Saturday, December 15, 2012

I KNOW The Answer and Shopping

What answer?  The answer to "What could we have possibly done to prevent all the children from being murdered in Connecticut?" as I heard some newscaster say. 

#1:  Put God back into our government.

#2:  Put God, prayer and the 10 Commandments back into our schools.

#3:  Get rid of horrific video games that cause our children to spend thousands of hours shooting people.

#4:  QUIT!!!  QUIT!!!   QUIT!!! murdering babies in the womb.  HOW ON EARTH are our children to have any respect for life when it is perfectly okay to torture and murder a full grown baby up to the day of its live birth in the womb??? 

My question is why do all the "freedom of choice" people CARE that children are murdered.  They think it is perfectly fine to murder millions of them every year. 


And that is my opinion on that subject, not that anyone asked.

And now on to a happier subject.  Christmas shopping.

Yesterday, I was on my own.  The same thing happened this year as happens every year.  I am SUPPOSED to be shopping for my Mom's birthday, my Mom's Christmas, Jerry's Mom's Christmas and a few other people.  I never go shopping for myself because I am always home sewing.  But when I go shopping for those other people, clothes seem to just jump off the racks and into my arms.  I'm not kidding. 

When I first arrived at JC Penney's, I rushed right over to the jeans department where the jeans I wear are located.  I like just one certain kind, and I am lucky to ever find even one pair, never mind several.  Yesterday, I found 8 pair in my size -- my NEW size that is!  I took the armload to the cashier cubicle and waited in line.  While waiting, I did my usual "stand and stare in disbelief" at the tattoos and body-piercings on the clerks.  One clerk -- who seemed to be the boss of the other clerks -- was a young, thin blonde girl.  She had on a short sleeved tee shirt that showed off her MANY tattoos that appeared to be some kind of oriental writing.  I wondered what on earth they might say, and I wanted to ask her, but she didn't wait on me.  I could not imagine why a pretty, young American girl would want Chinese writing all over her arms.

OH!  That didn't hold a candle though to the one I saw later on when I was at Hancock's.  Hancock's was VERY busy.  Seems like a lot of people are sewing something for Christmas.  There was a very large lady waiting in line next to me at the cutting table.  I would say probably about 300 pounds.  She must have been very proud of her cleavage as most of it was showing.  Not only was her cleavage showing, there was a -- and I SWEAR I am NOT making this up -- pink, purple and yellow cat face tattoo staring at everyone at the top of her cleavage -- as big as my hand, or bigger.  Just the head of a cat.  Put a big boob on either side of this guy, and you'll have the picture. 

Back to JC Penney's.  You won't believe what I bought.  I had run out to the car to put all the jeans in my trunk, and then ran back into the store to buy actual gifts for someone else.  What did I behold?  A rack with coats on it marked 30% off.  You know I just made a red coat for myself, but I'm not wearing it because I need to take it in a bit.  I decided to go look at one of the coats.  It was black wool with a detachable brown fake fur collar.  It was only $60 after the markdown.  I spent way more than that on the coat I made!  I decided to try it on just to assure myself that my coat was much better.  I put it on and found a mirror.  About that time, a man older than myself walked up to me and said, "That coat looks really nice on you."  He said he was looking for a coat for his wife.  I told him how much it was, and I took him over to the rack to pick out the size he needed.  Guess what his wife is getting for Christmas?  And, yes, I bought one too.  For $60, I couldn't pass it up.

So I STILL had not bought a gift for anyone else.  I asked the clerk to hold the coat, and I went off to buy gifts for our Mom's.  My Mom is 85, and Jerry's Mom is 92, so I was shopping in the granny department.  I decided to try on a few things to see if they seemed too big or too small, and I was delighted to find out that they actually fit me perfect -- round back -- high hip -- high shoulder -- and all.  I bought about 10 things for Jerry's Mom -- 4 things for my Mom -- and some more for myself.  I had so many clothes hanging over my arm, I could hardly hold them up.  I had to have the clerk hold my purchases while I went out and got my car and drove it up practically to the cash register!

I thought that would have been about all I had to do, and I sure was glad because I was exhausted by the time I got back to my house.  By the time this morning got here though, I remembered some more people I needed to get something for.  Jerry was here and off today because we were suppose to go to Kingfisher, but didn't, so I asked him if he would give me a day and help me shop.  I LOVE when he comes with me.  It is like having a human clothing rack follow you all around.  Very cool!

I had a real good idea this morning to prevent shopping wars.  I asked him to please let my gift from him be a day for me without questioning where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do.  I imitated him getting mad at me because I wanted to go to a store I had not mentioned before we left the house.  He laughed and said I should be an actress because I imitate him so good.

It was a GREAT idea, and it worked beautifully.  He never argued about a thing all day long.  He was really sweet and patient.  He was SO SWEET, and SO PATIENT, look what we came home with tonight from the new Dick's Sporting Goods store:

We HAD to have these because they match the camo pants I just made for myself at Thanksgiving.  Jerry understood perfectly even though he does not have matching camo pants and does not want any.

I better go.  Time to watch some more episodes of the old TV series we found called Jericho.  It is about nuclear war coming to America.  Quite educational as to what one should do to be prepared.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, this country was founded expressly to get away from governmental control of religion. That's why the Constitution expressly provides for the separation of Church and State. Countries that insist on putting God into their government include Saudi Arabia and Iran. Study history. The Puritans were leaving a repressively religious country. At that time the universially accepted religion was Catholicism. So if we're really supposed to be putting God back into the schools as they were, we'd all be taught by Nuns.

  2. America was founded by Christians on the Bible. We don't want RELIGION, of course. We want God and Bible principles. Big difference there. It is separation of CHURCH and State -- not GOD and State. I understand what you are saying, and I think this agrees.
    Hugs, Joy

  3. Joy Joy, you took the words right out of my mouth! It isn't guns that is the problem; it is the lack of moral fiber in our society. Children are not taught respect for others. If you go back to the writings of our founders you will see that it is freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. It was to protect religion,not to protect the government. There was a great deal of prayer in the founding of this nation.

    The Pilgrims came to America seeking a place where they could worship God as they saw fit. In England, the King had become the head of the Church. He took over the Church and they had to worship as he decreed. I don't want a government religion. I want God

    Do I want my grandchildren to go to school and have to repeat the Lord's prayer everyday. Not particularly, but it wouldn 't hurt them if they did. Do I want them to memorize the Koran and say it everyday? No. What I want is to see the precepts of God; the laws of God not only in our schools, but in our society. Look at the movies, TV shows, books, music. They all celebrate the lack of morals in our society. We have moved as far away from a Godly way of life as we can.

    By the time our children reach adulthood they have hunted down and ,killed many of the "enemy" in their video games. They have watched countless murders in movies and TV shows. They have become immune to the sanctity of life.

    A gun makes it easy to kill lots of people. But if we forbid guns, it will only be the criminal that has them. It isn't restraining gun laws that we need, but a society that has morals and teaches them to our children.

    Now, Joy Joy, this will probably disappear into the Netherlands as my comments always do when I get wound up and writ a book.

    Hugs, Phylly

  4. Good arguments, and Phylly I totally agree with you and am glad your post did not disappear into the Netherlands!

  5. Thank you, Carole and Joy Joy. I know this nation is full of people that think like us, but we aren't the ones that will be heard today and tomorrow.

    Conneticutt has some of the strongest gun laws in this nation but it did not stop evil. The school had great security systems, but again, it didn't stop evil. Only God can stop evil. When we allow God back into our lives and our society will we see the end of such evil.

    Hugs, Phylly


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