage of them while he is here with me.  I don't go when I'm here alone at night.

We had a WONDERFUL meal at our friends' (Robert and Deanna) house last night.  They even had my favorite wine as you will recall from my wine and cheese tasting video.  We took our guns and we had gun Show and Tell.  All of us were too tired to even think about going someplace to shoot them.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I went to visit Margaret yesterday after she invited me to come see her brand new living room in her brand new house.  I met her friend, Guy (short for Guylene, I think), and I met Guy's friend, Laurie.  Guess what Laurie does??????????? 

A picture is worth 1000 words....... check it out.

Yep, she makes jewelry.

She has been doing it a lot longer than I have -- obviously -- and she sells hers.  I really like the one on her right hand with the chain and leather ties in it. 

If Laurie didn't live in Missouri, I would SO want to be friends with her!  You know how I love to learn new things.  I would soak up everything she said and follow her to every bead store! 

She gave me some tips about online shops and a show that will be coming to OKC in March, 2013.

We even have the same haircut.  Isn't she cute? 

Here is my big accomplishment for today.  I found the black and white pendant the other day at Hobby Lobby, so I made the necklace to hang it on and the bracelet and earrings to go with it.  I love any primary color and white together.  If they had these butterflies in five colors, I would have made five bracelets.  They are so cute!


I am still on the DESM diet, and I have actually seen the number "150" between my toes on my scale!  The only problem is, it is always a fleeting number.  It jumps to 151 and 152 and back down and back up and I'm not going to document it as "real" until it stays there for a few days.  I have lost inches off my midriff though, and that is the best part.  I want to make some pants, but I am still in the middle of that red coat.  It is 50 degrees here today, and I actually turned the heater on for the first time this year.  It made me WANT my new red coat!  Since it isn't done, I had to wear my veeeeeeeery old red coat today.

Jerry just turned on the TV which means he has left his desk.  I am going to join him.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Hugs, Joy

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