Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm Baaaack! Crash, Phylly & Stuff.

Helloooooooooooooooooo everybody and especially, Sewing Nannie!  Thank you so much for all your comments.  I love it when someone comments on my blog.   

I have been buried in one thing or another for the last few days.  Thank goodness, it wasn't the ground, lol, and I am back!

Saturday morning -- I think it was -- yep, it was -- I walked out into the living room for my first cup of coffee and to sit in my glider where I USUALLY pick up my laptop computer -- the one I just bought a few months ago after my other one was stolen -- and I check my emails and my blog comments.  I sat down with my coffee and looked down at the laptop lying (laying?) peacefully on the carpet beside me.  I started to reach down and pick it up, but then I remembered that Phylly was coming over, and we were having a play day.  

My next thought was, "I better put that up on the counter so I don't step on it today if we come in here to have a cup of tea or something."  So while I was still holding my coffee in my right hand, I threw my blanket on the floor in front of me, and I got up out of my chair to bend over and pick up the laptop with my left hand.  BIG MISTAKE!  #1.  I was still half asleep.  #2.  It takes two hands to pick it up properly.  I lifted it with my left hand and pulled it up to the top of the cabinet, but just as I reached the top, the thing slipped out of my hand and crashed on it's corner onto the floor below.  At first, I thought it was no biggy, and I just picked it up and placed it on the cabinet top.  I walked into the kitchen muttering that I couldn't believe my weak wrist and that I had just dropped my computer.  Jerry -- who is usually totally Joy deaf -- suddenly got supersonic hearing.

"WHAT did you say about dropping your computer?!"

I explained.

He said, "Did you plug it in to see if it still works?"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh, no."

"Well don't you think you should do that, Joy?!"

So I went in and got it, and I delivered it into his hands because I wanted to put the butter on my popped-up DESM toast.

Then it happened.  The morning got real hectic.  He started yelling at me for being so careless and wasting the money, and I started yelling at him for when some guy called him 35 years ago and told him they were going to quit mining Blue Sapphires in Africa, and he should buy one right that minute because they were going to be so valuable, and when he had it appraised years later, it was worth HALF what he paid for it.

We went around and around with this extremely mature argument until we both just decided it was stupid, and we quit, and I straddled his lap in his office chair and started kissing his face.  He has a real hard time fighting me like that, although he does try.

Besides, Phylly was coming, and I didn't really care if I had a laptop or not at that point.

I suppose I should add that the laptop was totally ruined.  We now have lovely lines all over the screen resembling pick-up sticks!

Phylly got there shortly after 9 AM, and we dove right into our projects.  Well, she always has to make her hot tea first, but then we did.  I showed her my red coat and asked her advice on the final steps.  She decided to work on her Sure-fit Designs pants pattern and turn it into a Princess style so she could take it in under her bottom. 

Phylly brought me the fabric leftover from the last dress she had made because I LOVED the fabric, and I couldn't figure out why I didn't have such a gorgeous piece in my stash.  I found one of my Sure-fit Designs blouse patterns to use to cut out with that fabric.  It is almost done, and I would finish it if I wasn't talking to you right now.  I'll show it to you, of course, when it is done.  Probably tomorrow.

Phylly had to leave at 3:00 to get ready for a Christmas party, and I worked on my blouse for awhile.  Then I noticed Jerry outside in the back yard working on the fence, so I went out to help him.  I was a huge help.  All I did was hold up two boards so he could screw long screws into them.  He was going with me after that to look for a new laptop, so I figured that was the least I could do. 

I fixed us both a sandwich and some quacomole' dip with chips, and I kissed Jerry some more and told him what a hunk and a genius he is.  He likes it when I do that.  (-;  Then we headed for Best Buy which is about the only place left that sells computers.  That is when I discovered that Windows 7 -- which I was still learning -- is suddenly obsolete and nonexistent.  I couldn't believe it!  I had just switched from XP to 7 when that other computer got stolen.  Now, I have to learn Windows 8.  It is pretty strange too.  There are a bunch of colored squares floating all over the place, and I have no clue why they are there.  As you try to do something with those colored squares, other things pop up here and there that you don't know what to do with either.  I'm sure I will learn it.  It's a matter of taking the time to do it -- as everything else.

And I didn't forget yesterday's sermon.  It was awesome.  Matt Hagee -- the son -- is preaching about standing on the rock.  He talks about how our trust is NOT in Obama or the government, it is in Almighty God!  His promises to lead us, guide us and care for us -- no matter what -- are all over the Bible.  We must trust and OBEY.  You don't get to discuss what part of God's word you want to believe and what part you don't and what part you will obey and what part you won't.  It is ALL or NOTHING with God.  It is HIS WAY, or the highway. 

Now, that is a MAJOR paraphrase by me, so please listen for yourself if you would like to hear the real thing at and then go to GETV and check the archived messages.

I've got to go.  We arrived back at our real home yesterday about 3 PM.  It was 72 degrees outside, so I asked Jerry if we could practice shooting our guns.  He never says "No" to that! 

I want to show you my new blouse, so I have to get it done.  I left the red coat at the other house because Jerry's truck was packed full, and I didn't want it squished.  I'll be back tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Oh Joy you are so hilarious, your very descriptive story of your Monday morning had me rolling.
    Computers are wonderful things,till you reach an impasse. They were a new adventure to me 12 years ago when David thought we ought to join the modern world. I was dead against it at the time, but nevertheless it arrived and we were instructed briefly. Guess what, David decided it didn't like him so I became the pupil of myself and I must say I was smitten from then on, when I found all the wonderful things it did. Fast forward to the present day, I left Windows way behind me in favour of an Apple Mac and never have I made a better decision. David still doesn't have even a mobile phone, he is technophobic.
    Hope you find a good replacement, then it's down to a steep learning curve to master the Windows 8, I hear from friends it is an improvement. Did you have all your info backed up?
    Looking forward to seeing this new blouse with the material from Philly, you and she are a class act.
    I love your selection of photos on your page of the blouses you have made. I sent to Sure Fit last month for the full kit and I feel I know Glenda, I have watched all her 'how to' videos. I haven't yet set to and made anything .... Now if I had a sewing room to equal yours there would be no problem, you are so lucky, no you are so well deserving, all the crap from your earlier life. The Lord looks after us to make us better stronger characters.
    Gosh, I'm rambling on. Middle of the night here and I am in one of my wakey periods I frequently get, so out comes the iPad.
    Hugs to you, oh and a respectful bow to Jerry,hope he's calmed down.

  2. Don't you LOVE your Ipad? Phylly and I decided that if something happened to our Ipads, we would definitely have to replace them immediately as one cannot live without one after having had one. We went to a sewing weekend in Dallas one year, and at night we would each sit on our Queen size bed (2 in the room) with our Ipads in our laps and the television in the room in my favorite mode - OFF! We were downloading Gaither music one night and singing it out loud in our PJ's. We would also look up information on sewing blogs and read it to each other.

    Hugs, Joy


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