Monday, October 22, 2012

One of Those Days

I drove 150 miles yesterday so I would be here from 8 AM to Noon for the AT&T Wireless Internet repairman to come to my house after having no internet for over a week.  I woke up at 7 AM.  Got up and brushed my teeth, combed my hair, washed my face and put on non-pajamas.  I figured if I wasn't ready to answer the door at 8 AM, the guy would show up.  Well, it is now 6:18 PM and the guy has not shown up or called. 

I did, however, call AT&Tat 11:45 AM and talked to Samantha for an hour and a half.  I had one question:  Is the repairman showing up or not?  It is almost noon and I have not heard from him or seen him.

"We apologize for that.  Could you hold."

I hold.  She comes back several minutes later to inform me that she has checked my records, and it appears that the service guy was here YESTERDAY -- on Sunday.  "Well, that is very odd", says me, "since I specifically ASKED if the guy could come on Sunday and I was told that there was no way he could".

"Yes, he was there at your house, but there wasn't any problem outside.  He left an internet note saying he spoke with you and told you he would be there between 8 AM and 8 PM today."  (Monday)

"He most CERTAINLY DID NOT talk with me", says me!

"We apologize for that.  Could you hold."

I hold again forever.  She comes back and tells me the same thing all over again.  I decided to just overlook that and inform her that I have NO SERVICE and could she please check it to see if she can fix it since she is a "service technician".

"We apologize for that.  Let me check.  Could you hold."

She returns and we go around and around and around as she puts me on hold a dozen more times and keeps apologizing.  Finally, she UNDOES everything Jerry did to connect to our store computers, and she gets it working. 

I tell her that it won't work for long.  It always works for awhile, but then it quits, and I have to reset the modem 4 to 10 times a day.  I ask her if that is normal.

"We apologize for that.  No that isn't normal."

Then is there any way you can FIX IT!!!!!  Can you make sure the repairman is coming today.

"Could you hold."

She comes back and tells me the "he was there yesterday" story again.  I am so frustrated, I want to reach through the phone and strangle Samantha, but I know if I did, all she would do is say, "We apologize for that."

I finally tell her I can't stand it anymore, and I just say "Goodbye", and I hang up.  The internet was working at that moment, and I thought by some extreme stroke of luck, it might continue to.  It did until I got on my treadmill -- the one I'm not supposed to be on because it causes back pain -- and I start to walk while watching you tube videos of jewelry-making.  Off it went, and it stayed off.  I decided that I had HAD IT with AT&T and I was going to call our old company, Cox Communications (CC) and ask if they would come out and hook us up to their service again.

I called CC and got a man.  I always cringe when I get a man because I know right off there will be communication issues.  I tell him the problem several times.  I tell him I live in Edmond, OK and ask how long it would be for someone to come out.  He wants my address.  I tell him it is Kirkland Ridge, Edmond, OK. 

"Can you repeat that?", he asks.

I tell him again it is Kirkland Ridge, Edmond, OK slowly and deliberately.

"Was that Kirkland Ridge?", he asks.

"YES!!!!", I practically scream.

"Maam, do you live ON A BRIDGE?", he says.

"I just about explode at this point, and I say, "It ISN'T A BRIDGE -- It is a RIDGE!!!"

"You live on a ridge?"

"Yes, Kirkland Ridge in Edmond."

"And what town do you live in?"

THAT WAS IT!  I said, "Never mind!"  I hung up.  I figured it wasn't going to matter WHAT company I had.  They all hire the same morons to work for them.

So now it is 6:36 PM, and I don't know if someone will show up between now and 8 PM or not.  I have a feeling they will not.  Tomorrow is "The Gathering", so I won't even try again until I get back from that tomorrow.  Obviously, the internet is working right now or I wouldn't be able to type this to you.  It could go back off any second though, so I shall quit for tonight.

I did manage to make two new bracelets and a pair of earrings today.  I will wear the earrings and matching bracelet with a knit top I made to see my siblings tomorrow.  I will take pics, and hopefully, I will be in a whole lot better mood than I am in right now.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Well, Joy, it is all your own fault! You must have put on your, "I am a customer. Please send me your craziest sales clerk" button again while you were getting dressed. You forgot the reaction it gets from sales people, waitresses/waiters, customer service reps, painters, plumbers, termite fighters, bank tellers, and in general, anyone else that is supposed to provide service to you! There is just something about that button that makes them go crazy over providing service for you. Did you get the Bobsey twins today; one from AT&T and one from Cox? Did they have strange foreign accents with American sounding names with very strange spellings ? Imagine, expecting good service from someone called a customer service representative?

    I really hate it when they keep saying, "We apologize for that. Or every other word, they use your name. Sometimes it is your first name because they want to sound really friendly and I just want to scream at them, "You are 15 years old and I am 60 years old. I am not your best friend. You should be calling me Mrs. Hughes, not Phyllis!!!!" or every other word is, "Mrs. Hughes" and I want to scream at them, "Stop using my name! You are wearing it out!" Either way, I want to scream at them.

    Tomorrow is another day. Maybe you can get a hold of a Debbie that speaks with a soft southern accent,you'll be able to understand every word she says, she won't routinely apologize unless she really means it, and she will actually be able to help you. (Where is the "rolling on the floor laughing out loud" icon when you need one?)Good luck with that one. (snicker, snicker)

    Hope you have a good visit with your family.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. You must be the most unlucky person in the world with service issues.


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