Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wi-Fi Gone Bye-Bye, Coat and Home Again

Yesterday, Phylly came over for a play day and it rained.  It didn't rain all day long, but most of it.  Just as Phylly and I were leaving the Rib Crib after lunch, the rain decided to come down in buckets.  It continued for a few hours and quit long enough for Phylly to drive back home about 3:00.  Later in the afternoon we got a TOAD STRANGLER!  I sure was glad I wasn't out on the roads. 

And along with the rain, our continually problematic AT&T high speed wireless internet service went out and was still out when we left there this morning.  The first thing we will do when we return there is get rid of AT&T and get the old cable service back.  It wasn't as fast, but who cares.  "Not so fast" is a whole lot better than NO SERVICE AT ALL!   

Today, it is sunny and lovely outside.  Jerry and I got back here at our real home just in time for lunch.  The cats were thrilled, as always, to arrive back here were they rule on our 11 acres.  Jerry said he saw Boots chasing a big turkey last week.  I've never seen that before. 

No sermon notes today.  I'm so sorry about that.  I woke up this morning, and when I noticed it was nice outside, I told Jerry I wanted to jump in the shower, pack the cars, and head home.  He agreed.  We will watch "church" tonight.  We are praying our daily prayer with Rev. John Hagee as we join in the 40 days of prayer up to the election.  I HATED the last debate between The Joker and Paul Ryan.  I'm excited Romney will get another chance, but I expect Obama to be in battle mode this time.  Do I dislike Obama?  Not really.  But I DESPISE his policies and his hatred for our One Nation UNDER GOD.  I want a Godly President who believes in the principals of our forefathers and the teachings of the Bible which this Nation was founded on.  All I want is a HUGE MIRACLE, but my God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly MORE than we can ASK or THINK.

How do I know that?

He said so!

Read Ephesians 3:20.

Okay.  So yesterday was our play day.  This is what we did.  Phylly brought over her BEAUTIFUL plum colored wool so she could cut out her coat.  I cleaned off the cutting table for her knowing that she needed to use it.
I needed to make the back STAY for my red coat, so I asked Phylly to bring her fold-up cutting board so I could use the kitchen table to make a pattern for my coat stay. 

Since the back of my coat has a princess seam, I had to make two pattern pieces for my back stay.  I tried pinning the two pieces together on the seamlines, but it was too poofy to draw a one-piece pattern.  I cut the pattern out of the same white muslin I used for my Gertie coat, and I sewed it in my coat.  I had Phylly point it out to you so you couldn't miss it.

It is a wonder I don't have a complex because every time I ask her do a pose like that, she says "You are CRAZY!"  Then she laughs.  WHY do I look as wide as a barn in that coat?????  I asked Phylly to pin it in at the waist, but I haven't taken in it yet.  After seeing this pic, I think I shall do that as soon as I finish this post.

Notice how weird the shoulder line looks on the coat.  That is because the LOW shoulder of the coat is on MY HIGH shoulder because the coat is on inside out so I could show you the stay.  This keeps the coat from stretching out when you are wearing it.  At least, I THINK that is the reason for it.  I am learning all these new "tailoring" techniques that I don't use when making blouses.

No sooner did I get that back stay in my coat, Phylly told me I had to put something in the FRONT of the coat.  She noticed the coat caving in above my boobs.  Well, isn't it SUPPOSE to do that.  If it didn't, wouldn't that mean I had FOUR boobs?  Phylly went to college, you know, and she took a tailoring class there, so she thinks she can boss me around.  So I did what she said.  I had to make two more pattern pieces, cut them out of interfacing, and iron them into the front cave-in area. 
This coat should stand up by itself.  The road repair people could use it for one of those cones they put in the middle of the street so you won't drive into the wrong lane.

Jerry was with us yesterday.  He was probably very glad Phylly was there to entertain me because he had very serious plans for the day, and he didn't want to be bothered -- not even to go have BBQ for lunch.  Actually, NOBODY wanted to go have BBQ for lunch.  Phylly and I were the ONLY customers in the entire restaurant.  When we drove up to it, we thought it was closed.  Here is Jerry working very hard while Phylly and I sewed.
He was watching the OU/Texas football game.  He says I would really have liked it.  Does he know me at all!?  I could NOT care less about a football game.  Of course, if Phylly hadn't been there, I would have been right there on those pillows next to him just enjoying him RELAX.  Even Phylly mentioned that she had never seen him doing anything but work there at our house.

Better get my red coat out of the car -- bring it up here to my sewing room -- and take in the waist on both sides.  I was still 151.5 this morning.  Maybe I will be 151 tomorrow.  I am going to be with all 3 of my siblings in a few weeks -- a site rarer than a Volcano in Oklahoma -- and I want to be the skinniest.  I think I can do it if I just lose 5 more pounds.  My younger sister, Judy, and my brother, James, are both gourmet cooks, and they are going to cook lunch at James' house for all of us and the spouses who can attend at lunchtime on a Tuesday.  I sure will have my camera in hand that day!  There will be LOTS of laughing.  I am finding that one really nice thing about getting old is that you forget all the petty crap you argued about as children -- at least, for short visits.  If you stay together too long, it all starts leaking out again. 

Hugs, Joy


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  1. You are so funny! I didn't learn that to do that in my one tailoring class in college. We didn't need it back then; we all had young perky boobs that hadn't been rudely attacked and driven down by gravity! I will probably need two layers to fill in the area where they used to be! Oh, what 40 additional years does to our bodies! They say your hair turns grey to match your softened features, but I didn't know it meant boobs, belly and tail feathers.
    Hugs, Phylly


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