Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's a Glorious Sunday!

Jerry is here, and I am here, and the weather is gorgeous once again.  I've been outside raking up leaves.  I enjoy doing that even though Jerry keeps telling me I am wasting my time.  I think of it as aerobic exercise.

The Mr. and Mrs. across the street are playing basketball, and I was wishing they would invite me over even though I probably could not make a basket if my life depended on it.  Seems like more fun than jumping on the trampoline in my living room.

Who knew rabbits played basketball???

One of these days I'm going to do a blogpost on the INSANE clipart I get sometimes when I search for a picture.  I put in "basketball" and I got this rabbit playing basketball.  There was a duck, there were dogs and there were bears -- all playing basketball!

Okay.  I better get to the sermon notes before I get too far gone.

The sermon this morning was "God's Gifts to You", and it was concerning what he has done for us to help us overcome or prevent depression.  Depression is caused by great disappointment or betrayal.  So true!  I can sure vouch for that.  If you cannot get rid of the resentment, then you are building an inescapable prison around yourself.

The solution is really very easy.  Forgive!  Let it go!  Get on with your life -- you and God -- and let Him handle the other people.  You cannot choose what OTHER PEOPLE may say or do to you, but you do have the ability to choose your reaction to it!  You cannot choose what happens TO YOU, but you can choose what happens IN YOU.

STOP being controlled by circumstances and conditions.  God will make a way because HE IS THE WAY-MAKER!

Failure always surrounds the birth of a miracle.  If you can't endure the failure, you will never experience the miracle.  Noone can hurt you without your consent. 

Now that is what Hagee said.  This is me:  I'm not so sure about that last comment that "noone can hurt you without your consent".  I don't think that is true at all, unless your heart is made of stone, and you care about only yourself.  How you REACT to it, of course, is a choice.  I agree with that.

Hagee again:  God is the Maker, Mediator and Master.  He will have the last word concerning what happens to you, if you let Him.  RECEIVING God's love and the ability to GIVE God's love, are two different things.  The ability to give must be learned and practiced. 

I must get ready to go to church FOR REAL tonight.  Our good friends Robert and Deanna are in the Christmas program at their church tonight.  They have invited us many times, and we are so excited to get to go.  I just hope I can sit on the front row.  That is where I LOVE to be.  I like to be able to see into their eyes.  I am a people-watcher, you know.  I am prepared to sit on the back row, however.  It is a very big church.

God Bless You and Hugs,

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