Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nashville and Red Coat

I'm waiting to watch what I hope will be a decent new show.  It is called Nashville.

Jerry arrived about an hour ago.  I had to stop the world and give him a haircut.  I have never seen his hair so loooooooooong.  I reminded him that there is such a thing as a Barber Shop in Kingston.  He hasn't had to get a haircut since he married me, so I guess he forgot. 

I signed up for another Sandra Betzina sewing class on today.  I love to take classes because I love to learn new things, especially if they add to my repertoire of sewing skills.  Sandra is a bit dingy -- not that I have any room to talk -- but I always learn a lot from her.  She has a really bad habit of starting to say something, but then not saying it.  This class is on PANTS CONSTRUCTION.  The other class is on PANTS FITTING.  The class is regularly $50, but you can get it a whole lot cheaper than that.  I found a reference somewhere to a place called Gilt City (?).  They have coupons for all kinds of businesses, and right now, they have a Craftsy class for $18 OR 3 Craftsy classes for $50.  I got the $50 coupon, and I have until January to get my two other classes.

I met Phylly at TGIF for lunch today and right away we got to start training the new Manager, Joey.  We had the old Manager trained just right, but our waitress told us he left.  She asked if we wanted to meet the new Manager.  We said, "Absolutely!"  He was a cutie too.  I told him I liked his shirt and tie -- dark blue shirt with a diagonally striped tie.  He told me his girlfriend picked it. 

I came back home and began to work on my red coat.  I can tell you one thing, for sure!  It isn't like making a blouse.  So much detail and so many pieces.  It's like putting a large puzzle together but you have to do a bunch of stuff to each piece first.  I think I am really going to like it because it will FIT ME!  Plus, it will be black and red.  What could be better than that?  Royal blue and black would work too.

Here's the BEGINNING of the new red coat.  I got it all cut out yesterday.  You have to cut it all out of the main fabric.  Then you have to cut it all out of the lining fabric.  Then you have to cut it all out of the INTERlining (the warm stuff) fabric.  Then you have to cut out the interfacing.  A HUGE job!  I did all of that yesterday.

Here is all I got done after many hours today.  Lots of tailoring in a coat.  I hope it will not have the "loving hands at home" look when I get done with it.

Those little flaps will cover up the entrance to the two pockets.  Maybe I'll get the whole red part put together tomorrow. 

Doesn't look like I have much room for a hem, does it?

Things are usually so long.  I didn't even think about that.

I'm off to check out the new show.  I'll let you know how I like it.  AND HOW HORRIBLE was the DWTS elimination.  I didn't care about Drew, but I hated to see Helio go.  I really like him.

Until tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy

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